Bill Moyers and John Lewis on Marching for Hope

This special episode of Moyers & Company explores the momentous August 1963 March on Washington with Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who gave one of the major speeches that day. Bill talks with him about the hopefulness he felt surveying the crowd he was about to address.

Many heroes of the civil rights movement spoke, including — most memorably — Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. — but Lewis, who was 23 at the time, is the only one still alive. In the full show, Lewis shares new insight into how the event unfolded and the impact it had and continues to have on American culture and politics.

“I looked to my right. I saw all of these young people from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Then I looked to my left. I saw many young people, black and white, up in trees trying to get a better view of the platform. Then I looked straight ahead. And I just started speaking,” Lewis tells Bill. “We wanted everyone to participate. We wanted to move toward the creation of an America… where no one would be left out or left behind.”

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  • Anonymous

    I look forward to hearing the interview; Congressman Lewis is a rare person. I’m hoping that the interview covers the speech the Mr. Lewis wanted to give–and the tamed down speech that he actually gave (after being encouraged, in my reading/understanding, by A. Phillip Randolph, who started the talk of a March on Washington in 1943).

  • JP

    Thank you for always providing meaningful and compelling television content. This was just a wonderful episode on several levels. John Lewis is an inspirational, dedicated and wise leader.
    On a personal note, I happened to see my aunt, R. Arnold on the footage in this episode of the historic March on Washington. For years I have kept my eye out in hopes of spotting her among the crowd. I would love to buy several copies of this DVD to share with my family but I am having trouble doing so. I have called the number provided and have been given other numbers to call to no avail.
    My aunt was thrilled when I told her I saw her very clearly on the footage. She is awaiting the gift I have promised her. I will gladly help her share her story and recollection of her experience on your sight when I can fulfill my promise of getting her the DVD. It would mean a lot to our family.
    Please keep making amazing television. I remain huge and appreciative fan. God Bless you Bill Moyers and John Lewis for all you do in support of freedom, justice and equality in America.