Bill Moyers Journal: International Report

Henry Kissinger, President Nixon's foreign affairs adviser, smiles as he walks to a helicopter at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, Saturday, August 19, 1972. Nixon summoned Kissinger to Camp David to discuss his mission to Vietnam. (AP Photo)This 20-part series takes a look at international affairs through a DC lens. Includes interviews with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt of West Germany, World Bank President Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, as well as journalists, European political advisors, academics and other experts on American foreign policy at the time. (1975)



  • January 16, 1975 | Bill Moyers Journal: International Report
    The secretary of state tells Bill why he believes there "exists an extraordinary opportunity to form for the first time in history a truly global society."
  • May 29, 1975 | Bill Moyers Journal: International Report
    Bill Moyers travels to Japan and reports on topics such as work ethic, the changing family structure, traditional ceremonies and the feminist movement.