Your Turn: Should Foods With GMOs be Labeled?

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In this week’s show, Bill points out that, in Europe, food products made from genetically modified seeds must be labeled, and some Americans would like the U.S. to follow their example. Vandana Shiva says:

“Freedom, democracy, and choice is taken away. It’s taken away from the farmer by not allowing them to have their seed. It’s taken away from the consumer by not letting them have labeling to say what they’re eating. If there was labeling of GM foods, no one would eat it.”

On Moyers & Company, no good question goes unexplored — and we invite your help in that quest. On our Facebook page as well as this one, please share your answers, thoughts, and ideas on the question: Do you think foods with GM ingredients should be labeled? And if they were, would you still buy them?

We’ll be reading.

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