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Your Turn: Where Do We Go From Here?

Readers offer their thoughts on why Trump won and what to do next.

Your Turn: Where Do We Go From Here?

Donald Trump waves to the crowd after addressing his supporters and celebrating his presidential win at his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City on Nov. 9, 2016. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

It’s been a tough few days for progressives, with the shock of Election Day results and the reality of what comes next starting to sink in. At we have asked a number of our regular contributors to weigh in with their thoughts about the election and where we go from here. We’ll continue to share those as their reactions come in. We also asked our audience on Facebook for their thoughts. Below are some lightly edited highlights.

Trump Held Up a Mirror

“America didn’t die. It’s having a reality check. The trickster came to town and upended the banquet table. He held up a mirror to what was hidden. Now we must own it — all of it. The country built on native genocide, racism and misogyny is getting a painfully good look at who we are. We now have an opportunity to change that.” — Elizabeth Paxson

Media Failure

“The news media failed miserably. Bernie was treated like a marginal candidate but Trump was given daily air time. The ‘horse race’ was discussed endlessly with almost no discussion of the issues. And guests were allowed to lie without being called out until very late in the race. No wonder people are misinformed.” — Janice Massingill

A Broken System

“I was outside talking to a neighbor this morning. He admitted voting for Trump even though he felt he would be a disaster. His reason? Something has to change. The system is broken. Let Trump break it a bit more and someone might come along and fix it.” — David Morrese

Big Money

“People voted against special interest financing of campaigns in the hopes that their voices would be heard over the big money donors. That’s why Trump won the nomination; he had lots of free media and made no allegiances to big donors. If the Democratic National Committee had been less concerned about financing the election, I believe more candidates would have been heard. Ultimately, Hillarys source of campaign funds became a cause for mistrust. We need election reform that no longer rewards the candidate with the biggest ‘war chest.'” — Mark Lloyd

Gerrymandering and the Electoral College

“I think a lack of solid education policy, along with gerrymandering and a profound spread misinformation, led to this tragedy. Democrats need to organize, get authentically down with the people, and contest an Electoral College that gives more meaning to rural voters, while the majority of voters in urban areas have their votes diluted.” — Christina Eisert

“Look up REDMAP. We need to counteract redistricting. That needs to be one of the first pieces of business.” — John Petrouski

Jobs and Money

“I voted for Clinton, but I am sick and tired of the accusations coming from my friends on the left that those who voted for Trump are racists, bigots, misogynists or just plain stupid. This election was all about economics and Trump spoke to the multitudes in rural communities that the Democrats have abandoned. They looked at a vulgar Trump and saw him as their only hope. This wasn’t a ‘victory for hate.’ This was a straight middle finger to the establishment.” — Mike French

“The DNC may have lost this, to be sure, but the bigger culprit is the fact that too many Americans have been ignored for too long. People need secure jobs where they can make a living wage, without a college degree.” — Tom Prange

A Third Party

“The Democratic establishment tried to install a dynasty at a time when that’s the opposite of what many people wanted on the right and left. Large parts of the population didn’t benefit from the growth in the past eight years due to obstructionist policies of the GOP. But the voters seem to have rewarded these Washington insiders for it. Before this loss I was hoping a viable progressive third party would be built. We need to get to work on that starting today.” — Vincent Romaniello

A Progressive Revolution

“There is no way to sugar coat this, America is screwed. The extremists in our country will now control all three branches of government and soon the Supreme Court. There is nothing we can do to stop the extremist from passing legislation that will have a detrimental effect on every American’s for decades. The only option is to be part of a progressive revolution.” — Rob Honer

New Resolve

“I felt like giving up last night and this morning. But after watching Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and talking to other women, I have resolved to work harder for the things I care most about: honesty, equal opportunity, inclusiveness and kindness. I have to listen more and respect other people’s point of view. And I will not give up.” — Nancy Hayden Crowley