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Bill Moyers has produced hundreds of hours of television in his forty-plus year career. Watch this space for new archived video and transcripts on an on-going basis. For a complete list of every Bill Moyers program, view our timeline of productions.
  • Studs Terkel and Bill Moyers mark the life of John Henry Faulk, the blacklisted Texas humorist who was a champion of the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. (1990) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers explores the origins and enduring power of the song ‘Amazing Grace’ with Johnny Cash, Jessye Norman, Judy Collins, Jeremy Irons and others. (1990) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers and Frontline have been coproducing hard-hitting documentaries since 1990s. Investigative pieces delve into the Iran-Contra scandal, campaign finance, toxic environmental threats to our children and the struggling middle class. (1983-present) Continue reading

  • Bernice Johnson Reagon, founder of the musical group Sweet Honey in the Rock and curator of the Community Life Division of the Smithsonian Institution, discusses the role of black music in the African-American experience and identity. (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers delves into what Project Censored’s national panel of journalism experts have selected as the ’10 best-censored stories of 1990.’ (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers examines big-money sports on college campuses and how university athletics and academic studies appear to be flat-out incompatible. (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers investigates the cultural, historical and political heritage of the Arab world in five half-hour conversations with leading writers, thinkers and experts. (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers examines the challenges facing youth in 1990s America and investigates how to help millions of young people emerging from school unprepared for life and work. (1991) Continue reading

  • Noted philosopher Sam Keen shares with Bill Moyers the importance of “personal storytelling” — a way of looking back at life to make sense of where you are today. (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers talks to those whose lives have been shaped by hate and those who have dedicated their lives to moving beyond it, including Elie Wiesel and Nelson Mandela. (1991) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers examines the domestic problems of recession, unemployment, drugs, violence, the AIDS epidemic and urban decay that plagued the United States at the same time that the nation was focused on the Persian Gulf War. (1991)
    Continue reading

  • At a Vermont conference, voices from the world’s major religions– including The Dalai Lama, Sallie McFague, Audrey Shenandoah, Ismar Schorsch, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, and Ronald Engle — address our responsibilities to the environment. (1991) Continue reading