“Dark Matters”

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We’re excited to be featuring the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning animated political cartoonist Mark Fiore on BillMoyers.com.

An abundant evidence of speech causes scientists to believe they may yet find life in the “dark matter” spewed by giant red and blue planets  into our election season atmosphere. In Fiore’s new cartoon, the rover mission explores the dark money universe, beginning with “Planet Adelson.” (Tip: Make sure to keep listening through the credits.)

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  • Frank Rommey

    Nice views, and great renderings, could have used a younger voice… or female, like NASA does so often…

  • mario martinez

    WE have mess up our world big time. So why are we trying to mess up other worlds? in stead we should be fixing our own world starting with this country. Having nearly 15 million children living in poverty in the number one country in the world is not acceptable!. Unfortunately the politicians don’t know it, because none of them is talking about it.

  • Patrice

    I think space exploration is important, however, our goals need to be clear. Spending money on this type of research is great provided the military aspects are not the primary reason. The opportunity for world collaboration can, at least in theory, promote peaceful solutions here on earth. What we spend our money on is not as important, in many cases, as why.

  • owenfiore

    great to see Mark Fiore’s animations on Bill Moyers’ site – of course, as his Dad, I am pleased – even if sometimes his views are a bit far out! Owen Fiore

  • Anonymous

    This is really cool. And it might be funny if it weren’t so true (sadly)…

  • druid

    In the bible it says the love of money is the root of all evil. As I look at the state of humanity I must agree. It troubles me greatly that we can land a rover on the face of marz, but we cant create a government where everyone has a fair and equal chanse at life. With all our genius we are still desolate because of greed.

  • David F., N.A.

    Hello, are you human? Sheldon, is that you? Who is there? Greetings, do you breath? Are you an executive? An entertainer? Equestrian? Jeffrey? Sheldon? David? Charles? Are you there? Hello?

    Yes, we are here. Sheldon is on hiatus, but this is Barack O’Bush and I would be more than happy to assist you. Give us the coordinates of your planet so that we may assimilate you into our debt slavery system. Resistance will be written out of your constitution. Live long in poverty. Nano-nano. Roger Wilco, over and out.