Stabenow’s Office Says She is Stamping Out “Food Stamp Fraud”

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On Friday, Dec. 6, we posted a story written by Greg Kaufmann, originally for The Nation, questioning why Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) would agree to cut $8-to-$9 billion more from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as “food stamps.” Stabenow responded to Kaufmann’s article, and Kaufmann and two anti-hunger advocates — Joel Berg, executive director, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, and Dr. Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH, Director, Center for Hunger-Free Communities — responded to Stabenow’s response.

Senator Stabenow’s office’s reply to Kaufmann’s post:

Senator Stabenow strongly opposes any changes to food assistance that make cuts in benefits for people who need help putting food on the table for their families. She has been the number one defender against the House Republican proposal to cut food assistance by $40 billion, including rule changes that would throw four million people off of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) altogether.

Unlike the House proposal, the Senate Farm Bill protects critical food assistance for the over 47 million Americans who need help. The Senate bill saves $4 billion solely through ending program misuse — like stopping lottery winners from continuing to receive assistance, cracking down on retailer benefit trafficking and curbing the misuse of a LIHEAP paper work policy by a small number of states. It is very important that we continue to maintain the integrity of these critical food assistance programs so that opponents cannot use rare examples of misuse as arguments for gutting assistance to children, families, seniors and disabled Americans.

While no final agreement has been reached, Senator Stabenow will not support any policies that arbitrarily remove people in need from SNAP or make across-the-board cuts to benefits. She will only support savings focused on program misuse.

Response from Greg Kaufmann:

I think many anti-hunger advocates would disagree with the notion that the chairwoman has been “the number one defender” against the draconian SNAP cuts proposed by House Republicans. Representatives Jim McGovern, Barbara Lee, John Conyers and Marcia Fudge come to mind, as does Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. They not only defend against Republican cuts, but also try to strengthen benefits at a time when nearly 50 million Americans aren’t necessarily sure where their next meal is coming from.

It is true that Senator Stabenow has spoken clearly in her opposition to the extreme cuts and rule changes in the House Republican proposal. But that’s hardly a reason to claim bragging rights — it would be like a WNBA player boasting that she can whup any junior high school player in a game of one-on-one.

The statement that $4 billion (of the more than $8 billion in SNAP cuts agreed to in current negotiations) is found through cracking down on lottery winners, retailer benefit trafficking and addressing “misuse” of the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) seems misleading. The amount of SNAP benefits misspent due to fraud by lottery winners and retailers is negligible, and of course everyone supports vigilance to protect the integrity of the program.

But the bulk of the $4 billion in cuts alluded to here — and the other $4 billion-plus agreed to in negotiations — is found through a change to the rule that currently allows families receiving SNAP assistance to qualify for additional benefits if they receive LIHEAP assistance to help with their utility bills. (If a state’s governor opts in to what is called the “heat and eat” program.) The heat and eat program — which boosts SNAP benefits for families receiving utility assistance — is based on the recognition that too many Americans are choosing between paying for food or paying for energy. Some states sign families up for $1 in heating assistance so that they then qualify for the additional food stamp benefits, decreasing the likelihood that they will face the “heat or eat” dilemma. According to Politico, the agreement between Senator Stabenow and Republican leaders would require $20 in LIHEAP assistance in order to receive additional SNAP benefits. That change would result in up to $8 billion in SNAP cuts. Currently, roughly 20 percent of eligible households receive LIHEAP, so there is little reason to believe that most states would step up to meet the $20 threshold for people who need it.

While Senator Stabenow might not be in a position to defend the $1 work-around that helps get families the assistance they need, she surely is in a position to explain why both Democratic and Republican governors alike are looking to obtain additional benefits for families that qualify for food stamps, and why we need to be increasing, not decreasing, those benefits.

The chairwoman might remind the country that the average benefit is $1.40 per meal for an individual. She might point to the report by the Institute of Medicine that clearly describes the inadequacy of food stamp benefits: from the way a family’s net monthly income is calculated by using a standard shelter deduction capped at $478; to the assumption that low-wage workers with erratic schedules will have time to cook unprocessed ingredients from scratch, as well as access supermarkets that offer a variety of healthy foods at lower costs in urban and rural areas. The chairwoman might tell America that the SNAP program assumes food prices are consistent no matter where one lives in the nation. She might point to the millions of families that include children with special health care needs — families not permitted to deduct their out-of-pocket health care costs to calculate their net income. She might draw attention to USDA testimony — all the way back in 1933 — that the theoretical “Thrifty Food Plan” currently used in the SNAP program to determine a nutritious diet at minimal cost is for “restricted diets for emergency use,” and that “a reasonable measure of basic needs for a good diet… should be as high as the cost of the low-cost food plan” which would result in more generous food stamp benefit levels.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the staff asserts that the Senator “strongly opposes any changes to food assistance that make cuts in benefits for people who need help putting food on the table for their families.” But the fact is that the proposed changes would indeed cut benefits for people who need help putting food on the table. As the Food Research and Action Center writes, “Bottom line, elimination of ‘Heat and Eat’ means lost meals for elderly and disabled households.”

The chairwoman is in a position to educate the country about how the SNAP program really works, and how it could and should be made better. If raising benefits through LIHEAP isn’t the right avenue, then she and her fellow-Democrats should suggest the myriad of reforms that would more accurately measure the existing need of hungry families in this country and would consequently raise their benefit levels.

The point isn’t that Republicans would never go for those reforms. The point is to speak the truth to the American people, shatter the myths and end the misinformation and make the Republicans defend policies that are indefensible.

Response from Joel Berg, executive director, New York City Coalition Against Hunger:

In the year 2000, as a private citizen on vacation time, I volunteered for a week in Grand Rapids, Michigan to help elect Debbie Stabenow to the United States Senate. That is why it is particularly painful to me that not only is she playing a key role in cutting nutrition assistance for struggling families, but she also is not being straightforward with the public about the impact of the policies she is promoting.

Virtually all advocates — myself included — agree with her efforts to stop lottery winners from continuing to receive assistance and to crack down on retailer benefit trafficking. But given how rare lottery winners and retailer fraud are, those changes are mostly cosmetic and have nothing to do with the more than $8 billion in nutrition cuts that she is proposing.

The third provision she is proposing — the one that would cut all the money — would eliminate a current feature of the SNAP program that now allows governors in 14 different states, of both political parties, to better combine home energy assistance with SNAP benefits in order to boost food aid to some of the hardest-hit families. Every single penny Senator Stabenow is proposing to take out of SNAP would come directly out of the grocery baskets of families that are very low-income and are currently eligible for the benefits.

It is important to again note that the $5 billion in SNAP cuts which went into effect on November 1 were also enabled by Senate Democrats. Senator Stabenow’s contention that she must advance massive additional cuts of more than $8 billion — as the only possible way to forestall even more massive cuts proposed by the GOP — is misleading as well. As chair of the Agriculture Committee, she has it well within her power to propose a farm bill with no additional SNAP cuts whatsoever. The House Republicans have no legal ability to pass additional cuts unless the Senate Democrats and President Obama consent to such cuts. The Democrats should join together in scrapping this horrible bill that slashes food for struggling families while boosting corporate welfare, and instead start from scratch with a brand new farm bill that aids small- to mid-sized family farmers, slashes hunger and boosts rural economic development.

Response from Dr. Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH, Director, Center for Hunger-Free Communities, Drexel University School of Public Health:

When Senate Ag leadership likens the cuts to SNAP as “savings” that curb “misuse of a LIHEAP paperwork policy,” we can see that they do not fully grasp the way that American families experience hunger and food insecurity.

Families don’t go hungry in a vacuum. Families make terrible tradeoffs between paying for heat or paying to eat. The women of Witnesses to Hunger — who use their photography and stories to describe their experiences with hunger and poverty — can tell you that first hand. Jill Shaw, a member of Witnesses to Hunger from Central Pennsylvania shows a picture of her stove, and writes: “I am a witness to hunger everyday. I am a witness to the disappointment in my children’s eyes when they tell me they are hungry and I tell them there’s no food. My stove is a source of heat more than it is a source for cooking food.” To learn more about housing and utilities and how they relate to hunger, just take a brief tour here of America’s reality in Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Camden, NJ. If you want this in cold hard numbers instead of pictures and experiences, see our Children’s HealthWatch research.

Those of us on the ground: pediatricians, public health researchers, social services providers and the true experts — those who know hunger and poverty first hand — recognize that the forward thinking states have attempted to prevent the worst of hunger and the worst of frigid mornings. The states that utilize the heat and eat provision, are actually improving our current income support systems, because they are calculating the amount of SNAP benefits needed when one considers the true cost of shelter. To learn more about this, check out the Congressional Research Service explanation.

This LIHEAP provision is a protection for families based in a cold hard reality: food insecurity is a form of hardship based on trading off costs of basic needs. It’s a smart work around that ought to be scaled up across the country, not slashed as a technical expediency. If there were really forward thinking change coming out of the Senate and House, the SNAP benefit calculation would be based on the true cost of shelter regardless of whether or not a family receives LIHEAP. It’s a frigid wake-up indeed, to see these proposed cuts. Some have said that the House GOP is out of touch with low-income America, but sometimes it seems as if all of our leaders are out of touch.

Greg Kaufmann is a frequent contributor to He is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, editor of, and producer of TalkPoverty Radio on SiriusXM Insight. You can follow him on Twitter @GregKaufmann.
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  • evilroyslade

    Our senators and congress people need to get off the reelection campaign fund raising band wagon and start doing what they are elected to do and serve the people and country.

  • Anonymous

    Another Blue Dog Democrat!?!!

  • Doug

    You do not cut back on help when people need it the most. How much money could be cut from things that are truly wasteful, Cutting food to the poor now? When the rich have had a field day. Shame on you! Shame on you!

  • Anonymous

    What worse is that these cuts are not to reduce the overall farm bill costs but to cover some of the increased payments to multimillionaire farmers & agri businesses like Cargill or ADM.

    indefensible. I have emailed Stabenow on my concerns and her lack of concern rwgarding the 100s of millions in fraud due to farm insurance brokers colluding with farmers to defraud the program. Prosecutions have occurred in the last year or so associated with fraud and there are no calls for drug testing for farm subsidy recipients.

  • Anonymous

    Call Stabenow’s office & her republican counterpart with your input.

  • globalexplorer1

    Disingenuous is the best term I can come up with to describe Stabenow’s position and her rationale. Disastrous is how I would describe the quality of her performance as an elected official.

  • Nancy Lyttle

    I am embarrassed and ashamed to live in a Country where those in our Congress, who make $174,000.00 dollars a year for 126 days of “work”, can cut off the Life’s Blood of a poor family or Homeless Veteran, by stopping their access to FOOD! Pitiful.

  • Lisa Walsh

    Benefits being reduced so as to enlarge enforcement. A sign of the times.

  • Anonymous

    When they are getting their campaign financing from billionaires and huge corporations who do you think they are going to listen to? It ain’t us…the 99%.

  • Anonymous

    You said the operative word..were. Blue Dog/Corporate owned Democrat.

  • Anonymous

    What a load of crap….people are hungry, and should be able to be fed by a government that won’t cut one damn dime of subsidies from themselves or Big Argi-Business

  • Anonymous

    Members of Congress get a food stipend…don’t see them giving that up now do we?

  • auroramere

    I just emailed her. I’m not a constituent, I’m an out of state contributor. I gave to keep the Senate in Democratic hands, to save the farm, not to give it away to those least in need.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – my Senator Patty Murray gave away the farm for an unenforcible committment to leave budgrt alone for a year and not block natl debt increases. But, firms can still deduct every penny of expenses for off shoring jobs from taxable income along witb any fines from violating our security laws.

    Spineless, limp wristed Harry Reid clone pod person. Disgrraceful!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is all part of government whistling past the graveyard. There aren’t enough clear voices articulating that for far too many Americans, the recession never ended and will not end. There should have been a moratorium on foreclosure and hunger several months ago. The GOP doesn’t care, and the Dems are impotent as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Blue dog Democrats have licked themselves and gone home.

  • Anonymous

    To contact Sen. Stabenow:

    3280 E. Beltline Court NE, Suite 400

    Grand Rapids, MI 49525

  • Anonymous

    Considering the fact that Washington has completely sold out to private economic interests, the last resort may be to stand back and let the increasing body count speak for itself. Not my choice but one that is increasingly becoming the only option to confront a totally inextricable and dysfunctional political system that is exclusively wedded to an oligarchical class that is now in total control of our once constitutional republic. Token efforts by well meaning individuals, or those who would like to maintain that image, are no longer effective against a citizenry who has been taken hostage by a one sided system that controls all the wealth and means of mass communication as they long ago relinquished any and all meaningful social values to fulfill the wishes of their wealthy overseers. The mass protests against a policy of Brutal Austerity in Europe will never take place here as Americans keep hoping for improvement based on 30 years of promises from their political class that things will improve if they just wait a little longer !

  • Anonymous

    The Neoliberal majority that have been in control of the party for over twenty years have rightfully earned the reputation of Conservative Light. A product of the DLC (Democrat Leadership Council) in the 1980s who supported the Clintons run for the presidency after three consecutive Republican turns at bat and a typical swing to the other side by American voters who rejected any future military adventures in the Middle East. The spineless Progressive Wing of the party has long been our only hope but they can hardly take on the Neoliberal leadership as long as they keep producing a string of congressional and presidential victories with the likes of Debbie Stab-your-constituents-in-the-back, Clinton-the-NAFTA-passer-welfare-ender-Glass Steagall-destroyer, and Obama the flip flopping-war mongering empire builder who always begins negotiations with the far Right by conceding total defeat ! All we need do is look at the long defunct Roman Empire to see the results of a once powerful government that was ultimately destroyed by a wealthy oligarchy, individual narcissism and greed !

  • Anonymous

    Michigan ? My initial advice would be to leave this state as the taxpayers face paying an enormous bill to bailout the Wall Street Bankers and various Hedge Funds that coerced their corrupt politicians to run up so much debt to make themselves look good ! Not a lot of places to go as this infection has spread across the country consuming what remained of our once respected Republic !

  • Anonymous

    They crossed the road to join the Republicans in 1968 when the Democrat Party backed the passage of laws that finally gave Black Americans equal rights over one hundred years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of Jan.1 , 1863 !

  • Anonymous

    As long as ignorant Americans keep voting them back into office, they will continue to support legislation that pads their own pockets ! The light might come on the day after public elections are nullified in support of an oligarchical dictatorship, but I really doubt it !

  • Anonymous

    Benefits are being reduced so that increases in the revenue stop loss insurance program (heavily subsidized) and shallow loss payments – fully government can increase. And there is plenty of fraud in revenue and crop insurance they just steal 10s of millions.

  • Anonymous

    Keep letting her know what you think – maybe she will wise up – but the welfare for farmers is expensive and does not really keep food cheaper. A loaf of bread has 10 cents worth of wheat – and half or more of the subsidized wheat crop is exported anyway – via rivers that we subsidize to keep barge lanes open and ports that we subsidize. Iin 2010 Cargill collected 51 MIllion in ag subsidies with gross revenues of 107.88 Billion – go figure.

  • Anonymous

    What Stabenow could point out is the 100’s of millions stolen by corrupt insurance brokers and the farmers colluding with them – my county had a prosecution just this year and there was another in the South – I think this year as well. Wnen corporate farms steal they do it in 10’s of millions buy the Senator does not want to embarrass the farm community.

    Shameful – especially since those who benefit the most are really really big – thousands of acres, multiple farms multiple family members involved including sitting senators and reps who benefit directly from this welfare.

  • evilroyslade

    The republican position to cut funding for food stamps (SNAP) is stupid. If the people’s welfare cost are driving the issue why don’t they correct the abuses and change who qualifies, then I would support it. The funding is B=++ S+++ just use their oversight and correct the abuses. IMHO Tell your politicians to get off the boogeyman crap and start using their oversight authority, cutting funding of the true needy is wrong minded, how about closing some of their contributor tax loopholes and subsidies?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Debbie, Monsanto sends their love. The check’s in the mail.

  • Anonymous

    Our political systems are set up to run the Right Way, (as Republicans rule), or the Left Way, (as Democrats once ruled, years ago) and as the New or the “Third” Way. (LOOK IT UP!)

    Third Way leans heavily center-right, which in the presence of our broken political system, translates to caving on demand to the puppet masters. Democrats that once held the respect of the public have proven over and over again how easily their votes can be bought. How else can one explain why Democratic Senator Debby Stabenaw, Michigan, set the Democrats against the meager food supply of the poor and unemployed?

    Stabenaw claimed fraud from Lottery winners to justify the recent Farm Bill she co-wrote, cutting back food stamps to pay for additional favors for the 1%. Fraud can be prosecuted and any dollars stolen can be reclaimed from the guilty without taking food from the mouths of innocent families.

    Fraud never got that much attention from Congress, Democrats included, when Wall Street, Big Banks and assorted associates on the government dole amassed personal fortunes on our dime as we watched our economy head down the rabbit hole.