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Poll worker Eric Carr, background center, watches a technician for the New York City Board of Elections clear a paper jam in a ballot scanner as voters wait to scan their ballots, at a school in New York's Harlem neighborhood, Nov. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
May 15, 2013 | Blog

A new study contends that the percentage of black males who voted is even higher than the Census reported. Voter turnout figures look a lot different when you take felony convictions into account. Continue reading

OEDC income inequality
May 15, 2013 | Blog

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OEDC, has released its latest data. The United States has one of the highest rates of inequality, topped only by three countries in a select group of developed market economies. Continue reading

A Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, Calif. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)
May 14, 2013 | Blog
As the amount of carbon dioxide in our planet's atmosphere has increased, so too have donations to politicians from the fossil fuel industries.
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
May 7, 2013 | Blog

Bloomberg News ranks the companies with the highest CEO-to-worker pay disparities for 2012. One CEO made approximately 1,795 times what his average worker does. Continue reading

Click to use an interactive, crowdsourced map visualizing gun deaths nationwide since Newtown, from Slate.
Updated June 10, 2014 | Blog

Take a by-the-numbers look at gun deaths, school shootings, public opinion and legislation in the year since Sandy Hook. Continue reading

Click on the image to try the interactive at
April 16, 2013 | Blog
The New Yorker maps average incomes around every subway stop in New York City. It's quite a ride.
Tax payers search through tax forms at the Illinois Department of Revenue in Springfield, Ill., Thursday, April 15, 2010. April 15 is the IRS filing deadline for 2009 taxes. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)
April 15, 2013 | Blog
The wealthiest Americans are paying some of the lowest tax rates since World War II.
April 12, 2013 | Blog
The high-tech mecca is a stark example of a nationwide trend.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. makes his last public appearance at the Mason Temple in Memphis, Tenn., on April 3, 1968.  The following day King was assassinated on his motel balcony.  (AP Photo/Charles Kelly)
April 5, 2013 | Blog
A year before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. described "two Americas" -- one prosperous, one desperately poor. Not much has changed since 1967.
In this Oct. 23, 2012, photo, students walk between classes at the University of Washington in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
April 2, 2013 | Blog

College tuition and fees are higher than ever, but graduating students are less likely to find jobs to cover the costs. Continue reading

A gavel replica and law books are shown in the office of California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George at his office in San Francisco, Wednesday, July 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
March 29, 2013 | Blog

Although public support of capital punishment has been falling since its peak in 1994, approval numbers have plateaued in the 60th percentile over the past decade. Continue reading

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, listens to the response to a question he posed to a high school student during his visit to the Robert T. Matsui Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Kennedy was in Sacramento to attend Thursday's opening of a library named after him, visited with area high school students attending an educational program about the federal court system. Later, Kennedy told reporters that he is concerned that many politically charged issues are coming before the high court. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
March 26, 2013 | Blog

The majority of Americans support gay marriage. Will the Supreme Court take that into account when they rule on DOMA and Prop 8? Continue reading

Marie Arrasate, left, and Joan McGarr discuss the Social Security payment during an interview Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009 at the Southwest Focal Senior Center in Pembroke Pines, Fla. There will be no cost-of-living increase for more than 50 million Social Security recipients next year, the first year without a raise since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)
March 14, 2013 | Blog
Two neighboring Florida communities -- one poor, one rich -- show that health improvements among the wealthy don't necessarily raise all boats.
Dried sunflowers are seen in a field near the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 After the harshest winter in decades, the Balkans in the southeast of Europe is now facing its hottest summer and the worst drought in what officials across the region say is nearly 40 years. The record-setting average temperatures which scientists say have been steadily rising over the past years as the result of the global warming have ravaged crops, vegetable, fruit and power production in the region which is already badly hit by the global economic crisis.. (AP Photo/Valentina Petrova)
March 11, 2013 | Blog

A new study says the world’s temperatures have changed more since the industrial revolution than they have since the last ice age, with devastating eventual impact. Continue reading

A board on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange shows the Standard & Poor's numbers, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. The U.S. government has filed civil charges against Standard & Poor's Ratings Services for improperly giving high ratings to toxic mortgage bonds before the financial crisis. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
February 22, 2013 | Blog

Since the recession started, America’s richest have seen their earnings bounce back while everyone else’s have stayed the same. Continue reading

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