Help Save the Planet

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Greenpeace: Inspiring Action
Kumi Naidoo, head of Greenpeace International, told Bill in a recent interview that there is a “small window,” about five to ten years, for humanity to reduce carbon pollution before a series of ripple effects will bring about insurmountable climate change. Since 1980, the Arctic has lost around 40 percent of its sea ice cover, which is already having a huge effect on climates around the globe.

While the problems we face may seem overwhelming, there are things we can do to create change. As so often is the case, it’s individual voices and actions that collectively can make a difference.

We asked Naidoo what he thinks Americans should do to help combat climate change. We have listed his suggestions below and are sharing his new campaign, Free our Activists, to release the 30 Greenpeace activists being detained in Russia after protesting plans for Arctic drilling.

Things you can do

1. Write your representative. Ask your representatives to support an energy revolution, a massive shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Find your representatives in the House and Senate.

2. Join Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign. The aim of this campaign is to protect the melting Arctic by banning offshore drilling. The group’s goal is to obtain 5 million signatures for its petition; they’re almost 80 percent there with close to 4 million signatures.

3. Spread the word, talk to friends or join other campaigns. Greenpeace has a list of resources and current online campaigns for you to consider.

Climate Change Groups

Below are some other campaigns and action items by groups working to combat climate change. Bill McKibben’s global movement to solve the climate change crisis, one parts per million of CO2 at a time. One of their current campaigns is a petition to President Obama calling for climate change action and a rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Citizens Climate Lobby: This advocacy organization focuses on national policies to address climate change. They have scores of chapters around the country, as well as a list of current campaigns and petitions.

Story of Stuff: This group defines itself as a community of problem solvers working to create a more healthy and just world. If you’re keen to get active, take this their “changemaker personality quiz,” a two-minute exercise to find out how your particular talents might be used to combat climate change.

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