• September 13, 2000 | On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying
    The Balm of Gilead project puts the comfort and care of a hospice into a hospital setting, providing dignified, loving treatment for indigent patients.
  • September 11, 2000 | On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying
    Our cultural attitudes towards suffering are sometimes used as a rationale to withhold medications--attitudes that palliative-care physicians hope to change in order to make dying less frightening and less painful.
  • September 10, 2000 | On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying
    Real people with terminal illnesses share their stories of living with dying. Also their caretakers share the challenges of delivering a "good death."
  • November 14, 1999
    The poet and essayist talks with Bill about her work and the importance that poetry plays in her life.
  • June 18, 1999
    The filmmaker discusses his efforts to tell old myths in new ways, the role of faith in his own life, and the influence of his mentor, Joseph Campbell.
  • April 27, 1999 | Archbishop Tutu
    Bill Moyers talks with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has been a tireless voice for justice and racial reconciliation.
  • December 15, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Gifted, talented, and handsome, Joseph survives slavery and exile by his wits. What does his story mean today?
  • December 8, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Apparently headed for his final comeuppance, the fugitive Jacob meets God in a dream and ultimately finds himself.
  • December 1, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    By engineering Isaac's blessing on Jacob, does Rebecca become the heroine of the story, or simply a schemer? And what of Esau, her passed-over son?
  • November 24, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    God's command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac raises profoundly disturbing questions. What kind of God would make such a demand? And what kind of parent would consider obeying it?