It’s Official: 2012 was the Warmest Year on Record

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We were pretty sure this would happen. But 2012 is now officially the warmest calendar year on record for the contiguous U.S., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It was also the second most severe year for natural disasters — 1998 is the first — with 11 extreme weather events causing over $1 billion in damage.

Average temperatures in the continental U.S. for 2012 (NOAA)

In this map of the lower 48, states marked with the number "118" experienced their warmest year in 118 years of record-keeping. (NOAA)

Read NOAA’s full report on 2012 »

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  • Emanuel Mccray

    This data is fraudulent for the simple reason that droughts existed in the past as they do today. Same for violent storms, etc. When so-called scientists focus the outcome of their work based on intentionally limited facts, then we have scientific fraud. Humans dealt with drought in the past by moving away or building dams and irrigation systems. So the real question is which came first: Science or Religion?