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Watch the Vote — New Laws on the Books Are Affecting Primary Election Voters in Many States

The Nation's Ari Berman has been documenting the impact of new voting restrictions on the presidential primaries in a number of states. We've collected his reports here.

Watch the Vote -- New Laws Are Affecting Primary Elections

Throughout this tumultuous primary season, writer Ari Berman, author of the book Give Us the Ballot, has been keeping a knowledgeable eye on the impact of voting laws old and new. He is vigorously reporting on issues of disenfranchisement at the polling place and investigating the difficulties of registering and voting under a cloud of recent restrictive legislation, keeping all of us aware that what has happened so far could be a harbinger of big trouble ahead as we approach the actual November general election.

We’ve been reprinting Berman’s posts that, when viewed together, state by state, are a window into what’s happening — good and bad —  to the voting rights of citizens across the country. In a recent conversation posted on our website in March, he told us that the laws that have recently passed in 22 states worry him. “I’m very concerned we’re moving into becoming a two-tier democracy,” he said, “where if you live in a progressive blue state, you’re going to have much better election laws and if you live in a conservative red state or a GOP-controlled swing state, you’re going to have far worse election laws. …I don’t think it’s fair that just because you live in Texas and not California, you should have such a hard time voting.”

Here’s our collection of Berman’s reports.


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