Mitt Tells the Truth

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Like everyone else, we watched the movie of the week — that clandestine video from Mitt Romney’s fundraiser in Florida. Thanks to that anonymous cameraperson, we now have a record of what our modern day, wealthy gentry really thinks about the rest of us — and it’s not pretty.

“We are the rich. We own America. We got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it.” —Frederick Townsend Martin
On the other hand, it’s also not news. If you had reported as long as some of us have on winner-take-all politics and the unenlightened assumptions of the moneyed class, you wouldn’t find the remarks of Romney and his pals all that exceptional. The resentment, disdain and contempt with which they privately view those beneath them are an old story.

In fact, the video’s reminiscent of our first Gilded Age, back in the late 19th century. The celebrated New York dandy Frederick Townsend Martin summed it up when he declared, “We are the rich. We own America. We got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it.”

And so they do, as that glitzy gathering in Florida reminds us. You could see and hear one of the guests ask Mitt Romney what they could do to help. The governor answers, “Frankly, what I need you to do is to raise millions of dollars, because the president’s going to have about $800 to $900 million. And that’s — that’s by far the most important thing you could do.”

Mitt Romney in the secretly-recorded video obtained by Mother Jones.

Mitt Romney in the secretly-recorded video obtained by Mother Jones.

He’s being truthful there, because money rules these campaigns. And if there were more secret videos from other candidates, we would see them in equally compromised positions, bowing and scraping in their infernal pursuit of campaign cash, bending over backwards to suffer the advice that the privileged think their money entitles them to give.

And we mean both parties. Not far from us the other night, at a Manhattan fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, President Obama joked, “If somebody here has a $10 million check — I can’t solicit it from you, but feel free to use it wisely.” At least we think he was joking — Obama and Romney alike now shape their schedules as much around moneymaking events as rallies and town halls. Even though a state may be a lost cause when it comes to votes, if there’s money to be made they’ll change the campaign jet’s flight plan and make a special landing, just for the cold hard cash.

By the time the primaries were over this year, the top 150 political and media consultants already had raked in an estimated $465 million – or more. When Election Day finally rolls around, chances are that number will have at least doubled.
This is a racket, plain and simple. A new report from Moody’s Investor Service says that all that spending by the parties, corporations, super PACs and other outside groups will push political ad spending up this year by half a billion dollars — 25 percent higher than 2010 – the biggest increase in history. That prompted the CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves, to lick his chops and tell an investors conference last December, “There’s going to be a lot of money spent. I’m not saying that’s the best thing for America, but it’s not a bad thing for the CBS Corporation.” Yes, the media giants and the TV stations they own are in on the racket.

So are all those highly paid political consultants who as part of their fees skim a percentage of the cost of local TV airtime, usually around ten percent. The pickings are better than ever, thanks to all the dark money being thrown around since the Citizens United decision. One Democratic consultant has called it “the greatest windfall that ever happened for political operatives in American history.” You bet it is: By the time the primaries were over this year, the top 150 political and media consultants already had raked in an estimated $465 million — or more. When Election Day finally rolls around, chances are that number will have at least doubled.

So we can’t stop reporting on this, even though we’re often told: “Please change the subject. Everyone’s tired of this one.” Don’t be so sure. There’s a groundswell for rooting the money out of politics, as Americans come to see that this is the one reform that enables all other reforms. Two polls released in the last few days report large majorities — as many as eight in ten — are in favor of clamping down on the amount of money that corporations, the super-rich, and those shadowy outside groups are pouring into the campaigns. It’s up to all of us to put a sign on every lawn and stoop in the land: “Democracy is not for sale.”

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  • Sean Bentley

    An interesting compromise would be to earmark 10% – or even a measly 1%! – for actual public good at the discretion of the candidate rather than on the campaigns.

  • Saddened

    Makes me sick the truth that these words speak. It makes me even sadder to think the good that all that money could make in the world. :?(

  • quikcarl

    The dearly departed Gore Vidal grew up in the lap of luxury. Years ago in an interview, he said that if you heard the way the wealthy talked among themselves about the common man, you would never vote for one of them. Some things never change.

  • kvpackard

    The same dark money is succeeding in a bipartisan attack on public education with the help of ALEC and Bill Gates to name some key players. There will be no more democracy when our public schools are destroyed.

  • jill

    Please don’t change the subject– until CU is overturned, until democracy is at least pretending to be for the people. This is the main source from which I receive any real news about our winner-take-all politics.

  • TheDancingFool

    Bill we are not going to get money out of politics until we change the socialization of Democratic and Republican national candidates and I believe the only way to do that is with the dismantling of the present power structure i e the dismantling of those parties a revolution – I call for all true Americans to occupy Congress fire them all for they have failed us – recruit the unemployed or under employed they can’t do worse than our present government Lets put a tax on political contributions of 50% all that money flying around to lower taxes could help us balance the national budget I fear it is too late to occupy Congress in this session with 47% of Americans acting like sheep the groundswell is moving too slowly and a leader against the present power structure has not emerged. Things look bad for America(ie the USA) and the world – Stay tuned to the next election cycle – I am sure candidates are already lining up another consequence of political money media and the pundits are ready to criticise the government before it ever acts which may make all afraid to act. We don’t need critics we need doers we don’t need people to wait to the next election we need people to make things happen Yes we can America if we do the work ourselves instead of expecting the incompetent ill informed blind bickering babies of Congress(the national government) to solve our problems instead of waiting around acting like sheep or fools and letting others tell us where to go. Occupy Congress and make this government your own- Democracy always gets the government it deserves, if you deserve better do something about it

  • Anon Kopimi

    Barack Obama has not done one goddamned thing to get money any further away from politics.

    BOTH parties need to be arrested and tried under the RICO act. Wipe the slate clean.

  • PeterLeeMPH

    This really is an outrage! Small states like New Hampshire and Iowa love this infusion of cash! This cannot continue for the sake of our democracy!

  • JeRRy

    I’m amazed that many are surprised by this nonsense! What do you expect from a bunch that thinks they can destroy democracy by changing the election laws and throwing money into their party of choice!

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    Citizens United is what has made a fair election hopeless. All this voter disenfranchisement (a new scam in North Carolina now) is paid for by PACs and dark money. The entire voter scam campaign (to disenfranchise voters by pretending, falsely, that there is fraud by voters–as opposed to fraud by PACs–is paid for by the folks from ALEC and their friends. The “gifts” of new voting machines out of the goodness of the manufacturers’ hearts are paid for by CU money. CU was rated by constitutional scholars as one of the four worst decisions ever in history in the Supreme Court, and in application it is even worse. If the decision is not changed (which means getting Democratically appointed justices), there is no reason to anticipate the continuing of the Republic.

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    Things like that guy in Kansas saying he wasn’t going to let Obama on the presidential ballot because he isn’t convinced he’s American? He was put up to it by dark money; see how he had no idea what it was about, and how he folded when questioned? There was something similar that slips my mind, a week or so ago, and that guy was clueless, too. .

  • franciemw

    We the people are the largest lobby group in American. we need to get outraged, organized and fired up.

  • Shirley Isbon

    Bill Moyers always talks about what is important, and, the way MONEY has corrupted our political system is one of the most important issues in our country. Unlimited and secretive money funneled into our elections tilts the advantage away from the American people and toward special corporate interests. That, coupled with ALEC meeting with legislators behind closed doors to decide which legislation to pursue benefits the special interests of ALL BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE–and corporations ARE NOT PEOPLE!

  • Shirley Isbon

    I appreciated that honesty from him. Loved the way he took on William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • nidur

    The saddest part of this is that many in the middle class, and in the lower economic groups buy into the ideas of the rich. I hope they will begin to realize how they are being conned by people who have nothing but contempt for them.

  • Melissah Watts

    I have some questions about campaign finances.
    1 ) Where do all those millions of dollars actually go? Is it spread around or is it stored like some giant grain silo? Maybe the states should charge a “campaign tax” so that some of those millions go to state budgets.
    2) Are media dollars (ads) even effective any more? I imagine Romney’s media team had to go for a drink the night that tape came out. One two-minute viewing of that taints hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of media which leads me to the third question.
    3) With new electronic (free) media , and a seeming disregard for facts in live media why pay for it at all? is it really worth all that money to try to sway the opinions of so few? I have yet to meet a truly “undecided” voter.

  • RoseCity

    My vote is NOT FOR SALE at any price, at any time! Never has been!!
    Are we to believe media claims that polls indicating this or that percentage favoring or disfavoring a candidate is actually true? Are the many, many millions now being spent on political ads [often composed of biased half truths] actually “buying” votes? Or is it all a diversionary “hoax” benefiting the coffers of political jackals and their many and willing subsidiaries?
    Who will step up and say that their vote is for sale?????!!!!!
    The education system is in crisis, to focus on just one of many high profile national needs. How about this “votes for sale” multi-millions being channeled into meeting the future of creative development in all fields of human and planetary need?!!!

  • William

    Time to boycott the elections, leave them with their mouths gaping that their election was illegitimate. Passive resistance, the only way to get our democracy back.

  • Anonymous

    i agree, why would you vote when you know it’s meaningless?

  • Recent citizen

    1. All the more reason to vote–disprove the expectation that democracy is bankrupt.
    2. What are “opinions” if they are not arrived at after critical thinking? Are our chances of critical thinking diminished by slogans?
    3. Are sciences and maths (promoted as future economic prosperity) sufficient to ensure
    individualism and ethical thinking, backbones of democratic thinking–liberty and equality–while pursuit of happiness, regardless of means used to reach the goal–is measured by amassing of wealth? Should educational policies not be cognizant of the role of the arts in promoting a sense of self-worth and human dignity?
    4. When production of consumer goods reaches satiation point, do we have to consume at a faster rate? Should creativity be confined to ever-improving gadgets that encourage addiction to the latest OR serve communication through expressing exploration of human fulfillment in diverse creative fields?
    5. Frustration opens doors to a wide range of problems that beset societies. . . Many
    try to buy their way out by consuming drugs and the like, which enriches the very
    elements that create the vicious cycle of feeds on people’s weaknesses. . .

    Continue to get the word out: Democracy is not for sale. PROVE it by using the right to THINK of the long range effect of policies and actions then VOTE!

  • Mark Lison

    I disagree. Boycotting the vote will not be counted. Better to vote for someone on your ballot that is not a D or R and has no chance of winning or vote with a write-in of your choice. This vote can and will be counted. Our displeasure needs to be measured at the ballot box.

  • jan

    I value my right to cast my vote and I’m too stubborn to boycott this election. I’ll cast my vote. It just won’t be for either the democrats or the republicans till they straighten up and start doing the right things.

  • Fred

    Unfortunately, until and unless the average American can get over the contempt that they have for one another, we will never be able to work together to rid ourselves of this present atrocity that we call our Democracy and the corruption that accompanies it. In fact there are far to many desperate or despicable types around who would only appreciate the chance to participate in the greed and attain their own piece of that pie. How do you overcome that in a society that has been led to believe that greed is a good thing, because it is a sign of an ambitious and proactive individual.

  • nidur

    We will be far worse off if Romney and Ryan get in to office than if we stay with Obama. In the 1960s a political activist named Dick Gregory spoke at the college I was attending. He warned that if students did not vote for Humphrey, because they were protesting the Vietnam war, we would get someone far worse as president. I remember some of the students scoffing at the idea. If they did stay home on election day, or voted for some obscure third party candidate, they helped to give us: Richard Nixon. That helped to move the country in the opposite direction from what they would have wanted. How did that help their cause? People who stayed home on election day in 2010, because they were disappointed with Obama, helped to give us the right-wing fanatics we now have in Congress. How did that help? Vote for the lessor of two evils if you think that’s what it is. No one will know of your silent protest, or care, except your circle of friends.

  • Steve Newcomb

    The dark money is spent in ways that reveal what it is most afraid of: that each individual gets exactly one vote, no matter how little money that person has, or how exploited he or she is. The more individuals vote, the more the dark money has to fear. So VOTE. Every vote turns on a light. Every vote makes the winner worry about how you’ll vote next time. When you don’t vote, you are saying, “I surrender myself, my family, and my country to whomever is richest.” When someone promotes the idea that eligible voters should “boycott the election”, even here on Bill’s website, they are promoting the interests of the powerful, at the expense of the powerless. It’s that simple.

  • David Venhuizen

    I understand that your focus here is on the money angle, but really the lunacy about the “47 percent” Romney spewed out — quite unsolicited by his immediate audience, it might be noted — actually pales in comparison to what he imparted to us about his foreign policy views. Consider, for example, his blithering if I were a terrorist, I’d put a dirty bomb in Chicago piece. Yes, money in politics, and the Romney-class view of the “little people” are important, and quite chilling to the prospects for our continuing to live in a meaningfully democratic republic, but the potential that Romney displays to mess up the whole world also really ranks up there. It would be good to see/hear some member of the Pundit Class (like you, Bill?) give some attention to all that. Thanks.

  • David Venhuizen

    I’m sorry, I know this is “mean”, but … WHAT A DUMB IDEA! Cut off your nose to spite your face. An interesting rhetorical device, perhaps, but the outcome would be the one “they” are trying to achieve. Driving other voices out of the process by creating a high “disgust factor” is every bit as effective at attaining their ends as co-opting minds to buy their well-funded line. A bit deeper reflection in defense of a meaningfully democratic republic is called for here, don’t you think? Thanks for considering it.

  • David Venhuizen

    Oh, Americans ARE outraged. A problem is that so many of them — my mother, for example (e.g., I know exactly whereof I speak) — choose FOX News as their sole source of “information”. And, given their views on life and society in general, are quite primed to be tweaked about all sorts of “ills” that actually do not beset our democracy. A figurative “Look over there!” while such issues as who is filling the “public” airwaves with what is hardly noticed. It doesn’t stir their outrage, which is co-opted by the things set out there to distract them. “We the people” really is a sheepherd. THAT is the major problem. But it is just a manifestation of the human condition. Until we can breed a more attentive, astute population, this will continue to be the case. I know that in a way this is just as dismissive of the majority of Americans as was Romney’s “47 percent” blather, but can you point to anything that would deny the validity of it?

  • Gary Way

    We finally saw the real Mitt. Working poor and retired Republicans must feel really deserted about now, but will they vote for him anyway? Probably.

  • jumpstart

    As John Lennon once sung in a popular song and we have forgotten “Power to the People”. Music awakened the sleeping populace in the 60s and 70s to gross misuse of ownership of government of the rich and powerful who sent thousands to fight their wars for their causes of more power; that music is missing today for millions of young people who should be taking of this fight to help save this democracy for everyone. We have been slowly brainwashed to think that money equals equality for all and there are truth-sayers and truth-seekers who do carry on the fight in hopes that others will awaken to what is actually going on. To Mitt Romney and his faith—is this what Mormons are all about–the Haves take advantage of the HAVE NOTs and Cheat them out of Equality based on their created poverty by others. Shame!!!

  • Anonymous

    You are wrong, it is news it is just not new. It will always be newsworthy to tell the story of how the experiment of democracy failed in this country. Somebody else might just pick up some pointers and avoid the mistakes should they ever want to try letting people have a say in their own lives in some future far away place. And with this newest peek at how the rich see the rest of us we just might avoid Mitt’s version of gov’t for his people and by his people for the time being. I’m no fan of Obama’s version either but Mitt takes the proverbial cake (as in let them eat).

  • Inez Aldridge

    Your comment is interesting but how do the people “push” the democrats & republicans to “straighten up and start doing the right things?” If we knew how to do that, maybe we could see real change. I believe the machine in Washington D.C., needs to be retired.

  • Inez Aldridge

    I think we have to start having real conversatons with each other every time we see an opportunity. The lower economic groups do buy into much of the wealthy rhetoric and I believe that is by design. A good start would be to encourage people to turn off their TVs. Their is so much brain washing going on that poor & middle class people, continue to try to buy the American Dream by getting more junk & the latest trinket that makes the 1% richer. I think we need to get off the treadmill of consumerism and define our own American Dream. Continuing to buy into the debt is good philosophy is killing the country. Yes, ownership can be good, but how many of us own the stuff we protect so dearly? If a person has an upside down house, they have a liability not an asset. The bank has an asset and the homeowner has a liability that is costing her money. How do overcome the condition you mention above? By education, constant, truthful and hard hitting. When we see lies promoted, we must call out the liars and not buy into a system that is stacked against the majority of Americans.

  • Inez Aldridge

    I think you are on the right track. We have enough money in this country to employ every American who wants a job, to feed the hungry, provide care the elderly, improve education, make college affordable etc. without giving people handouts. Sometimes, the lawyers & professional lobbyists in Washington are so far removed from the people, it is evident they have no clue. It seems the primary job of the Washington elite is to ensure the system stays in place, regardless of what the people say. I think the time is here to stop talking about what is not being done and as you said, “do something about it.”

  • Jane Hawes

    Thanks for this – especially your #3. The arts are essential to civilization (full disclosure: I’m a musician), and should be a central part of EVERY school curriculum. People’s worth cannot be measured solely by the size of their bank accounts.

  • Jane Hawes

    Caroline, people like you make this country great. You go, girl!

  • Linda

    You’re right, Bill. Mitt’s opinions aren’t really news. The part that was news worthy is the fact that he actually got caught telling the truth for all the world to hear. And we need them all to get caught in this way, so please keep reporting on this subject every time there is something we need to hear.

  • cookie

    What a wonderful American citizen!!!!

  • David Venhuizen

    To a degree, right on point. Keep in mind that the creation of this “more perfect union” entailed a DEEP genuflection to money as power — the acceptance of SLAVERY as an “economic necessity” of the nation as a whole. Even to the detail of counting each slave as “3/5 of a person” for the purposes of determining a state’s representation in Congress! 3/5 of a person for assigning the “political voice level” of their masters, no-fifths for actual personhood. The sort of stunning compromise with the power of money that makes Citizens United look rather milquetoast by comparison. The power of money may have ebbed and flowed over the course of our history, but it has always been rather rawly expressed. All that said, the degree to which it has been allowed to be expressed by a Supreme Court majority who, from all apearances, are unabashed plutocrats is indeed jarring. An a mortal threat to the very existence of a meaningfully democratic republic.

  • Qualicum

    As important as voting is, it is not enough in this day and age. As Bill’s essay and others point out, both political parties are beholden to the super rich … We need a social movement that will return power to the people and we need people who are willing to educate themselves about alternatives – so we can actually have one person, one vote and turn this world around for the sake of us all … including our descendants and other Earth co-habitants.

  • Cory James Hinman

    Bless you, sister!

  • Taras34365

    Well, Mitt has found just another way to say “let them eat cake!”

  • Taras34365

    p.s. Caroline, I taught for 19 years in Arizona, was a union member for all of that time, however when I was forced to retire early in order to hire a kid just out of university and pay him 1/2 of my meager salary (I have an advanced degree) the union did absolutely nothing to help me! Teacher unions only work in large citries!
    I once shocked a univesity profewssor by pointing out that politicians and prostitutes are alike; both will do anythng for $ !!!

  • Taras34365

    Sorry, one more thing. Mitt’s 5 sons all went on “missions” for the Mormon church but not a single one joined the armed services! Where does this families’ loyalty lie?

  • Erik

    I wish Americans would vote with their wallets — every day and every hour of the year. And that means stop supporting the multinational corporations that have taken their jobs, pensions, etc. by stopping their purchases at Walmart and others. It’s really that simple. The national disease that is killing this country is called IGNORance and the primary symptom is being comfortable enough to IGNORE the facts. I moved my funds out of big banks into local credit unions and I am actively supporting the concept of state banks where all assets cannot leave the state for investment. Keep up the good work, Bill. America needs to wake up.

  • matt carmody

    I was talking with a retired nurse whose husband lost his job. They rent a house in the mountains by Woodstock for $1100 a month. When I mentioned how this country had been hijacked for the benefit of the rich she became indignant. She told me that we treated the rich too harshly, that the rich pay 90% of the taxes in this country, and that Paul Ryan was so intelligent he’d find a way to reduce the debt that we surely mustn’t pass on to our kids.
    I just shifted the talk to how beautifully landscaped the property was without even trying to change her mind. Listening to her was probably like listening to what FOX spews over the public airwaves. Maybe the fact that she’s extremely religious has something to do with whom she’s supporting and maybe it’s the color of Obama’s skin. Either way it was scary to actually speak with someone in her economic situation who believes the GOP wants to help people like us.

  • Anonymous

    Like Cheney, Mitt and sons had “different priorities.” Too bad millions of other Americans didn’t say that during Vietnam. Or, what if George Washington had had “different priorities”?

  • Anonymous

    If you think defending medicare and social security is meaningless, maybe you shouldn’t vote.

  • VoltOwner

    More Truth? “Mitt Romney isn’t really a Mormon. He’s an atheist who only went along
    with his father’s faith so he could duck the Vietnam draft. He didn’t
    actually try to convert anyone when he was in France either. In
    reality, he spent all his time in Monte Carlo gambling and buying
    high-end hookers. When his daddy found out what he was doing, he made
    him come home and marry his high school sweetheart. Actually, he only
    made him marry her after the second time she got pregnant. The first
    time, they got an abortion. Then Romney started using some of the mafia
    connections he had made in Marseilles to import heroin. By the time he
    became governor, they were flying it straight into a secret airport
    they set up in the Berkshires. When one of the pilots started to talk,
    Romney had him killed.”

  • Laser Eye

    Amen – I agree! We are heading to a dark place unless we wake up as citizens of a democratic republic of our choosing

  • Ellen Wall

    I’ve heard Romney’s comment all my life. I grew up poor in a wealthy community, Lake Jackson, Texas. My family aspired to blue-collar. My dad got his first union job and blue collar when he was 40 years old. My first vote was for LBJ and JFK (in that order), incredibly wealthy people who didn’t make those comments. They helped us.

  • Mike Linkof

    ” I am not a friend of the poor man. I regard the poor man, in his present condition, as so much wasted raw material. Cut up and properly canned he might be made useful to fatten the natives of the cannibal islands; and to improve our export trade to those regions.” I believe Willard has channeled Mr. Twain’s satire and made it his reality..quote used without permisson, of course, after all I am a Republican.

  • angie

    I will never forget the statement during the last campaign that one of the Romney sons made when asked why none of the brothers had ever served in the military (specifically in a war their father had supported under W). He replied without skipping a beat “because we can better serve this country by getting our father elected”. But it’s ok for the sons of other fathers to give their blood for a country their father thinks he is qualified to lead? Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking to a self employed house painter yesterday and the subject of taxes came up, I mentioned that Mittens paid at a lesser rate then either of us and he immediately went into the Job Creator spiel. I asserted that we flourished as a country, and the common people made the greatest gains, while tax rates on the top earners were much higher and his reply was, “That’s a lie”. He has no savings, suffers from Lung Cancer but is receiving treatment (at least we don’t let them die in the streets, yet), has no home, his family is struggling, and yet he sees Mittens as an answer to his needs. Wow have they done a great job of brainwashing the less educated of us. We are in real trouble until CU and unfettered campaign spending continue.
    Propaganda works, the statements in WI that Walker outspending Barrettt 8-1 had nothing to do with the election results is pure bunk. Rich people and Corpse don’t spend money on elections and buying govt. officials because it doesn’t work. The toilet bowl of America spins ever faster while the little plutocrats and Midas’s count their rotten money.

  • Stephanie

    Ms. Weaver your story is true for many of Americans and I share your views.

  • Mema

    Matt, I had an encounter with a person while visiting my critically ill mother at a hospital about a month ago. Perhaps reading your remarks made me think of it again. I walked in the room on my second visit with mom and for reasons unknown to me the woman who didn’t know me from a blade of grass started conversation about homosexuals and how they were an abomination I was so struck that this would be said to a stranger that I almost lost the ability to speak. I then responded and said how could she decide how god felt about humans that god had created. This was very upsetting to me for no other reason than I have taught children of all ages from infants to college freshman and the recent numbers of youths that are dealing with issues of their own sexuality who have been bullied to the point of suicide. I hear that type of news reports to often and having 7 grandchildren you wonder do people think of others at all. Can they respect any other perspective ? When they hear of a child pushed to the ultimate like suicide. Could have been they, the so called Christian ,labeling a human being an ABOMINATion, who are the real problems. Forgive my tirade but words matter. That woman’s indignation was the same indignation shown to often in the good old USA!

  • Anonymous

    A good start would be never setting foot in a Walmart and moving your money to a credit Union. Buy local whenever possible.

  • r2boot

    Those who forget history are destined to repeat it. There are so many opinions and experts on what we should do about healthcare costs, poverty, education and I believe that THIS Republic, not Democracy (which is a debate in itself) is not going to solve it’s problems while those in power really don’t care. For Bush haters, would you ever be convinced that he had compassion for the poor, not hardly. Obama haters, do you think that Obama showed any compassion 2 days after our Lybian embacy was attacked to skip the briefings and load up the family in airforce 1 and head for Vegas? No matter what your political preference, there is 1 fact “Rome is burning” and we all stand polarized by the other side. I would say that Obama is sensitive to this fact, but his choice words of “If congress won’t do it I’ll just go around them” statement really polarized Republican politicians, as if George Bush had made this sort of statement those leaning towards the left and the news media would have had a FIT for the remaining days of his presidency. It would have been played on the news over and over again. Clinton who disgraced the White house by having oral sex in the Oval office with a 21 year old intern is just apauling but those on the left defend his lying to congress with ferver, and we wonder why each side is polarized. No matter if you believe that Romney is only for the rich (like Obama isn’t) they’re ALL millionaires with the same goal in life, get as much as you can and keep as much as you can, but Obama is so drunk with power, I really believe that he believes he could say the moon is made of cheese and his followers would ask him to pass the crackers.

  • Trotter76

    If you want less money in politics, just remember who sided with the corporations on Citizens United….. Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito. I know “both sides do it” and the “lesser of two evils” arguments, but face it, the Republicans are the pro-big money, pro-corporation party. Vote Democratic and improve the Supreme Court!

  • John Allison

    Doofus..Better Take Some Time To Get your Opinion Straight , Because The Facts Point To Your Kind Being The Root Of The Problem…

  • Ree Fungorio

    You idiots realize that you can’t make your children join the military, right? How many times have I heard “well why didn’t you send your son to ______?” YOU CAN’T!

  • Ree Fungorio

    So Obama won in 2008 because he spent more?

  • Anonymous

    Too often they fail to ask WHY the rich are so rich and how they fixed the game to stay that way! If you look into who has always benefitted from the natural resources of this country and the great deals they get from the Interior Dept for land leases you would never feel sorry for the poor old rich guys who own all the money and pay the paeons nothing of worth for their labor that earned it for them.

  • Dianne Jarreau

    Thank you ! My husband worked for HUD when LBJ took office following the death of JFK.

  • Anonymous

    Their loyaties are to their own pocketbook and the corporations they serve. I don’t think for a minute that if there was no benefit to donations they would do so on their own.

  • Anonymous

    For many it is the only way to earn a living and for others the only way to get an education.

  • Cathy

    Successful people get clear about what they want and then give their energy to it. Each person must imagine what they seek in great government and focus on the feelings of having it. See it as already done. Of course, take action to help non-voters register, promote candidates who promote better government and inpspire registered voters to exercise an important citizen right. May each of us focus only on what we want in great government! The people are the true power of this nation; as we get clear about what we want, improvement will occur.

  • PRdream

    I hate to say this but this is closer to home than anyone wants to dare to admit. Just take a ride on an elevator in Midtown Manhattan and see how the “elite” or would be “elite” react to “workers” or the poor sharing that same elevator. Or walk down a street in a neighborhood in the throes of gentrification and watch how the “newcomers” try to fend themselves from neighborhood folk.

  • PRdream

    I was referring to the contempt Romney and people of his ilk feel towards the masses. Sorry, it seems out of place in this chain of comments.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting! I agree with this except my the obvious result is a vote for Romney as the lesser of potential evil. The bigger the government the more chance for evil. There is no way Obama will quit growing the government in spite of his beautiful speeches.
    ACtions speal louder than words. He has proven that he won’t hear the people unless they want more government controles. This time lets change for the better and sound fiscal restraint!

  • Anonymous

    We need a revolution in America….Public Financing of Elections………Everyone on the ballot gets the same amount… pacs no fundraisers nothing….

    and never again like the 1996 elections where Ross Perot was denied entry in the presidential debates even when he received PUBLIC election money