Support the FCC Ruling on Ad Data Disclosure

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The Issue: Media Reform

The Initiative: Sign a petition asking the Office of Management and Budget to expedite and approve the new FCC rule requiring broadcasters to post their political ad data online. The public comment period ends on June 11, 2012.

Bill Moyers first urged viewers to get involved in March.

Background:The FCC recently approved a new rule requiring TV stations to post their political ad data online. The FCC decision was a solid win for those of us hoping to shed light on money, politics and the media in a time when shadowy groups are spending billions of dollars on misleading political ads. The FCC ruling will help everyone get a clearer picture of the moneyed interests behind these ads.

But there is (at least) one more hurdle to overcome. Ironically, it’s a law called the “Paperwork Reduction Act,” which requires the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to review every new rule to ensure that it reduces paperwork and minimizes bureaucracy. If the OMB delays approval of the FCC rule, it’s possible we won’t gain access to valuable online data about these political ads until after the November vote.

Essential Links

View the Free Press Petition and sign it before June 10.

Read more about OMB procedures and other reasons disclosure could take months, including the petition filed by the National Broadcasters Association last week that asks a federal appeals court to block the FCC's ruling.

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