Book Club
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  • Anonymous

    Really useful list — thanks, Bill. I’ve already read 5 of these, but it seems I have lots more to do.

  • the electrician

    I feel obama should read george orwells 1984, or THE COMMUNIST, BY PAUL KREGER. THE COMMUNIST is based on frank marshall davis who was a devote communist, and obama admired his teachings of communism!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    I am a Ph.D student (love the fact that I can say that, though terrified of the loan repayments); therefore, I have very little time to read anything other than required reading. However, being on Christmas break, I FINALLY picked up “The Righteous Mind.” I am far behind your other reads, but will pick them off, one by one. Thank you for the list and starting the book club. Happy New Year!

  • JoanneR

    Thanks to your show, I got introduced to the writings of Jonathan Haidt, “Righteous Mind”. I’ve told so many people about it, I should get royalties! If we could only accomplish one thing in the coming year, I would call for a return to civil discourse. We need to take time and hear each other out, and care enough about each other that we are willing to work together to solve problems. Entrenched viewpoints are getting us nowhere.

  • Andrew Smith

    Bill your Shows with Matt Taibbi – David Stockman – Bruce Bartlett – Bernie Sanders – Chris Hedges and many others have been a Amazing LESSON. In so many ways you are a true American Hero the Teacher of reason Thank You for Spending Your Retirement with us with your Valuable point of view from President Johnson to Joseph Campbell Happy New Year BILL MOYERS ! Please Hear “FOR LOVE” By me

  • Sandra

    I have not read all these picks but my favorite is Christia Freeland. Bruce Bartlett was such a surprise.

  • William H Haas

    I’ve read a few of these, and I was impressed with them all.. Shila bair, “Bull by the Horns”, and reading Plutocrats now. But like some others, I found “The righteous Mind” such a meaningful work, it has really altered my perspective in many ways. Thank you Bill, it is a great list

  • Judi

    I discovered several of these on my own and am delighted to discover an entire list of others I know I’ll also find meaningful – I have that much faith in anything you recommend. I would add Beautiful Souls by Eyal Press and The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz to the list of must reads. Crossing the Borders of Time and Savage Continents were also excellent. I am so grateful that you are back… you give me food for thought each time I walk up Mt. Battie listening to the prodcast of your program. No one else comes close to offering the thought-provoking analysis that you do. Thank you for being there.

  • William

    I think you should add Yves Smith book: Econned to the list, alongside her interview

  • William

    It looks like Yves Smith was mentioned in the intro, but her name and book was left off.

  • katheryn

    trying to find when you interviewed Richard Ben Cramer – Gold Standard for Political Journalism.

  • Teddy

    Thank you so much for this list. Could another list be put together around the end of the year?

  • David Carlos

    Bill, as always, you are a man of integrity, insight, wit and conscience; we have for decades admired your work and commitment to what is best in this American republic.
    Thank You for your body of work – but more importantly for who you are.

  • steve

    Mr. Moyer’s you are a wonderful person for doing all that you do…’We the People” need many more folks to do what you do…but most importantly we (meaning me) must spread the word to keep this form of education fresh and alive in our memories..the best democracy is an educated one.

  • Lucille Contois

    I missed your show last week and wanted to get the title of a book….something like ” I
    It’s the Republicans Fault”.

  • Erich

    Thanks for being outside the grip of power. I would like to second another commenter’s suggestion on Joseph Stiglitz’ The Price of Inequality as a “must read.” I hope you can also have him on your program sometime.