• May 9, 1984 | A Walk Through the 20th Century
    Two motion picture experts -- Frank Capra and Fritz Hippler -- on the war they waged through film.
  • February 13, 1981 | Bill Moyers Journal: Original Series
    Bill Moyers tries to navigate the maze of America’s clandestine policies toward Cuba.
  • March 5, 1979 | Bill Moyers Journal: Original Series
    BIll Moyers visits a community of Christians in northern Israel and explores Christian anti-semitism.
  • June 10, 1977
    In this clip from the 1977 documentary, The CIA's Secret Army, Bill Moyers talks to Fidel Castro about communism, President Nixon and American policy towards Cuba.
  • January 16, 1975 | Bill Moyers Journal: International Report
    The secretary of state tells Bill why he believes there "exists an extraordinary opportunity to form for the first time in history a truly global society."