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In this Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013 photo, Kassandra Guzman of the Corona section of the Queens borough of New York, poses at the Legislative Office Building in Albany, N.Y. Guzman, an 18-year-old high school student, works seven days a week and said she still has trouble saving for college after helping her parents pay their bills. As with other low-wage earners, the proposed hike in New York's minimum wage won't erase all her financial worries, but it would help. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
February 22, 2013 | Blog
What if, instead of tying the minimum wage to the cost of living, we tied it to the earnings of the top 1 percent?
Updated May 1, 2014 | Blog

A map of broadband access shows how your community measures up to the rest of America. Continue reading

Mexican immigrant Roberto Garcia, center, and son Alan, left, look at wrist watches while shopping in Los Angeles, Monday, Jan. 28, 2013. Seeking swift action on immigration, President Barack Obama on Tuesday will try to rally public support behind his proposals for giving millions of illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship, as well as making improvements to the legal immigration system and border security. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
February 1, 2013 | Blog
As the economy continues to show mixed signs of recovery, politicians should recast immigration reform as an economic issue.
Flowchart from Immigration Road
January 29, 2013 | Blog
A graphic illustrates one reason why America's path to citizenship needs some improvement.
Close up of an income inequality chart, via the Huffington Post
January 29, 2013 | Blog

A new smart chart shows that the gap between rich and poor in America is now greater than that of Mexico and other neighbors to the south. Continue reading

(Guttmacher Institute)
January 23, 2013 | Blog
Five infographics from the Guttmacher Institute explain trends in abortions in America.
(Brennan Center for Justice)
January 17, 2013 | Blog
These days the Senate needs a supermajority to get anything done. So it doesn't get much done.
Bloomberg Business Week
January 11, 2013 | Blog
Find out what was gained and lost in terms of the occupations, genders, sexual orientation, and religious affiliations of our new crop of representatives.
Ronald Reagan gives a televised address from the Oval Office, outlining his plan for Tax Reduction Legislation in July 1981.
Updated September 23, 2013 | Blog

The debt ceiling has changed over 100 times since 1944. You might be surprised which party has raised it more often. Continue reading

Clark Aposhian, President of Utah Shooting Sport Council, demonstrates with a plastic gun while Joanna Baginska, 4th grade teacher from Odyssey Charted School, in American Fork, uses a 40 cal. Sig Sauer during concealed-weapons training for the teachers. Dec. 27, 2012, in West Valley City, Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
January 3, 2013 | Blog
Last month saw the highest number of requests ever for the FBI background checks required before purchasing guns.
Global Temperatures, from the NOAA's November 2012 State of the Climate Report
December 28, 2012 | Blog

Data from 11 of the past 12 months indicates a record-breaking 2012, but will climate coverage also warm up? Continue reading

obama contact composite
December 26, 2012 | Activism

Since the advent of the Internet the number of messages sent to politicians has increased dramatically, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the messages are being heard. Continue reading

December 18, 2012 | Blog
Spending by The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the nation's most prominent gun control group, amounts to about one percent of NRA spending.
A trader at the CME Group signals in the S&P 500 Futures pit in Chicago. September 2011. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)
December 11, 2012 | Blog
Since 2008, corporate profits have rebounded. But those profits have not translated to increased government revenue from income taxes or higher wages for Americans.
State Rep. William Tong, holds his son Alexander with his family during opening session at the State Capitol in Hartford, Conn. Tong is the only Asian-American running for the U.S. Senate this election season from the continental U.S. February 2012. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)
November 30, 2012 | Blog

Asian Americans have shifted from supporting Republican candidates to overwhelmingly supporting Democrats. Have conservatives pushed them away? Continue reading

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