Roy Moore, From the Gadsden Mall to the Ten Commandments Monument

By Todd Gitlin | November 18, 2017 | Society

Christians are not alone; Republicans are not alone; Hollywood Jews are not alone. Motes and beams are stuck in eyes everywhere. Let the inventory continue, and the tallying of the toll taken in the lives of women by the far-flung abusers. As so many women rip off their gags and speak up, it will take an increasingly massive effort not to see how central these abominations are to civilization as we know it. Read More

Democratic Socialists of America Win Big for a Small Party

Democratic Socialists of America. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

By Sarah Jaffe | November 16, 2017 | Activism

This Q&A is part of Sarah Jaffe’s series Interviews for Resistance, in which she speaks with organizers, troublemakers and thinkers who are doing the hard work of fighting back against America’s corporate and political powers. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. For a group with very little brand-name recognition in the very recent past — the Democratic Socialists of America posted some surprising wins in the November elections. Building on the energy of Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign, the group, which notes that it is "a political and activist organization, not a party," is growing. It fielded a number of ... Read More

Tax 'Reform': Have Americans Finally Wised Up?

Demonstrators hold signs during a rally against the GOP tax plan in Washington, DC, on Nov. 15, 2017. (Photo by Zach Gibson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

By Neal Gabler | November 16, 2017 | Economy & Work

OK, you know the scenario by now. Congressional Republicans propose — surprise! — tax cuts. The vast bulk of these cuts go to the very wealthiest Americans and to corporations, which are headed by these wealthy Americans and which give them dividends that are taxed at lower rates. Meanwhile, ordinary working Americans, and by “working” I include professionals who earn a wage or salary, get modest cuts or no cuts at all. The Republicans hail their cuts as a way to stimulate the economy, because in their infinite charitableness, rich people will now hire poorer ones with all the dough ... Read More

Big Ban on Campus

Trinity College, fall 2008. (Photo courtesy ofTrinity College)

By Colleen Flaherty | November 16, 2017 | Civil Liberties

Professors have long been political targets. But a spate of recent threats against scholars — including two that have led to campus closures — is raising fresh concerns about safety and academic freedom. Read More

What's At Stake

Supporters of women's right to have an abortion line the sidewalk outside the Dr. Emily Women's Health Center on March 12, 2011, in Bronx, New York. Anti-abortion activists and clergy had been targeting the South Bronx clinic for two and a half years. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

By Irin Carmon | November 16, 2017 | No Choice

If the anti-abortion movement had its way, no woman would be allowed an abortion — turning back the clock a half-century and then some. The stark reality of what is at stake is that the US is only one or two Supreme Court justice swaps away from that. Read More

A Timeline: Russia and President Trump

Composite: Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images); National security adviser Michael Flynn (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images); President-elect Donald Trump (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

By Steven Harper | November 16, 2017 | Democracy & Government

When it comes to Donald Trump, his campaign and their dealings with Russia past and present, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the players without a scorecard. We have one of sorts — a deeply comprehensive timeline detailing what actually happened and what’s still happening in the ever-changing story of the president, his inner circle and a web of Russian oligarchs, hackers and government officials. Read More