Interactive Map: Is Your State Legislator a Member of ALEC?

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Many of the laws that affect us most directly — from taxes to marriage equality to voter ID — are made at the state level. The idea that change begins with the states is one of the founding principles of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. In state houses around the country, hundreds of ALEC “model laws” are proposed or enacted that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some Americans to vote and limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers.

Is your representative a member of ALEC? ALEC claims that nearly 2,000 state legislators are members, but doesn’t disclose their names. The Center for Media and Democracy, on their ALEC Exposed site, has a wiki listing nearly 1,000 legislators they believe to be ALEC members. Click on the map or enter your city or street address below (and hit ENTER) to see if your representatives are on the list. If no results are found for your district, help us complete the map by calling your representatives and asking if they belong to ALEC. Then email what they say to:

(UPDATE: This map was updated on June 20, 2013 to reflect new information collected from our users and through the ALEC Exposed wiki after the 2012 election. We’ve also incorporated new districting information from Open States. But we still need your help fact checking and keeping it up to date! Email us if you find any errors or gather any new information.)

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  • Morris

    Thank you. After watching this episode, I felt very enlightened. You explained exactly what was happening with the mechanics in state government very well. I also enjoyed listening to your guest on fact check, and the importance of debates.

  • Jim

    I saw this method of, “leading a horse to water” and the horse did drink. My observation was this: A young engineer fresh from his or her education would often rely on a specialty company’s sales representative (lobbyist) to write up a step by step procedure for that specialty company’s portion of work to complete a project. Guess what? The young engineer would most often select or award that sales representatives company with the job, especially after being entertained with cocktails, a nice meal and sometimes it may take a Texas quail hunt. I might add this wasn’t necessary for engineers with a little tenure and gained knowledge but the meals and other assorted entertainment continued just the same.

  • Karen Welzel

    The links to FL elected reps are outdated, since redistricting, the numbers have changed in most all districts.

  • Theresa Riley

    Thanks for alerting us, Karen. We’ll make sure we get the reps updated ASAP!

  • Snip West

    Hearing about ALEC on Friday totally shocked me. No one I know has a clue about this Council. How does one fight back??
    Thanks Bill Moyers for investigating!

  • Susan Kay Pateracki

    Ralph Reed and his mislead Christians are the cause of pain and suffering. These people think they are such good Christians but they may be a bit surprised when there life comes to an end. These people were directly responsible for keeping our country hostage and banning Stem Cell Research and treatment. I have been an Advocate for this research for several years. What good old Ralph (Satan) was able to do is control President Bush in bringing this research forward. Money money. It is research that should have started 15 years ago but was held down by this present day Satan and his Christian Right clueless. While children have suffered for years with no hope for cures Each President of The United States is requested to fund this critical research and find cures for all the suffering diseases. The corrupt kept it banned. President Bush signed an Executive Order to keep it from going forward (Screwed Evil ALEC). Children trapped in their own bodies with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy and other suffering diseases. The hopes and prayers of every child and parent for a cure went on deaf ears because of these evil people. Adults and children have suffered and died waiting for a cure for cancer. Adults have suffered with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Strokes, Cancer, and more. All of the suffering and cries for research and cures were being controlled by money that Ralph Reed and crew payed off. They were able to hold our country hostage from getting any help. I don’t believe they can be saved for that. They caused pain and endless suffering. They caused hopelessness. They caused the tears of families feeling helpless to help their loved ones. President Obama was the president that listened and cared enough to answer the pleas. President Obama signed an Executive Order in 2009 to free up stem cell research and treatment. The research still had to wait until the Supreme Court Judge upheld President Obama’s Executive Order. That say was a day of rejoice and prayers being answered. I received several emails from different Associations for Diseases saying “We Won”. Finally, research is going forward and all the children who suffered and died are on Ralph Reed’s soul. The difference between a person who cares and people who don’t. Good Old Ralph and the mislead Christians turned their backs on all of the suffering. No, they may get a surprise at the end. I believe in a loving God. I know God doesn’t want to see his children suffer. I also know God works in mysterious ways. It is too bad that a Person like Ralph Reed and ALEC could keep their prayers from being answered. It is amazing how some of the traditional Christian Religions have forgotten about what Jesus said. I am a Christian but I would never be like them. ALEC also is still attacking President Obama about this. They have started rumors calling him a NAZI, a Mulim. Everything they can because they don’t want him reelected. They can’t control him. I really wish ALEC could be made to spend a lot of time with children that suffer and pray that they can only play like other children. Ralph Reed can sit with them as they cry. Look in their eyes. Tell them that they are suffering because of You Ralph Reed.

  • David Cleinman

    Hi Snip, We can fight back in several ways. 1. Find the corporations that are part of Alec and boycott them. 2. Share this video with everyone and encourage them to share it so as many people as possible know what is happening. 3. Contact elected representatives and tell them you are withdrawing your support, and ask everyone you know to do the same. 4. Keep educated and alert, and sound a warning whenever a corporation or legislator does something anti-citizen. They are counting on our ignorance, first and foremost. Let’s not let them have it! Best, Dave Cleinman

  • Anita King

    So glad you posted this and I will share. Thank God he is retiring!!!

  • Anonymous

    I do political research almost every day – I knew about ALEC (and its obstructionist ways), I have been trying to spread warning on every social media site I can think of, and I’ve been doing this for two years (when I first learned about it)… but I’m not popular like Bill Moyers – so I thank him very much for bringing this issue to light… too bad it took so long to come about… this issue should have been brought to the voters attention from day one….

  • Alma Morgan

    I read this morning that Warren Buffet is dumping his stock in Kraft and others. I don’t know if it has anything to do with ALEC, but I am glad he is doing it. I don’t like companies sneaking around behind the American people’s back and doing stuff like this. That’s how the
    Supreme Court got that corporations are the same as people and can donate any amount they want and ruling against the women of Walmart.

  • Anonymous

    After speaking with a representative at the HQ of State Farm about how ALEC promotes the insurance industry, I was dissatisfied with his response. So I changed my insurance company after some 45 years from State Farm, who not only is a member in good standing with ALEC but whose legal staff is actively engaged with ALEC, to ALLSTATE. The next thing I plan to do is research whether any of the companies in which I invest is a member of ALEC. I have no problem with lobbyists. I expect any company I do business with to employ lobbyists to promote the interests of the company. But I do not want to support a lobbying organization that is NOT registered as a lobbyist and thus not subjected to the same rules which apply to other lobbyists, especially when they promote legislation about social issues I do not support.

  • Donald Shank

    I’m happy to say none of my legislators are ALEC members, but I live in a very “blue” district in Everett, Washington

  • lynx55

    Representative Chad Weininger [R] WI vowed to me late last year he had NO idea what ALEC even was. Now it shows he is tied to ALEC. Hmm..Quickstudy or just another Republican LIAR? I know what I think. Disgusting . Plus another state rep in my small district is also tied to ALEC. If we could expel GOV “Scott’s in court again” Walker most ALEC ties would disappear too.

  • Susan Kay Pateracki

    ALEC is a horrible group of people ran by Ralph Reed, a so called Christian Evangilist. He and his group are so Pro Life that they will force laws sown the throats of every American. They receive funding from Corporations to fund Republicans. I found them a couple of years ago because I am a Stem Cell Research and Treatment Advocate and have fought for this research and finding cures for the millions of children that suffer with no hope for cures. Also, the millions of adults that suffer with debilitating diseases and no hope for cures. I have fought for them. When President Obama was elected, I was able to communicate with him. He is such a wonderful President and cares so much for all the children who suffer. He took a stand for children and adults and signed and Executive Order to reverse President Bush’s Executive Order banning this research forever, because of ALEC’s control, When President Obama signed the executive order and announced it, he was attacked by hateful people like crazy. I hunted down who these horrible people could be that wouldn’t be happy for children to have a chance at getting well. We still had to wait until 2011 for the Supreme Court Judge to uphold President Obama’s Executive Order so finally the research took off. Fifteen years late but at least it finally took off. It was a day of rejoice. I got several emails from Associations for Diseases like the Parkinson’s Asociation, Alzheimers Association, Cerebral Palsy, The Cancer Society etc. saying “We Won. Such a wonderful day for people all over our country but these horrible Hellish people ALEC. They kept attacking our President and I kept exposing these people from Hell. We need them out of our Politics. We need these people out of our country. The one things I can say to these evil sinful people that think they are Christians is what goes around comes around. Their fighting against something so waited for, they will find out. When their children become sick with no cures. When their wife, husband, sons, and daughters get sick with these diseases that have no cures. I believe they will get back all the suffering they caused to continue and all the lies about our President. They were the ones that started the lie that our President is a Muslim, a Arab, the latest that President Obama is a Communist because of the stem cell research. I know we aren’t suppose to hate people but I hate these people so much and I really believe they will end up in Hell for the pain and suffering they caused children and families. They are Satan’s workers and they don’t even know it. I am a Christian and try to do everything I can to help people and animals.

  • Kathy Cummings

    I’m relieved not to find my Illinois state senator and representative involved in ALEC.

  • riley

    Love your style…it works. Recall state Farm refused claims after Katrina too…

  • Carolyn Pascoe

    ALEX is Koch Brothers funded group to write only the laws that benefit a Corporate agenda!! In no way do they care about your vote as a citizen of The United States of America because thru unregulated dark money they have basically bought your elected Representive to sign the law that they have written!!!

  • Frank Luke

    Hawaii not on the map but I doubt if our delegates would be, being Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    I wrote a detailed reply to your post, with info I subsequently learned. Unfortunately, I hadn’t signed in before writing it, so it wouldn’t post. THEN, after signing in, it disappeared! So, if you receive notice of my post in your email box, as I did yours, or if you have any inclination to switch, send me an email at “ilivitup @” and I will write it again.

  • kona flute

    There are a few, even in Hawaii. Some people are starting to vote funny, more corporately-oriented.

  • Johnie B. Matthews

    Our own Governess entertains ALEC in the Governor’s mansion. I stood outside the gates and watched them come into a cocktail party she gave in their honor. Not only that before the Moore twister, she snubbed President Obama when he came to meet w/ the protestors on the pipeline that is being forced upon us. She couldn’t do that last two weeks when all the eyes of the world was on Oklahoma.

  • Old Guy

    We can talk and gasp in frustration until our faces turns blue. BOTTOM LINE — If 85% or more of registered voters don’t vote in every local, state and national election, these crooks see that we’re too lazy to care and they’ll keep taking over until we can’t do anything about it. Protect freedom with the ballot, not the gun. It’s too late when you need a gun to fight your gov’t — it’s them you’ll be fighting — and they don’t like you.

  • HawaiiBound

    You can search for places in Hawaii, or move the map and click on it!

  • Anonymous

    God bless, ALEC!

  • DJ

    Republican representatives, John Piscopo of Thomaston and Robert C. Sampson of Wolcott.
    Piscopo is a chairman ofALEC

  • tls

    Illinois politicians in ALEC? are you kidding? Check the Illinois communist party rosters for their names in stead.

  • Loran

    It would be nice to be able to see ALEC representatives on the map without having to enter an address. I live in severely gerrymander Austin texas and would like to see if my neighbors on adjoining blocks are being ALEC misrepresented…

  • Loran
  • Someone

    You can click on the map to search as well!

  • PKAnnArbor

    Michigan’s Republican state legislators are certainly hooked up with ALEC. The legislature recently passed so-called “Right to Work” legislation, a law that allows workers benefiting from union contracts to not pay union dues. Another recent ALEC initiative has turned up in the legislature: a local sick-days preemption law. ALEC may have rhetorically applauded people governing themselves close to home, but when it seems to violate short-term business-member interests, they regard municipal ordinances as “undemocratic” even in “home rule” states. Municipal paid sick leave ordinances go beyond minimal federal and state provision which leaves lower wage, lower benefit workers having to chose between keeping jobs and food on the table and a roof over their heads on the one hand and staying home to get well or care for a sick child on the other. The “debate” in MI has been narrow and one-sided; the fiscal analyst apparently is confined to analyzing only points raised in the debate, and the local media simply reports the surface of the legislative business. Sick day preemption laws burst upon the scene with Governor Walker in Wisconsin, at the time of the conflict over his “Budget Repair Bill” that destroyed collective bargaining rights for public sector workers and demanding such workers pay more towards pensions and health insurance. Milwaukee had passed a sick days ordinance, upheld by the courts. The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has documented ALEC’s politics of wage suppression, as well: see their February 2013 Issue Brief.

  • James Gonzalez

    @terlet needs a girlfriend? Very negative…ALEC must be stopped at all levels★★★

  • Douglass Merrell

    I just contacted all of the Washington State Representatives and Senators listed as having ties to Alec (except a few whose email address would not link to a contact page) with the following message:

    According to Common Cause and the Bill Moyers website, ALEC is a corporate lobbying organization masquerading as a non-profit. I would ask you to reconsider your purported participation in the clearly documented way in which this organization is trying to subvert our democratic system of government by hiding its corporate lobbying efforts. If you believe in our American system of representative government, then I’m certain that you wouldn’t want to subvert its constitutional processes for open and accountable representation of the public good. If you believe in the policies you are supporting, then these policies should be openly debated in public processes. Or do you believe that the public good should be determined secretly by corporate lobbyists?

    Douglass Merrell
    Concerned Citizen
    Seattle, Washington

  • Anonymous

    Yes it was quite enlightening …Moyers might look into the Tide Foundation run by Georg Soros with all its organizations & activities.. It seems both parties have their own groups

  • Tina
  • pblunk

    I don’t even know if I should bother checking our (Kentucky) senators..!

  • Elizabeth Ackermann

    Thanks for sharing your message to the Washington State Representatives and Senators listed as having ties to ALEC. I will definitely do likewise in California!

  • Loran

    Still it would be helpful to see a visual representation of the distribution before you click of the those nasty little ALECdots…

  • Sharon M. Mullins

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  • Sharon M. Mullins

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  • bluepen

    Is the purpose of Stand Your Ground laws to make it legal to kill poor people?

  • Keith

    Hi Mr. Moyers, is there a source that I can go to find if a particular corporation is a member of ALEC?

  • enemofthestateworker

    I am happy that NY has few if any politicians affiliated with ALEC or has seen few ALEC related bills introduced over the years. This state gets a bad reputation for being corrupt, but I think organizations like ALEC show that other States have become far worse at allowing corporate interests and lobbyists to basically take over and run the show. For instance, I saw how in the documentary on ALEC that one State allowed some their elected officials to attend an elaborate ALEC lobbying conference out of State and then legally charge back those expenses to the taxpayers. I can’t imagine something like that being allowed in NY (at least out in the open) due to strict ethics laws and several prosecutors throughout the State who have made a name for themselves by going after politicians in Albany for often relatively minor ethics/corruption violations. This unfortunately has created a stigma in New York that all politicians at the State level are probably corrupt. However, I think this shows that our system is working since we are constantly prosecuting and sending to jail politicians for ethics/corruption issues and creating the sense that they probably should stay away from organizations that would like to wine and dine them (in exchange for passing their legislation) like ALEC.

    On the other hand, it appears that many other States have no issue with their politicians being wined and dined by organizations like ALEC at elaborate resort getaway “conferences”. It should be no surprise then that politicians in those States turn around and easily pass ALEC model legislation with little resistance since there are often no laws or restrictions which prevent them from working with a lobbying organization behind closed doors to influence policymaking in exchange for gifts and perks. Surprisingly those States are often ranked the least corrupt since they (shockingly) have few if any corruption arrests or prosecutions on the books since the politicians in those States are often technically not breaking the law when engaging in such behavior. However, that does not mean those politicians are not horribly corrupt by the standards of other States throughout the country (such as New York).

    In other words, I think it is clear the reason organizations such as ALEC have been so successful in some States while they haven’t caught on in others is because some of them do very little to prevent the flow of money or lobbyist influence into politics (especially in low tax, “free market” States). Therefore, it should be no surprise at all that communities in some States have been seriously impacted by ALEC (thanks to stand your ground, right to work laws, school vouchers, lax environmental laws etc.) while others have seen very little influence on their day to day lives from the organization.

  • Mary Perpich

    South Dakota has several state legislators who are members of ALEC and their dues and travel expenses to conferences are paid with taxpayer money. Because our state legislature is dominated by Republicans, they can make any policy they wish and Democrats don’t have much say. There have been some backlash against the using taxpayer money to pay ALEC dues with online petitions, newspaper ads, op-ed pieces and editorials in the daily newspapers. The Republicans have not changed their policy, however. Originally they were just automatically paying the dues for everyone until the Democrats said they did not want to be part of that effort. Republicans now are paying dues for those who request it. The same goes for travel expenses. But taxpayer money is still being used to pay the dues. A group I belong to in Brookings SD placed a petition on line that was signed by more than 800 taxpayers from across the state protesting the use of tax money to finance ALEC events. We also place an ad in the local newspaper signed by 100 additional people. That’s about all we can do for now. But this will become an issue again in the 2014 state elections and I hope we can get rid of a few Republicans who backed this policy.

  • Peter Clough

    Thank you for this information, Ms. Perpich. Although ALEC has no Democrat representation in our State legislature, they certainly have a bunch of Republicans.

  • Flora Goodson

    I started as a regan dem I became a newsie in H.s. rebelled against my Mothers hippy liberal ways and voted gop my married life (20y) but the las 5 years have done it, Mother was right. it’s official I am never voting for another republican as long as I live.

  • Dina

    Thanks, Mr. Moyers. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Bob

    Thank you for finally seeing the truth. ALEC appears to have all the characteristics of a conservative right wing cult bent on remaking the country to its own Repug image, and it can be done effectively at the state level. Just look at the states that have gerrymandered into Repug strongholds to control voting, especially in the southern states.

  • Anonymous

    For people who view the map and get a message saying there are no known ALEC legislators in your district, do not assume there are not. It says my district does not have any known members, but my Senator (Joe Hune, representing the 22nd District in Michigan) is a member, confirmed by a member of his staff in a phone call I made. I reported this info back in the “Help complete the map” section over a month ago, only to get an email reply asking me to get my senator to supply written confirmation of his membership. I have no idea how to accomplish this; thus he remains off the list of known members of ALEC.

  • Herojig

    The map is useless if you are clicking around. Not accurate at all! But the point is, they are everywhere. Like pod people, we woke up and society had changed.

  • Jacqueline Marie Mraz, Esquire

    My state legislator for San Pedro, California, Ms. Lowenthal, is not a member of ALEC. How can I ask her to consider joining? Can you email me at

  • Anonymous

    Yep, one is set up to benefit corporations, the other to benefit PEOPLE. (rolling eyes, jeeze)

  • Anonymous

    Shareholders(PEOPLE) own corporations & I’m not rolling my eyes.. jeeze

  • Guest

    The war on the working class #8

  • Guest

    Please somebody update this map – written confirmation shouldn’t be needed to confirm that a legislator is a member. Verbal should be enough.

  • max

    Copy of letter sent to my state legislators-recommend you do the same and even improve on inquiry if so inclined

    Because of my concern about the process of ALEC sponsered bills favoring
    corporate america over the general population, and as one of your
    constituents I would like to know your positions.

    Are you a member of ALEC?

    Have you recieved funds or (scholarships) to participate in ALEC functions?

    How many of the ALEC sponsered Bills in the state legislature have you
    supported and how many have you opposed? Information on which ones would
    be appreciated.

    Please be as specific as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Well, you watch…
    It’s about to change again. As you said, ~We Woke Up!~

  • bwana

    Corporate influence in government is no different than labor influence in government.
    Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Reduce ALL forms of influence on government and reduce size of government.
    Protect individuals by strengthening local and states laws and reduce federal government.
    We are the people!

  • Tim Michaels

    Public education has always had that aspect. Kinda like public TV. From learning English by reciting “My master is kind” to “I will be at my station before the bell rings”, or “I do not drink alcohol on Sunday evening”. I agree that this can be pushed further, but it’s all in the same spirit. I also agree that there is much we can do about it; not just against the current incremental thrust, but against the historical norm.

  • Tim Michaels

    That’s all fine until you encounter an idea that runs counter to yours. *Then* you want dad to step in and lay down the law. Or maybe not — maybe I’ve got you all wrong, and you actually are a libertarian who is truly willing to accept the consequences of his principled beliefs.

  • Tim Michaels

    Well, there. You did it. Thank you. I’m aware that unless you’re really good, the written word is easily misinterpreted; I want to make clear that there is absolutely no sarcasm in this post. I believe that more citizens will follow your lead, and I that can be nothing but a good thing. I wouldn’t worry about the map being updated. Those things take time and resources, but you’re active right now. Kudos, Laura.

  • Deb Wingert

    There are so many issues in America that need addressing, but I believe this is central to many of our problems, so I am starting here. Each day I hope to do ONE thing to understand what is happening, and counteract any negative I encounter. Today, I contacted my Congressional Representative:

    “Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, are you a Member of ALEC? If so, please tell us why you’ve chosen this path. If not, please tell us why. I personally think it is a bad thing for Corporations to collude to guide politicians to Corporate-centric policies, but I want to understand this situation from your point of view. Can you help me with that?
    Thank you,
    Your current supporter from Kenmore, WA”

    I hope I don’t drown in these deep waters.