Morning Reads

Happy Wednesday morning — you’re half-way to the weekend. Here’s a look at some of the stuff we’re reading this morning at Moyers & Company HQ…

A real face of the drone war –> WaPo’s Dana Milbank on yesterday’s sparsely attended Congressional hearing on what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a flying death robot, and the young Pakistani girl whose testimony moved everyone in the room.

You say you want a revolution –> In the New Statesman, Naomi Klein explains why one scientist is telling us to revolt now or face environmental ruin. ALSO: Chris Mooney writes at MoJo that we should expect more hurricanes like Sandy.

Subsidizing the 1 percent –> Speaking of storms, over at Salon, David Dayen takes a look at how rich people with beachfront properties get us to help pay for their flood insurance.

Bropublicans –> Steve Rosenfield looks at libertarians — “the fratboy wing of the GOP” — for AlterNet.

The establishment? –> TNR’s Marc Tracy attended what was billed as a very serious conservative policy discussion, found it short on ideas and long on tea.

Commerce trumps fear? –> WaPo’s Lydia Depillis reports that Amazon was instrumental in easing FAA rules restricting the use of electronic devices — like Amazon’s Kindle — during takeoffs and landings.

Oklahoma abortion battle –> At TAP, Amelia Thomson-Deveaux writes about a lawsuit over Oklahoma’s law regulating — or banning, depending on who you ask — pharmaceutical abortions.

Still high, but… –> Gallup tells us that support for the death penalty, at 60 percent, is currently at a 40-year low.

Meanwhile, in Congress –> ACLU likes NSA reform bill; Dems introducing bill to end debt limit shenanigans.

Nothing to see here, folks –> Yesterday marked the 84th anniversary of a huge stock sell-off that began the Great Depression. Take a look at how the Washington Post covered it 84 years ago today.

Haven’t we conquered that final frontier? –> US last launched a manned craft into space in 2011, but according to Slate’s Phil Plait, it won’t be long before we’re back out there.

Chupacabra, zombie dog, or mangy coyote? –> That’s what folks down in Mississippi are wondering about a weird animal spotted around Picayune. We’ll go with mangy coyote.

What else? You tell us!

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  • the nerd

    your stories are always fair and enteresting. thank you forthe oppertunity to read about our world without the hype.please keep up the quality of your work,it is really nice to raed stories and know there is truth , in the story and not they said and only the writer or commentators opinion.signed the nerd.

  • the nerd

    sorry to hear that jan. 3rd 2014 is the last tv broadcast. you will be missed.there is no one who whants to continue your quality shows? so sad. will continue to read your enternet entrys. thanks the nerd