Features related to income inequality

  • January 29, 2015

    As we remember Howard Zinn five years after his passing, let’s count him among the many social justice heroes and teachers who prove that people’s efforts make a difference — that ordinary people can change the world. Continue reading

  • January 24, 2015

    The government health care programs turn 50 this year. One advocate for the elderly argues that rising health care costs mean that strengthening and improving them is more important than ever. Continue reading

  • January 22, 2015

    Jobs are coming back, but pay isn’t. What’s going on? Continue reading

  • January 21, 2015

    Despite the buildup, President Obama had little to say about income inequality and nothing about America’s poor. Continue reading

  • January 21, 2015

    Last night in his State of the Union address, the president said the words ‘free’ and ‘college’ in the same sentence. The administration’s proposal is a big deal. Continue reading

  • January 20, 2015

    The President’s meeting with native teenagers made him “tear up in the Oval Office.” His new agenda to help better their lives is huge step for low-income tribal communities across the country. Continue reading

  • January 18, 2015

    Can American history teach us anything about how to eradicate economic inequality? A historian takes a look back at Martin Luther King Jr.’s unfinished Poor People’s Campaign. Continue reading

  • January 8, 2015 | Inequality

    The vast divide between America’s rich and poor made stark by the destruction of San Jose’s “Jungle.” Continue reading

  • January 5, 2015

    These charts show why addressing inequality and spurring wage growth is so necessary – and so doable. Policy choices led to these trends, and different policy choices can reverse them. Continue reading

  • December 30, 2014

    Among developed countries, only Romania has a higher rate of child poverty. That’s because America has embraced a policy agenda in recent decades that has caused its economy to become wildly unequal. Continue reading