Mark Leibovich on Jack Abramoff’s Legacy

Journalist and author Mark Leibovich paints a series of unflattering portraits of Washington insiders, from senators and congressmen to lobbyists and journalists, in his new book, This Town. In this clip from this week’s show, Leibovich brings up former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, “the picture of modern disgrace in Washington,” and opines that the culture of greed, corruption and political manipulation Abramoff fostered is very much ingrained in Capitol culture today.

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  • Justin King

    Jack is just ROUTINE in today’s Washington.

  • G@BigSur

    Now it’s a lobbyist in the bedroom/ A bellboy brings a lime/ Somehow the lobbyist got yer heirloom/ We all been victimized by that crime// Dey put de rig in deregulation/ Greasing up de grime/ The secretary takes dictation/ He’s an assessory to the crime/ Crime within the crime.

  • Mark Wallin

    That’s why Democracy is dead in Washington DC. And for that matter the rest of the once great USA.

  • opnyde

    So what else is new? Are you pretending that corruption in Washington is news? When I was in high school 50 odd years ago I belonged to the TARs (teen age Republican). Even at this point in my development I could see the writing on the wall. It use to be said that nothing happens until someone dies. Nothing happens in today’s world without the blessing of wall street no matter how many hundreds or thousands die. Whole nations have been displaced. The Oceans are quite literally being destroyed by wall street greed. In California they’ve not yet realized that hauling tons of sand to the Pacific is not going to make a beach! The fact is destroyed kelp beds, wetlands, & other breeding grounds is not going to bring JOBS to California. I live on the water and I’ve seen a greater, almost purposefully targeting of fishing beds. This is exactly what has been going on! Let’s face it without an active press people don’t know what questions to ask. This is what the corrupt are deathly afraid of. Many of us were hoping that President Obama would bring a bright light with him, unfortunate for us he seems to be more interested in his “legacy” than doing too much else. So much for an President with a “environmental” commitment. While he may be a lame duck we are rapidly becoming dead ducks. The only thing left for these guys & gals to do is to fix their résumés for the next gig. The only Rule of law here is the save your *** rule. If making thousands of us miserable so they “can make a good living” then they are doing better than average. And YES they ARE BAD PEOPLE with a dark spot where their should be.

  • Anonymous

    Many members of the original “Team Abramoff” such as Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, and Michael Smith continue to work as lobbyists – often for the same clients and lobbying on the same issues. The big story for me is how Abramoff and his team manipulated higher-skilled immigration policy to meet the needs of deep-pocketed clients such as the Microsoft Corporation. The changes harmed the American middle class, with economic losses of more than $ 1 trillion. Readers interested in this topic should refer to Exhibit 40 in the case USA v Abramoff. A PDF of this 110 page legal filing that includes relevant now-suppressed lobbying disclosure forms is available via PACER or