Slideshow: The Lexicon of Sustainability

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"The Story of an Egg"

Douglas Gayeton, information artist

Douglas Gayeton

“So people always say to me at some point it’s an art project, it’s a word project, you know, and I always say not really. When you first heard the term cage free, you might think, “It sounds better for the chicken, I don’t know why. Probably a better egg. I think I’ll get it.’ And so suddenly an entire industry was transformed. I wanted to put free range versus cage free but the woman said, ‘No, no, it’s pasture raised.’ This was three years ago. And I said, ‘Pasture raised is way too inside baseball, nobody knows what that means.’ Now literally hundreds of farms around the country are only serving pasture-raised eggs.”

Credit: Information artwork by Douglas Gayeton. From the Lexicon of Sustainability project.

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