Highlights: Time to Get Real on Climate Change

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Bill recently spoke with geneticist and TV host David Suzuki about the latest developments in the debate on climate change. Watch highlights from the interview below.

On Engaging in Active Listening
Suzuki says a conversation with a professional logger led him to understand the importance of listening to the real concerns of those with opposing points of view.

Why Environmentalists Have Failed
Author and environmental activist Margaret Atwood says Suzuki has lived a life of the great prophets, “those whose messages go unheeded because they tell us things we find uncomfortable.” But Suzuki says he and his fellow environmentalists have “fundamentally failed.”

Balancing Big Tech With Nature
“Over and over again we get tripped up because we can invent a powerful technology, but we don’t know enough to see the ramifications,” Suzuki says.

Capitalism and Climate Change
Suzuki wonders why we bow down before human-created ideas, even though we are not bound by them, as we are by forces of nature.

Countries Getting Climate Change Right
One example is Sweden, which implemented a carbon tax, resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It also grew its economy significantly at the same time.

Watch the full show »

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