“Sequesterless Airlines”

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After inconveniencing business travelers and members of Congress, the nation’s air traffic controllers got their sequestered funding back last week. In a new cartoon, Mark Fiore proposes a way that others affected by the sequester might get Congress’s attention.

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  • KarenKGK

    This is the very first time I was able to laugh over the sequester!

  • Owen Johnson

    As someone elsewhere suggested, if we got busloads of victims of the sequester to block runways, it would make a huge point. Something more realistic would be to jam the Congress’ phone lines and fax machines with traffic. Make it hard for them to meet with the lobbyists who fund them.

  • John Tovar

    Sad to say, too many of our lawmakers are self serving, Education is the bedrock of what makes America better. I believe that all Americans through time have learned that one should be helpful to those of lesser means, but what we get instead from the majority of our lawmakers is the echoing of “We need to always come down on the side of life” or other lip service like “What would Jesus do”?

  • russel heim

    Wasn’t the money that went to end the furloughs, money that was already in the FAA’s treasury and Obama just allowed the FAA to move the money to another area where it could be used to pay for the controllers? MSNBC today stated the money was released from the repairs and construction area of the FAA?. Another mis-representation of the truth in order to make people look bad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.colin Larry Colin

    Actually Obama did not have much to do with the funding of FAA during the sequester. This was the action of congress to move funds around. And as the cartoon suggested, the FAA slowdown due to the sequester hurt the rich and congress so they passed legislation to go around the sequester that they themselves passed back in 2011. So they have violated the intent of the sequester and gave into the rich and did not care about those really in need. This is the mantra of the rich and the GOP: I do not care about the rest of you as long as it works for me.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/RPManke.solar RevPhil Manke

    Maybe it’s just congress’s way of an “occupation” to scare everyone! You all voted them in!