Six Great Ideas with Bill Moyers and Mortimer Adler

In the early 1980s, Mortimer J. Adler conducted an annual seminar at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. At the 1981 seminar, leaders from the worlds of business, literature, education and the arts joined him in an in-depth consideration of Western civilization’s six greatest philosophical concepts: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty – the ideas we judge by; and Liberty, Equality and Justice – the ideas we act on.

The group discussions and conversations between Dr. Adler and journalist Bill Moyers were filmed for broadcast on public television, and thousands of people followed their exploration of these important ideas. Discarding the out-worn and off-putting jargon of academia, Dr. Adler dispels the myth that philosophy is the exclusive province of the speciialist. He argues that “philosophy is everybody’s business,” and that a better understanding of these fundamental concepts is essential if we are to cope with the political, moral and social issues that confront us daily. (1982)