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Bill Moyers in Conversation: Eddie Glaude Jr. on Why Black Votes Matter

In part two of Bill's interview with the Princeton professor, he explains why he believes the Democratic Party should be "challenged to its core" by black voters this November.

Eddie Glaude Jr. on Why Black Votes Matter (Part Two)

Note: This is the second part of a two-part series. Listen to part one here.



My guest is Eddie Glaude Jr., author of Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul. In the first part of our conversation, Professor Glaude and I discussed the crisis that continues to engulf black America.

Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr.

Eddie Glaude Jr.: We talk about the achievement gap, we talk about the empathy gap, we talk about the wealth gap, and the value gap is this: the belief that white people matter more than others. And to the extent to which that belief animates our social arrangements, our political practices, our economic realities, under different material conditions, as long as that belief obtains, democracy will always be in abeyance in this country.

We continue with Professor Glaude’s proposal to upend our politics and launch a revolution of values.

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