From the Principal’s Office: Shaker Heights’ Eric Juli Speaks Out

From the Principal's Office: Shaker Heights' Eric Juli Speaks Out

This is an open letter from Shaker Heights High School Principal Eric Juli after discovering racist graffiti on the school walls.

A Community Message from Mr. Juli

May 31, 2020-A community message from Mr. Juli. Here is the link Mr. Juli references in the video.

Posted by Shaker Heights High School on Sunday, May 31, 2020


This morning, we learned that people graffitied exterior doors and the pillars at the high school. The graffiti included anti-police, anti-president sentiments, and called America, Amerikkka, spelling it with three K’s. This weekend, I watched videos of cities across our country burning. I saw the protest in Cleveland turn violent and ugly. I saw organizers pleading for peaceful demonstrations, and I saw anger exploding across Cleveland and many other cities. I saw the rapper Killer Mike, the son of a police officer, give a passionate and angry, and amazing talk calling for people to “plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize!” I watched Elizabeth Warren break down the systemic racism that exists in our country. Over the last week, I watched a white woman attempt to weaponize the police in Central Park, not far from where I used to live and teach. I watched the video of George Floyd, with a knee on his neck, pleading for his mother, and crying out “I can’t breathe.” And on Wednesday night, I received word that a second Cleveland student of mine was murdered since this pandemic began. Yesterday, and again while writing this message, my two White sons told me they were going out to play. And I thought about the luxury and the privilege I have in letting them go out without a single worry that something could happen to them.