State Ballot Initiatives to Watch

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott has been an outspoken critic of President Obama's health care plan.

Health Care

Wyoming, Montana, Florida and Missouri all have measures seeking to limit the impact of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. The Missouri proposition prohibits the state government from establishing a health care exchange in accordance with the ACA, and Wyoming, Montana and Florida each have measures seeking to ensure that no resident be forced to buy health care.

But law experts and politicians have warned that the Wyoming, Montana and Florida measures will have little impact in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June decision upholding the ACA. “There is going to be nothing that happens anyway because the US Supreme Court has already ruled that the law is constitutional. It is in effect. It is the law of the land,” said Montana State Representative Chuck Hunter, a Democrat, of his state’s ballot initiative. “I think it’s time, particularly since the Supreme Court has ruled, to move on from that issue and go about improving the places where the law needs to be improved.”

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