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Bill Moyers has produced hundreds of hours of television in his forty-plus year career. Watch this space for new archived video and transcripts on an on-going basis. For a complete list of every Bill Moyers program, view our timeline of productions.
  • Bill Moyers had his premiere on public television in October of 1971 with this weekly show that provided in-depth coverage of the top news stories of the week. (1971) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers began his career on public television in the early 1970s as the host of Bill Moyers Journal before joining CBS News. This weekly show provided a flexible, wide-range format for Moyers’s unique commentaries and analyses of life in America. (1972-1981) Continue reading

  • This 20-part series takes a look at international affairs through a DC lens and includes interviews with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Chancellor of West Germany Helmut Schmidt, World Bank President Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, among others. (1975) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers served as the senior correspondent for CBS News on a number of documentaries in the late 1970s. He covered a range of topics, including stories about Cuba, capitol punishment, born-again Christians and the plight of native Americans in the Southwest. (1976-1981) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers characterized this 19-part series that chronicles the technological innovations, the wild economic fluctuations, the dictators and the two world wars of the 20th century as ”an invitation to think.” (1982-1984) Continue reading

  • In the Creativity series, Bill Moyers examined various forms of creative expression by interviewing noted artists and performers, including Maya Angelou, Norman Lear, Fred Smith (the founder of FedEx), violinist Pinchas Zukerman, painter Gerald Scheck, and others about their influences, inspiration, and sometimes unusual outlets for the creative impulse. (1982) Continue reading

  • A compelling assertion – “philosophy is everybody’s business” – opens the exploration of Western Civilization’s greatest ideas, as Mortimer J. Adler, leads an exploration with journalist Bill Moyers of truth, beauty, goodness, liberty, equality and justice, in this six-part series. (1982) Continue reading

  • A series of 30-minute mini-documentaries hosted by Bill Moyers that aired on CBS and which examined major issues of the day and how they affect individual Americans. (1983) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers and Charles Kuralt co-anchored this CBS-TV weekly news-magazine program also known as “The American Parade.” (1984) Continue reading

  • In this series of conversations, Bill talks with prominent Jews about their people and their perception of their history. (1986)
    Continue reading

  • In the 1980s, Bill Moyers was the principal analyst on the CBS Evening News. Here are a few notable essays he produced during that period.  

  • How does the supreme law of the land affect our everyday lives? In this series, Bill Moyers delves into the fascinating history and contemporary relevance of the US Constitution. (1987) Continue reading