Ending Hunger in America

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Over the past year-and-a-half, many guests have visited the Moyers & Company studio to talk about the impact of growing economic inequality in America, and the shrinking government programs that serve the poor. Here are five ways that you can fight hunger in your community.

1. Track legislation and contact your representatives. To stay on top of new bills related to hunger and food policy, visit the Legislative Action Center at the FRAC (Food Research and Action Center) website. You can also read about FRAC’s 2013 anti-hunger priorities and the related congressional deadlines to keep in mind throughout the year.

2. Encourage your representatives or neighbors to take the SNAP challenge. Use Slate’s interactive map to see how many people in your county are on food stamps. Call your representative and tell him or her that you think they should take the challenge for a week to better understand what it’s like to feed your family on a budget of $4 per day.

3. Coordinate a food drive at your local food bank or launch a virtual food drive online.

5. Hold a house concert. Artists Against Hunger and Poverty is a project of Why Hunger?, a nonprofit group that also runs the National Hunger Clearinghouse, a website and 800-number that directs those in need to food pantries, soup kitchens, government programs and model grassroots organizations. If you are a music fan, hold a house concert to raise awareness and funds in your community. If you are a musician you can sign up to join the effort.

If you need help, find out whether you qualify for government programs or food pantries.

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