Highlights: The War on Climate Scientists

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Bill recently spoke with environmentalist David Suzuki on how obstruction and greed by politicians and corporations is killing us when it comes to climate change. Watch highlights from the interview below.

Bill Moyers on the Intelligence of Politicians who Deny Climate Science
Bill points to a number of Republican legislators, including some potential GOP presidential candidates, who question the scientific evidence on global warming, including one who invokes Noah’s “Great Flood” as an example of climate change. “They’re not actually stupid,”Bill says, “playing dumb is just their game.”

Suzuki on the “Tobacco Strategy” applied to Climate Change
The fossil fuel industry knows its main product is detrimental to the environment, but is using tactics that have worked in the past to keep the money flowing.

Why the Canadian Government Is Censoring Climate Scientists
Even though almost 90 percent of Canadians take global warming seriously, their political leaders have “muzzled” climate scientists, including one minister who call environmentalists “extremist terrorists like Bin Laden.”

On Suzuki’s Great Influence, Rachel Carson
Although he never met her, Carson — considered one of the founders of the environmental movement — taught Suzuki that “everything is connected, so everything carries responsibilities.”

On What Motivates Suzuki
“All I want is to be able to say to my grandchildren, I did the best I could … And if there are enough people like that, something big could happen,” Suzuki says.

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