Photo: Dale Robbins

Martin Clancy


A veteran journalist and investigative producer with ABC News, Martin Clancy has worked with correspondents including Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson and Peter Jennings. Much of his most work has stemmed from a 30-year partnership with Barbara Walters. Together, they produced notable interviews with controversial figures including Fidel Castro, Monica Lewinsky and Muammar Quaddafi. In 2006, he worked with John Stossel on the New York Times best seller, Myth, Lies and Downright Stupidity.

Before coming to ABC, Clancy was the Washington producer of CBS Morning News and a founding producer of the weekly news magazine Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt. Clancy worked in public television for six years, spearheading special events coverage of the Watergate hearings and political conventions of 1972, and producing for Bill Moyers Journal. He produced some of Moyers’ most acclaimed documentaries including, An Essay on Watergate and A Question of Impeachment.