Highlights: Bill McKibben to Obama — Say No to Big Oil

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Environmental activist Bill McKibben appeared on Moyers & Company to talk about the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and his hopes that public pressure will lead the Obama administration to stand up to big oil. Below are some highlight clips from the episode.

On Why the White House Wants to Approve Keystone
In this clip, McKibben says the reason why the State Department concluded that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would basically have no impact on climate change comes down to money and power.

On Obama’s “Shameful Speech”
In this clip, Bill McKibben criticizes Obama for a speech he gave on the 2012 campaign trail and says he is on track to go down as the “president who produced more carbon than anybody thought possible.”

On Why Big Oil is Getting a Great Deal
Companies like Exxon, Chevron and Peabody Coal are making record profits and don’t have to pay for damage that their carbon causes in the atmosphere, McKibben says.

On the Urgency of Climate Change
McKibben says if we don’t solve climate change soon, we won’t solve it. An increased temperature on Earth of 1° Celsius has already been enough to melt the Arctic and trigger “crazy” weather, including the drought in California.

On Pressuring Universities to Divest From Fossil Fuel Stocks
Taking a page from the anti-apartheid movement, McKibben is urging students to push their universities and colleges to change their investment strategies.

Watch Bill’s entire interview with Bill McKibben»

Karin Kamp is a multimedia journalist and producer. Before joining billmoyers.com she helped launch The Story Exchange, a site dedicated to women's entrepreneurship. She previously produced for NOW on PBS and WNYC public radio and worked as a reporter for Swiss Radio International.
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  • Anonymous

    Sure don’t agree with all he is saying. President Obama is not producing more carbon that any other president.

  • Anonymous

    He is an absolute leftwing nut. I just want all of you environmental activist to dig into the crap that Bill Moyers and his other liberal cronies aspire. There is absolute no study that they can point to that they can actual measure the carbon footprint. These loonies need these type of issues to justify their existence and their way of living, I really feel sorry for all of those they dupe to fund their BS, how many idiots are there.
    As yourselves, can you live on the garden you can plant in a flower pot, are you so stupid or would your next visit to the grocery ask the grocer where does he get the food you are eating. Let the Moyers and McKibbens of the world spread their garbage and you wont even be able to live out of a Dumpster for your food, there will be none there. Tractors need Diesel or gas and those trucks that deliver their food to your grocery also needs fuel. Let if be known that it is a damn fact, we don’t have one truck or tractor that has solar panels or windmills on top, or are you so stupid we can fit you into their molds.

  • luzzjl524

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  • Anonymous

    Those trucks will NOT be getting gas from THIS pipe line, this is a ploy being used by the oil companies, all the oil from this pipe line will be sold to other countries, wise up.

  • Anonymous

    also, this pipe line will employee 35-50 people temporarily, not even permanently., do you really think this is a wise choice…with the potential hazards to the land these farmers use to grow food????

  • Anonymous

    What political damage could Big Oil cause Obama, he is on his last term, then a professorship somewhere? Obama captured the trust of the whole world, so much so that they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize, just for expectations. He disappoints.
    In energy he disappoints. In peace he disappoints.

  • Anonymous

    We currently have hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline running all over America and can you point out just one event that destroyed that farm land to which you refer. You are referring to a potential hazard that can’t be qualified and consider this, there has been two train accidents already in that area. Give me something that requires some thought, no potential emotional issues. It is time to start thinking about all of America and not those who plants their carbon print from their planes as they fly over your house and are laughing at you for believing their BS. From someone who has grown up around pipelines, they employ 35-50 employees in a mile for just the prep work.

  • Tom Moran

    A town in ND just became the highest per capita income town in America. $90k plus. Also, 12,000 new jobs created there. Keystone XL would create multiples of those amounts.

  • Tom Moran

    CO2 doesn’t damage the atmosphere. CO2 is pant food. CO2 is a gas essential to life on a Earth that presently makes up .04% of our atmosphere. That means there is 99.96% of other stuff out there. It should only cause warming of 2tenths of a degree over 100 years and it will be indistinguishable from natural climate variability.

  • Anonymous

    given the hundreds of thousands of deaths Big Oil & Fossil Fuel have caused and the billions it threatens, no doubt they can intimidate individual politicians including Presidents