Slideshow: The Lexicon of Sustainability

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Douglas Gayeton is a photographer, filmmaker and web designer, but he calls himself an information artist. His current project is The Lexicon of Sustainability. The lexicon is a series of images, each representing a term, such as fair trade, free range, food deserts and pasture-raised, among others, in order to help people learn the language of sustainability. Gayeton has traveled across the United States for the past two years photographing farmers, activists, small business owners, fishermen and others in order to document the different ways these food and farm producers are putting sustainability into practice. Here are some of his images.

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  • Dawn Schlum

    Wow!  This sustainability project viewed from #1-#9 has been an informative journey for me and I hope the public in general.  Vandana Shiva, as shown on a segment of one of your programs is refreshing, exciting, and makes me want to know more!  I love this Lexicon of Sustainability….a real education on something we take for granted ….so far!

  • Appreciate-o

    FYI, #7 isn’t showing when you click it. Thnx.

  • Jane Carroll

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  • boiester

    There are curators for this show taking it to farmers markets, schools, libraries and other places. You can borrow it too. Visit to see a curator near you.