Clip: Love Your Farmers Market? Bill McKibben Says Thank Wendell Berry

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Environmental activist Bill McKibben sat down with Moyers & Company to talk about the lasting contributions of Wendell Berry to the environmental, sustainable agriculture and slow food movements.

“He understood what was happening on this planet a long time before everybody else,” McKibben said.  It was Berry’s foresight and activism that led local farmers to bring their produce directly to consumers in communities across the country.

McKibben calls Berry the patron saint of farmers markets adding “almost by force of will and [the] beauty of his words he gave birth to a counterculture trend that … bears great promise.”

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  • no truth in reporting anymore

    farmers markets were the original form of markets in this country, so how can McKibben be the guy getting credit for making them happen? Farmers markets were happening in my tow before McKibben was even born. Notice how the author of this little article did not even put their name on it?

  • Sheila Ryan Hara

    I live down the road from a small farmer’s market here in rural Japan and we also have the opportunity to choose locally produced food in our supermarkets. I appreciate having the chance to make a choice about what to buy and eat and hope more people in the USA and around the world will benefit from this small-farm movement!

  • garry fay

    You didnt even read his article did you? Try again and note who he gives credit to.

  • Lucy Owsley-Goodman

    I am a small farmer that makes my living selling direct to my Customers and I have been doing so for 20 years. i have been shopping farmers markets since the 1970′s. But it is true that in the 1970′s FM’s were the bastion of the counter culture and generally small and badly attended. They were not embraced by communities as they are today and certainly we were not seeing in the 1970′s the exponential growth of FM that we have seen for the past 15 years and so many people not shopping at them (and also CSA’s!)