FCC Votes to Require Broadcasters to Post Ad Data Online

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In a major victory for transparency and truth in political advertising on the airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted this morning that TV broadcasters must post their public files, including political advertising data, online. The files, which will be accessible to everyone via the FCC’s website, will reveal the identities of the campaign committees, super PACs and nonprofit organizations spending millions of dollars on negative and misleading ads.

The new rule doesn’t go as far as some would like. For the first two years, the online requirement only applies to affiliates of the four major networks — ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC — in the top 50 markets. In this critical election period, this would exempt Spanish language stations and affiliates in some areas of battleground states that will no doubt be abuzz with political ads in the coming weeks and months.

The Sunlight Foundation’s map shows which stations will be required to post political ad data online (green) this year. Battleground states such as Wisconsin, Iowa and Virginia would include areas that fall outside the top 50 markets (red).

There are other limitations. The new rules don’t require the posting of past political ad data and in certain circumstances allow smaller stations to apply for a waiver. What’s more, according to the website TVNewsCheck, “…The FCC decided it would require stations to upload files only in the PDF format rather than into a searchable, common database.”

A partial dissent came from Republican commissioner Robert MacDowell, who supported the position of the broadcasting industry that the new rules would be too expensive and reveal to competitors too much information on TV station ad rates. But, according to National Journal, FCC attorney Holly Saurer responded, “In this context the cost of uploading these documents are far outweighed by the benefits to the public.”

“FCC officials… argued that the costs will likely be minimal, especially compared to the billions of dollars that stations take in from political campaigns.”

Read more about today’s vote on SavetheNews.org.

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  • Anonymous

    The words COMPETITORS, RATES and COMPETITION are Capitalist fare, and should not be seen in any rebuttal in this matter. The theme of what we want the law to be is, ‘ Transparency’ ! It would be a good thing for all networks and the masses  to know what each  of the networks are paying to run toxic, lying ads. The masses could get rightly indignant and, maybe the prices would become controlled by speculation as oil is. Taxes from the networks would fill the coffers (with absolutely no loopholes) of course. Then use it to fund Social Security until the rich get sick of paying the high price. Then, tax the daylights out them too. No loopholes for Corporations and Speculators!!!!! Wanna be people? Pay like people.

  • Anonymous

    Now, let’s find out about how much the super pacs spent.  This is where the real hidden money is and stations should require a fact check before airing any of these ads; otherwise our local media is adding to the huge problem of misinformation and plain lies.  I think most of us can agree, the media can take a lot of the responsibility for what has happened in our democracy and country.  Many media outlets are trying to be kingmakers, instead of following good journalistic rules.  Too many citizens have become addicted to some of the worse entertainment journalism in the history of the world and seem perfectly content they are speaking and acting on the absolute facts and truth.  Discipline is the bridge between goals and
    We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of
    discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces
    while regret weighs tons. — Jim Rohn  
    Truer words were never spoken.  Democracy requires truth, discipline and hard work; however, I am convinced the rewards mean a better world for all of us.