Slideshow: The Lexicon of Sustainability

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"Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade"

Ben Myers, Base Camp Coffee Roasters. Albany, NY

“Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade” Ben Myers, Base Camp Coffee Roasters. Albany, NY. Credit: Information artwork by Douglas Gayeton. From the Lexicon of Sustainability project.

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Douglas Gayeton, information artist

Douglas Gayeton

“The hard part is actually figuring out how to get that idea, compress it down into its essence and express it in a way that anybody could understand it. That’s the challenge for me. People kept on suggesting other people I should photograph or other terms; if I was to check my email, in the last day I probably got five more. I think there is a tremendous thirst that people have for information, and there was no real centralized place where all these ideas were being disseminated. That was really the impetus behind the project.”

Credit: Information artwork by Douglas Gayeton. From the Lexicon of Sustainability project.

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  • Dawn Schlum

    Wow!  This sustainability project viewed from #1-#9 has been an informative journey for me and I hope the public in general.  Vandana Shiva, as shown on a segment of one of your programs is refreshing, exciting, and makes me want to know more!  I love this Lexicon of Sustainability….a real education on something we take for granted ….so far!

  • Appreciate-o

    FYI, #7 isn’t showing when you click it. Thnx.

  • Jane Carroll

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  • boiester

    There are curators for this show taking it to farmers markets, schools, libraries and other places. You can borrow it too. Visit to see a curator near you.