Ohio Journalism Students Answer Call to Uncover Political Ad Data

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I was very pleased to find this video in my inbox this morning. Two intrepid journalism students from Kent State — Megan Closser and Shanice Dunning — took me up on my challenge to visit their local TV stations and uncover data behind the political ads they run. Naturally, they took their cameras, but faced a surprising amount of resistance to using them.

The FCC is expected to vote this Friday on a proposal that will require broadcasters to post their ad data online, so students like these — as well as you — won’t have to play detective to find out how loudly money talks on TV.

Take Action

Support the FCC Ruling on Ad Data Disclosure Free Press wants you to sign their petition in support of a speedy implementation of the FCC mandate that broadcasters post ad data info online.

Updated: June 1, 2012

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