Your Turn: Should Foods With GMOs be Labeled?

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In this week’s show, Bill points out that, in Europe, food products made from genetically modified seeds must be labeled, and some Americans would like the U.S. to follow their example. Vandana Shiva says:

“Freedom, democracy, and choice is taken away. It’s taken away from the farmer by not allowing them to have their seed. It’s taken away from the consumer by not letting them have labeling to say what they’re eating. If there was labeling of GM foods, no one would eat it.”

On Moyers & Company, no good question goes unexplored — and we invite your help in that quest. On our Facebook page as well as this one, please share your answers, thoughts, and ideas on the question: Do you think foods with GM ingredients should be labeled? And if they were, would you still buy them?

We’ll be reading.

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  • Tod Ransdell

    I would like to have full disclosure so I at least have somewhat of a choice

  • Wally Parnel

    No labeling, only increases corruption of patents, and greed, and decreases everyones rights.
    Seed patents should have more restrictions, and more, “ checks and balances” to prevent the bullying by companies against the world food supply.

  • Jean


  • Nancy

    Yes they should label GMO foods because we should be given a choice, just like we now have Organic or not….and NO I would not buy most of them…perhaps a few on some occasions…but NOT enough to harm my health, unless the prices were out of my range of spending.  It really is not a good thing to do to our foods, for many who are ignorant of their harm, will just buy “cheap” and without thought.  Many people are not interested in what happens to their bodies when eating GMO or normal or out of balance types of foods.

  • JonThomas

    Of course they should be labeled.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I decided to stop eating meat when I learned it was the absolute, most effective way of living in line with my principles.

    My decision initially, was not out of a sympathy for animals (although I’ve always had such,) but rather a choice which I had control over, that allowed me to affect the systematic abuse of the natural world. For example; if someone hunts for meat, or raises their own, that’s a much different choice than how meat is industrially produced.

    I try to not give these, those who allow greed to affect their methods of producing food, some of the worst of abusers which exist in this world, 1 dime of my efforts. I do my best to not fund the pollution of the earth or my body with their greed inspired, death dealing practices.

    Of course, partly because of the labeling issue,  it is nearly impossible in our society to live completely free from such products as GMO’s, non-organic, and pesticide/herbicide free foods. But by making food and spending choices, which are as much in synch with the natural world as I am able, I not only benefit from a healthier lifestyle, but live my conscience and do my best to NOT support those food suppliers who have no respect for the natural world.

    My aging parents however, both heart attack victims, have just recently stopped expecting me to keel over dead from protein and animal meat deficiency.

    My 85 year old Grandad, who lives with me, moved in after his heart attack 3 years ago.

    He too is now nearly vegetarian. Everything his doctors have told him is lining up with what I’ve been saying for years. He loves fish though…too bad those same people with no respect for the natural world, have polluted the fish with mercury.

    Our entire society was mislead by the food lobbyists for decades with the 4 food groups. Entire generations are now suffering from that greed inspired malfeasance.

    The same poisonous, underlying  corruptions, no matter how well meaning by some, are now in play with the GMO issue.

  • GC

    I believe that genetically-modified seeds are a threat to the world’s agricultural health and the food supply of entire nations who are being made dependent on single-season seeds.

  • Laurie

    After listening to Vandana Shiva (and other health food proponents) I definitely think foods with GM ingredients should be labeled. I would not buy them.  Some things are already labeled and I don’t buy them.  How about having Ms. Shiva and Bill Gates together. Maybe he would change his beliefs and influence others.

  • questionwonder

    Yes, no never buy them AND this was not mentioned,  Monsanto blackballs any farmers that do not buy their 
    crop seed and make it illegal to save your own seed to use.  First the big farms, then the family farm, then the market farmer, then the home gardener. They are a threat beyond comprehension.

  • Borovski, Prof Emeritus

    I have neither Facebook nor do I twitter. Please make it easier for me to approve of your plans!
    GMMO modifications of foods ought to be labeled, and I am definitely in favor of stronger UNION SUPPORT. (I was a member of the AFL-CIO myself as a university professor when colleagues dismissed the unions as “for blue-collar workers only”!
    My wife is a CEO in France and supports the unions there. How can the American people back a Mormon multimillionaire and follow the Republican lies spread by Murdoch’s media empire? Do they only read his papers (among them now even the Wall Street Journal) and do they only watch FOX TV with Karl Rove preaching against Obama-Healthcare? 

  • AnnJ

    Of course they should be labeled, and I would try to avoid buying them.  But I can’t afford to buy only organic, etc. produce and besides I fear that it’s too late, that our food supply is already hopelessly contaminated.  The only way would be to grow produce in a glass bubble, perhaps on the moon.

    What a shame.

  • Pselgee

    I really need a clear explaination.  Say if most peas get a mildew, and one strain does not, then if you swapped out the defective mildew gene in the sweetest peas and put in the corresponding gene from the mildew resistant strain, I would think that it makes good sense. 
    Seeds have been modified by cross breeding some flower and vegetable strains for hundreds of years.  The result has been better plants.
    GMOs only seem like a more currently scientific way to make purer hybreds.
    I must be missing the explaination of why GMOs are a threat to agriculture.

  • Roger

          “It took Mother Nature
    millions of years to create a perfectly balanced & orchestrated,
    endlessly varied & abundant food supply with  countless varieties of
    Wonderful Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, and other Wildlife, all sustaining
    each other in perfect Harmony.  Wow !  Beautiful, Bountiful Mother
    Nature, generously & perfectly providing everything we need to
    sustain life on earth for ALL species!  And now, the insatiable greed of
    a few hideous corporations that  are
    willfully and diabolically messing with the very God Given DNA of this
    planet,  may very well disrupt and destroy the perfect Harmony that
    Nature has evolved over eons, in just a few decades!  What they
    are unleashing upon the delicate balance of Life on this Planet is
    deplorable and unthinkable !”
                                               Maria Maldaur  

  • Mike G.

    Yes, I think GM foods should be labeled so that people become aware of what they are buying. Perhaps this will lead people to become aware of the differences between GM and non-GM foods.

    I don’t know whether I would still buy GM foods if they were labeled. That would depend on the availability (and cost) of non-GM foods. If there were no alternatives to GM foods what are my options? I still have to eat.

    Also I think it is important for people to understand how eating GM affects your health. Dr. Shiva briefly touched on these issues (obesity, diabetes, etc). I would be interested in learning more about the pros and cons of eating GM foods so that I, and others, can make informed choices about the foods we eat. Perhaps if we learned about the detriments (assuming there are little or no benefits) of consuming GM foods it might convince us to seek healthier alternatives such as non-GM foods.

    If people don’t see the connection between their health, farmers and the earth they may be indifferent to the labeling of GM foods. After all food is food and we all have to eat.

  • Frank

    Pselgee: I don’t want to sound snotty, but it’s hybrid, not hybred. Cross-breeding is something entirely different from genetic modification.  It’s too complicated to go into in any depth here, but If you cross a hereford cow with an angus bull you will will usually get a black calf with a white face; slightly bigger than an angus and with the broad, blocky build of a hereford – but it’s still pure bovine. When you add genetic material from say a flounder to a strawberry plant, then you have created something with a cellular makeup that your body doesn’t recognize and so triggers a response in the immune system. There is a growing body of belief that many allergies, asthma-like conditions and obesity may be linked in someway to GM foods.

  • JonThomas

     Good descriptions.

    Keeping it simple…

    To add to that problem, much of Genetic Modification consists of making seeds which are specifically modified to grow plants that MUST be raised  with specific chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides) bought from the same company through which you purchased the seeds.

    If you do not use the chemicals, the yield will not measure up to the apparently, already inflated promises. The environment then suffers from pollutions to the natural balance.

    Also, interestingly, there was an episode of CSI Miami which offered a fairly good example of how these companies act legally with farmers. Perhaps someone can detail that issue.

  • mem_somerville

    How strange. My several days old comment has vanished. But that’s ok. I remember it:

    Awww…it’s so sad to see Bill Moyers take this tack on this topic. Remember when he said this on vaccines: “That’s when you want a darn good scientist in a research lab.”  What happened Bill? Couldn’t find plant scientists? Did you look?

    I would strongly encourage Bill to talk to actual plant scientists on this issue. In fact, a whole show with them would be a suitable brain cleanse post-Shiva show.

  • mem_somerville

     You are quite right. In fact, that’s being done now with potato strains. They are trying to create a blight resistant potato (you know, blight of famine fame). However, even though the gene is from a distant member of the potato family it needs molecular techniques to do so.

    People are blocking this. They are using people’s fears to prevent this tool from getting into the hands of farmers who could then use less chemical spraying, and it would reduce wasted thereby increasing food security.

    Some people forget to tell you about the plants that reduce chemicals when they try to make you afraid of this technology.

  • mem_somerville

     Good news–there are more GMOs than you realize apparently. Many have nothing to do with chemicals, but may actually reduce the use of them. The excellent data from that recent paper in Nature about reducing broad-spectrum chemicals was really terrific.

    There was another about it having benefits for adjacent farms too.

    But just yesterday there was a new approval for another sort of modification–one with consumer benefits:

    I think that’s going to change the whole debate on this issue. And what will happen with the labels if that they will become a selling  point for improved products. It will get co-opted like the organic program that the NYT explored last week.

  • Earnest Questioner

    Of course GMO foods should be clearly labeled.  What a dumb question.  Getting senile, Bill?

  • JonThomas

     This article is only 1 day old(check the date.) Perhaps your scientists can use relativity to check the carbon 14 levels in the data collected through a extensive and exhaustive exploration of that new fangled whatchamacalledit…oh yeah…a calender. :)

    While your comment has merits, as both sides of an issue do help people have informed opinions, the gist of this article, and the show it references, has more to do with how laboratory engineered crops affect people and the natural world when taken out of the lab and foisted on farmers through political relationships with corporations.

    Your apparent defense of GMO’s did not include whether you think they should be labeled.

    We require products to include labels listing, among other things, the most innocuous of ingredients….pure water.

    Why would we not want an informed citizenry to have knowledge of what goes into the food they/we eat?

    GMO products, whether safe for humans or not (the science for every example is no where near in yet,) is a fairly new process that may have devastating effects to the natural world. Keep such experiments in the lab.

    Personally, I like the natural world. I would rather you not work inside the genetic code at all. Is there some line between… tweaking genes that are common and naturally transferable inside a specific species, and introducing genes from other species? Perhaps. However, scientists believe in knowledge. If informing the consumer causes an industry to fail, then perhaps that industry, which depends on public consumption, is either built upon a flawed premise, or is not ready for public distribution.

    If the industry requires the public to not know what is in the food they are eating, or knowledge of how it’s produced, then that industry is not following through with the pure ideals of scientific procedure. Because of this intentional blinding to exposure,  I would not, and we should not, trust a scientist who defended such products. Nor should we condone the methods used by these GMO corporations to keep the public uninformed.

  • JonThomas

    Uh oh, now I may need to apologize for being a bit snide in my reply to your other comment, lol.

    Thanks for being polite and rational. All too often we see “snarkiness” (hmmm…is that a word yet?) in comments. In written form, it’s sometimes difficult to know when someone is just being obstinate (instead of passionate)  in defense of their side.

    Yes, there are some new GMO products. I really haven’t decided for myself if there is some “safe” line in the modification of the genetic structure. That, to me, is an indication that the science is not ready for public consumption of foods produced through such experimentation(sorry, but yes, it’s still experimentation…in 20 more years we may look back and say whoops…same as thalidomide. The example, not the actual science.)

    Because of our hubris shown in past examples, where we messed with the environment, personally I would rather we humans stay out of the gene pool of the natural world (take that as literally as you wish lol.)

    For now, the debate here is labeling. The further debate is on the methods used by corporations to influence politicians and government administration  with their decision making.

    It’s just good public interest to include labeling. If the public chooses not to buy such products, then keep studying…in the lab please.

    The higher cost of products due to labeling is a red herring. Such a cost would be a one time issue and completely negligible. It’s a joke to take that excuse seriously.

    Even if the cost of labeling was obtrusive, that’s another indication that the product does not yet(if ever) have the value the industry wants to force on people in the name of greed (yes, if they need to keep it a secret, then they are engaging in a form of compulsion, taking away a choice from the consumer.) It is not profit, but through the use of obfuscation and secrecy, because profit is put before concern, it becomes greed.

    I too worry about such co-opting. The article on this site…  shows some good examples. All too often we see corporate misuse in the name of profit…greed. Such practices even give good scientists a bad name.

  • Lnieto09

    We need to be educated otherwise change would not take place.

  • Anonymous

    Yes indeed GMO products should be labelled.  The fact that they are not just proves that the FDA no longer works for the public good.  It works for Agribusiness and big business.  I am on Soc. Sec.  and am truly powerless except for my vote.  I and the millions like  me need the FDA and the USDA and for that matter, all government organizations that were originally set up to protect the public precisely because most Americans are powerless.  Thank you, Mr. Moyers for being a voice for us, the powerless.

  • Herbsandroses

    GMO foods should definitely be labeled and I would not buy them- right now do my best to find non-GMO’s or organic. Most people here in the St. Louis area do not know what I am talking about regarding GMO food

  • Yaz

    Yes – I would like GMO foods labelled and No I wouldn’t not choose to eat them.  Don’t you find it interesting that the very ones who beat the drums of “being free to choose” meaning getting rid of government oversight are the very ones who deny us “freedom to choose”  throught denying us equal access to information or participation in our elections.

  • Anonymous

    I want GMO labelled as such then I can choose whether to buy and use or not.  Same as with GE food and any food or drug with components made in or sourced from China.

  • Carolyn

    My primary reason for wanting GMO foods labeled is to continue making us aware that these products, safe or not, support the process of shrinking availability of choice in the variety of seeds, fertilizers, etc., available for farmers to use. I’m not in support of Monsanto taking over what’s left of the industry. We already know when we eat corn (and it’s in almost all processed food!) we’re eating a product which is politically protected/highly subsidized, and consumes enormous resources to produce.

  • Misscon

    Foods with GMO ingredients should be labeled. I want to know what I am eating. I would not by GMO products.

  • mem_somerville

     I found the other comment later–they had changed the link from the Shiva show page. There’s another labeling page with a similar title.

    I’m not opposed to evidence-based labels, or those that are maintained by a group that has philosophical objections to some production aspect (such as Kosher or Halal, or your case what is “natural”). But I think the government should stay out of philosophical labeling. I think the Non-GMO project is the way to go there. If you want to avoid these plants based on your personal philosophy, then your team should check, test, monitor, track, and be responsible for the punishment of offenders.  There’s no reason government resources should be used for that.

    If a label now says organic corn–what do you know about the corn proteins? The corn genome project showed that even between a couple of different strains there can be hundreds of genes of difference. Someone might be allergic to an organic corn gene but not one in the conventional strains. In fact, it’s been shown that organic produce makes more pesticides of its own because it faces more assaults–there could be issues there.

    If you want to label for gene content, that’s fine, but then it should be every gene in every item. Plenty of “natural” proteins cause reactions–my grandmother was allergic to strawberries. But maybe the same protein is in some other plants–shall we label them all then?

    GMO plants can have benefits. Reducing land usage, reducing broad-spectrum insectides, reducing water and carbon emissions (1), improving farmer income and safety (2,3)–all these have been demonstrated. And I will bet money if the labeling passes the ad campaign to stress these things will be swift and thorough.


  • mem_somerville

     Actually, thalidomide is an interesting case. An FDA review kept it off the US market. I like the FDA review process, actually. Curiously, the “precautionary principle” countries let it get used widely.

    And now, of course, it’s being used to treat cancer.

    I really don’t distrust the government review the way lots of others
    do–I’m not prone to conspiracy theories either.

    As I said below, I think a Non-GMO label maintained by a group like Kosher would be a fine solution.

  • JonThomas

     I shall not call thalidomide “an interesting case.” If I did refer to it as such, I would not be able to conscientiously look my friend from college in the eye. He writes with his foot because his arms and hands are not fully developed.

    Th closest I can come to “interesting” in that example is to quote from wiki…


    …For correctly denying the application despite the pressure from
    Richardson-Merrell, Kelsey eventually received the President’s Award…”

    It is precisely what the FDA refuses to do now with GMO products that won Dr. Kelsey an award…namely; refusing to allow FDA approval for a product, even in the face of industry pressure!!

    To me, even 1 person adversely affected by a product, in the name of greed, or even profit, is too many.

    There is no immediate threat to the food supply requiring GMO’s to be released for public consumption. It is not like a vaccine, in which we as a population accept that there are  unfortunate “side affects” for a greater good.

    Unlike drugs, GMO foods do not just affect the people consuming those products. They are inexplicably tied to unintended cross-pollination of “natural” non-modified plants, unknown allergens from foods that were previously safe in their non-modified form, and the assault on the environment by chemicals (such as round-up) proven to cause damage to the ecosystem.

    Collusion, caused by industry lobbying pressure, does not have to be a “conspiracy theory” to be injurious to the citizens of this nation and the world.

    To write off industry lobbying efforts, in which business interests over-ride the will of the vast majority of the people, as a “conspiracy theory,” is an unacceptable form of demagoguery.

    I am glad to see you admit that labeling is a “fine solution,” but such labeling needs to be mandated by the Government. The Government of this country was formed by the PEOPLE to establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility. These noble principles will only be satisfied in this case by the Government protecting the health of the populace with a mandate for GMO ingredient labels!!

  • JonThomas

     I’m sorry…I mistakenly left out that bit from the U.S. Constitution which ‘PROMOTES THE GENERAL WELFARE!’

  • Sarito

    Of course they should be labeled. And those who oppose labeling should have their feet held to the fire again and again: if these foods are as safe as they say, and even “superior,” then why on earth should they object to the free publicity?  Their answer, of course, is that if these products are labeled then people won’t buy them. In other words, they are in favor of keeping people in the dark because if people are allowed to exercise their right to make informed choices, it would hurt these companies’ bottom lines. Ach, where to start…

  • JeanD1972

    I am a biologist who teaches biotechnology.  I think we should label our food as to whether or not it has been engineered…  If food has GMOs I should be able to know and make decisions I want to make.

  • Medravic

    Modifying seeds through cross breeding is OK.  However, adding an herbicide, such as Roundup, in the plant is a different story.

  • Evelyn

    Absolutely all food for people and pets should be labeled.  No I would not buy them.  I do read labels and put most items back.  This applies to all purchases.  My selection is very limited.  How I spend the money is my form of protest.  Great show and a big Thank you to Dr.Shiva for her efforts.

  • Paintsongs

    Thank you, Mr. Moyers, with your fantastic interview with Vandana Shiva.  What a woman. Her determination and passion was so strong.  Yes, most definitely, we need labels on our food.  We must know for our own protection – and for our children.
    From what I have read:  GMO food can cause up to 42 illnesses.
      In a Democracy we must know all of the facts so that we can make good decisions.
      It breaks my heart to hear of the devestation that GMO seeds and Monsanto have caused
    in India.  There is so much on the internet about it – but, it must get out to The People.  The must be educated.  The Public Voice must be raised.

    There is a good crop that would be great for India:  lentils.  Lentils can grow in poor soil, with less water.  Lentils are high in protiens and good carbohydrates plus high in magnesium and potassium and other minerals that humans needs so much to stay healthy – and to heal…..I recovered from an illness by eating only lenil soup for two weeks.

  • JonThomas

    I completely agree with your sentiments. However, just for clarification, it’s not so much that ‘Roundup is added in the plant’ but rather plants (seeds) are genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup.

    In the mono-culture practiced by farmers using GM seeds, the natural, native plants,  are considered weeds. These plants, which have developed over many thousands of years, to be part of a thriving, natural ecosystem, are not immune to the Round-up herbicide. The same company that the farmers buy the GM seeds from, also sells those farmers the Roundup. Look for information on “Roundup ready soybeans.”

    Because of the immunity in the GM plants, farmers are encouraged to use liberal applications of the herbicide. The Round-up then enters the environment in unprecedented, and unpredictable, levels of concentration.

    This describes but one problem with GMO seeds, and Monsanto in particular.

    There are other seeds in which a pesticide…BT, is indeed as you described, genetically engineered “into” the plant.

    This type of example also has unpredictable results over long term use in the environment.

    There are more examples, but the point you make in your comment remains…the natural process called cross-breeding works with the existing natural ecosystems of the planet.

    The ecosystem that we call the natural world, has developed a harmony over eons. It too has had great success stories and tragic failures. However, the natural environment is well tested. Humans have, depending on your creation beliefs, also co-existed with that environment for many thousands of years. For these corporations to use the well developed natural world as their real-life laboratory, and us humans, along with innumeral plants, animals, and insect species as test-subjects, while making profits, is corporate funded, Government agency condoned, greed.

    Sorry, but it really is not exaggeration for me to say that there is no other term I can find, to describe the depth of what they are doing, that truly expresses the thought, more than does the word… “evil.”

  • feministlatinawithstandingKS

    Not sure that government should stay out of philosophical or basic labeling…..look at what the pharmaceutical companies get away with in utterly confounding everyone with brand names and generic names for any one medication…it should be illegal to be able to do that with drugs and anything else that is ingested that can have short and long term sequelae. Regulation is needed because corporations have proven over and over that they can’t be trusted to “do the right thing” whether that’s simplifying or giving appropriate/relevant notice on what’s about to be consumed. To have a hundred non-GMO organizations give their stamp of approval or flogging for mislabeling is ridiculous. What is being asked is simple and reasonable…..state in clear, as close to layman as you can get terminology, what exactly is in this package! I need only one authority to determine “yes -you are being honest in your disclosure of the contents of this package” or “no-your disclosure falls short…fix it!” 

  • Sbee90

    I see GMOs as horrific as poision.  Yes, they should be labeled.  Myself, I would avoid them.  Thank you! I am soooooooooooooo glad you came back and shown a huge light on the craziness we are all experiencing.  Thank you Bill!!

  • feministlatinawithstandingKS

    Frank, I am interested in the growing body of belief that many allergies, asthma-like conditions, and obesity may be linked in some way to GM foods. I’m a registered nurse and have noticed the rise of all these things in young children. This might be a possible contributor to children afflicted with these ailments but lack the typical risk factors. If you or anyone reading this have articles that speak t o this matter …please share. Gracias!

  • Gaillongo


  • Carmen

    Absolutely, label them. And until they are labeled, let’s protest with our food choices. Boycott the brands that use Monsanto products. They are generally not as healthy anyway, as they tend to be not only GMO but heavily processed as well. This is a link to a list of those brands: It's not that hard… if we understand what’s at stake. The long list shows clearly how Monsanto quietly took over the food system while we were looking the other way. Let’s not give any more of our hard-earned money to this monster, sociopathic company. We need to all do our part so we can leave our children a better world.

  • Drluke957

    read up gmos are distroyers of life beast and human

    g M
    O ‘s 

  • Debra

    I would very much appreciate the labeling of genetically engineered foods! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT purchase anything genetically engineered!

  • mem_somerville

     Are you also opposed to conventional herbicide resistance? Because that exists now (see Clearfield, among others), and will in the future, and will be unlabeled because it’s not GMO.

    In fact, you’ll probably see more of this coming along.

  • mem_somerville

     Well, that’s not what the labeling law will do. That’s exactly why I think it would be better to have your own organization set the standards–just like Kosher.

  • mem_somerville

     Exactly–FDA refused approval. Good on FDA scientists. I think there are good people there, with appropriate knowledge. I’m sorry you disagree.

  • JonThomas

     The FDA recently ignored a petition signed by approximately 1 million people who want labels on products which use GMO ingredients.

    Because of a very subjectively used  “policy,” the FDA decided to look at the 1,000,000 signatures as 1 person’s comment toward having labels.

    So, no they are not “good” people.

    Good people are sincere. They objectively consider all sides as best as possible when they are in roles in which they serve the American public.

    The agency did not serve the will of the people, they instead served the will of an industry.

    If appropriate knowledge really is important to you, then why do you continually and obstinately defend these businesses in their efforts to stop the American public from having knowledge supplied to them through a mandate from their Government? 

    It is the job of the people at the FDA to serve the interests of Americans. They are empowered through the constitutional principle of PROMOTING THE GENERAL WELFARE.

    The American public want to know what is in their food supply. Transparency is what is needed. Transparency is what has been asked for in that petition which collected more signatures than has ever before been turned in for FDA consideration.

    I have a tough time being polite to corporate lap dogs who are willing to deny the right of the people to petition their Government, expecting to be heard. I think I’ve done well.

    The will of the people is to have Government mandated labeling. If you are so secure in your defense of this science, then why are you afraid of giving people an informed choice?

    Inform them in these matters. Wake up, Stop being a shill. You are on the side of those who want to keep people in the dark. If you are so secure in the science, then allow the Government of THE PEOPLE to inform them so that they know what they are eating!

    Or perhaps you are afraid of losing your job?

  • JonThomas

     I am opposed to herbicides.

  • JonThomas

    Then what we need is exactly what Latina has asked for… “state in clear, as close to layman as you can get terminology, what exactly is in this package!”

    The Government IS our own organization. We are the people. This is exactly why we have Government.

  • Guest_for_Labeling

     I’ve been looking at your posts and I have to ask what/whose PR group do you work for? Or are you trying to assuage your conscience for the work that you do? While I don’t believe that GMO has to be a synonym for bad, I have so so many issues with the way Monsanto and company do business and their infiltration and influence in government. If you want to be a Guinea pig for GMOs, good for you and thank you for your service to science. I don’t want to be a Guinea pig and should have the right to know and be free to choose what’s in the food I eat. Government should protect my well-being and my freedom to know and should require companies to label GMOs and monitor that they’re actually doing it and being truthful.

  • Guest_for_Labeling

    Yes, foods with GMOs should definitely be labeled. We should have the right to know and the freedom to choose what we consume. I also want to share two links to raise awareness on two important issues:

    The “Monsanto Rider” in the FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill:

    Monsanto & Cargill’s plan for the ocean:

  • CBott

    Absolutely.  It is a criminal act  by omission not to have GMO information included on food labels.
    Genetically modified food genetically modifies us.   

  • Sourma Khoury

    I absolutely should, when I saw the movie Food, Inc it changed me forever. I am now more informed about my food then I ever will be and it hasn’t stopped from there I’ve watched different documentaries on food, read books on food from Michael Pollan to Jonathan Safer Foyer and so on. And I want to continue to learn what is in the food I am eating and labeling GMOs is just as important than ever before. Especially when you have a big conglomerate like Monsanto that would pretty much like to take over the food supply – its is a war on food and we need to know what we are eating down to the seed. 

  • mem_somerville

     I’m an independent scientist, no ties to ag in any way. Which is what most people claim to want to hear, until they dislike what I have to say.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • mem_somerville

    Ah, so it’s not GMOs. You don’t like agriculture. Good luck with the foraging.

  • mem_somerville

     I thought you told me above how bad the government was on this. You’re hard to follow.

  • Icelandic

    Freedom of choice…isn’t that what we are talking about here?  No matter what it is I want to be able to decide.not have some corporate drone decide what I am going to eat!!
    this is a no brain er …the prob;em is GREED and how these corporate monsters o about controlling and cashing in and WE need to stand up to them …..

  • Mayleenmccarty

    Yes, they should be labeled.  And, I’m not at all sure I’d buy them.

  • Kctomato

    Yes they need to be labelled or others should at least be allowed to label that their product does not contain them without fear of lawsuit from competitor that does.

    I may still choose to buy a GMO food if I knew more about how wide the change was. Meaning was GMO used to insert new genes from one species to another? Say a fish to a melon? Or was it used to expediated the breeding process in isolating and inserting a single gene or section of DNA/RNA from say one potato variety to another. That kind of situation I would not be as opposed. It could help speed breeding efforts, potentially reduce costs and also give a company a patentable method to help their bottom line.

  • Kctomato

    I do think GMO medicines should be labelled and informed consent apply.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely not! It would be a violation of the free market system where companies are free to do whatever they damn please to make money.

  • JonThomas

     I wondered when you’d have to leave your position in an attempt to discredit me instead of my arguments.

    That often happens when a person realizes they might be taking the wrong side of an issue, or when their agenda is exposed.

    What I have continually, and consistently said is:

    1. I personally have a belief system that aligns my thinking with the natural world.

    2. While the FDA(and other Government agencies,) some members of Congress, and apparently even people in the Administration have ignored the wishes of the American people, that does not invalidate the mission of Government itself.

    3. That the dissemination of knowledge  through transparency, giving people the information they need to make informed food choices for themselves and their families, is always be a right that should be protected, championed, and never denied from the American people.

    4. That when business interests and greed cause people to lose their voice in the representative democracy which was formed to protect these very people, there are institutional problems which need to be overcome.

    5. Government has every right to mandate labeling for GMO ingredients. When someone in your position, or with your beliefs, stands in the way of the right of the people to ask their Government to establish such a mandate, you have taken a stand for ignorance. You take the right away from people to make choices based on information that directly affects their lives. Instead of wanting to prove your assertions on the safety and efficacy of these products, you try to force people into a position of subjection to your personal beliefs.

    Ok, is that hard to follow? Or willyou find another way to belittle my arguments?

    See, even though my beliefs are in stark contrast to many of your own, I do not make efforts to hide any important information from you or anyone else, nor do I try to interfere with your rights, except… when your actions, or the actions of these companies, which we are discussing, affect my life.

    Unlike what you have tried to accomplish here, I believe every person has a right to know about things that affect their lives. Government has a legitimate, urgent, and obligatory role in making sure the people’s rights to knowledge, which would afford them informed consent over their own health and well being, is protected and acted upon.

    I believe you have a right to your science and I do not stand in the way of true progress. I believe in the Constitutional principle (although, not only because it’s in the Constitution) that every person has a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    All that said, no business or person has a right to take actions that can potentially harm me or the world in which I live, nor act to remove the legitimate rights of any other person.

    You seem like you might be a smart person, why would you want to keep people uninformed and not allow the Government to have these products labeled? You have taken a side of darkness, that’s odd for a someone who says they are an “independent scientist.” As I said, if pure water is mandated to be listed as an ingredient, why not GMO’s?

    Me thinks there’s more to your story.

  • JonThomas

     Lol… why would you conclude that a person is against agriculture just because they are opposed to chemicals? Your agenda is beginning to show. Careful, it will soon become embarrassing…ooops too late.

    Oh, and the black walnuts were delicious this past year. So were the wild pears, apples, black berries, raspberries, dandelion leaves, rose hips, wild onions, hickory nuts…and many other foods of which I did forage ty.

    If keeping people in the dark about what is in their food substitutes for a scientific mind these days, then you only reinforce my decisions in life. You remind me of Dr. Robert Stadler.

  • rgherrin

    Since the Monsanto patents will begin to expire in 2014 and the fact that Asia is an increasing presence in this technology, the issue before the public is trust that there will be nothing harmful in the food chain.  I would like to know where, how, and from what my food is being produced.  I’m sure the labeling would have the same clarity it does now……

  • Medea10

    I believe all GMO food products should be labeled. I should have a choice to buy or not to buy GMO foods. I personally would avoid buying any GMO food or seed.
    Part of the problem is GMO plants cross pollination with non-GMO plants. The resulting plants DNA will indicate it’s a Monsanto product. I’m assuming the farmer could then be sued!
    No corporation should have a patent on a basic need such as food or water.

  • JonThomas

    Whoops, just read an article on yahoo about the FDA spying on, and retaliating against  employees who were whistle blowing about corruption within the agency.

    I better change my previous phrasing.

    Just like anywhere, I am sure there are good people at the FDA, but it seems the Administration of that agency is not acting as good people would and should.

  • Crp1hi

    Yes. GMO food products should be labeled, as should country of origin of all food products. It seems
    That if there is no “Product of USA, label, it likely is not.

  • Therese Meuel

    simply put, yes and no……

  • Mo Brock

    Yes.  No doubt about it.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely.  It is scandalous that only 26 senators voted in favor of labeling.  Whose interests were they defending, I wonder?  Not ours.  We should have a right to know whether our food is organic or not, so those of us who have studied the matter can avoid anything GMO.  Thank you for doing a show on this topic.  I do my best to avoid any foods that are genetically modified.

  • Msmarshas

    Yes there should be full info about what is in our food. AND, the danger of GMO’s has been greatly understated. Who can be against disclosure and who can be in favor of industrial farming. Eat Local, be happy.

  • Annette

    Yes of course GMO food products should be labeled.How else can we be informed consumers.
    And,no ,I would not buy it

  • Daniel Chilton

    Label for sure!

  • Sal Mangaigli

    why of course GMO’s should be labeled. For one thing they should be paying us to be in their health study to see the side effects of eating these frankenfoods. We , mostly parents maybe are reading labels for dye, additives, preservatives sweeteners and other aproved chemicals that we do not want our children eating. Now when it comes to genetically altering the foods dna, or adding unnatural qualities like pesticides and other poisons well of course we do not want to eat or feed our children this crap.

  • Cheryl

    Yes, of course. We need to be able to have a fighting chance against the corporations. I am able to buy my food at a food coop so I don’t have to worry. They don’t buy GMO foods, but I hate to shop at grocery stores because I understand now that most food is genetically modified. 

  • B York

     GM food products should
    definitely be labeled….so we can avoid eating them. Plus, how can we
    call this a free country if most people want GMO’s labeled, but the
    government ignores us and our interests and basically just tells us to
    “shut up and eat what we tell you to eat.” Outrageous!

  • Rcoutme

    Without any doubt, GM foods should be labeled.  One quickie proof:  if one were to graft a peanut gene into corn (just an example), those allergic to peanuts could be killed.  Case closed.

  • Cheryl

    But, how do you know? W/o labels you are a sitting duck. For shame on all of the rest of the Senators. We do have an oligarchy, don’t we? The corporations run our govenment. We need money out of politics so that we can have people who are supposed to work for us, actually work for us!

  • mem_somerville

     All farming involves pest plant killing and growth restriction, to emphasize the species you want to grow.

    Of course, there’s use of chemicals in organic farming too. They just get a pass because people clap their hand and pretend they aren’t chemicals.

    It is cute to see people pretend that though.

  • Granmasooz

    If GMOs are so safe for us, why isn’t Monsanto publishing the research all over the place and proudly labeling every item they can, “NEW, NOW GMO ENHANCED!!!!!”?

  • Cheryl

    Good point! How in the world are these corporations, a large part of the 1%.  going to keep taking money from us, the 99%? You are right! We ought not to be so selfish. On the other hand, IF GMO food is bad for us as we think that it is, then we will die and not be able to eat their poisonous food and they will not have any customers or workers. Hmmm. “Tis a puzzlement!” 

  • Lazylb

    We need to know as much as possible about the food we eat, YES we need GMO labels and I want country of Origin labels on our meat! All meat imported into the United States carries a USDA inspection label.  We need a Born and raised in the United States Label!! 

  • mem_somerville

     Ah, of course, revert to conspiracy.

    And I’m sorry if you dislike the science perspective. But that’s the side I’m on. Evidence-based labels, not mandated based on philosophical positions.

    I get that you hate the business models. But that’s not the same thing as scientific evidence.

  • Nedra Moore

    Yes, GM foods should definitely be labeled as such to give us a choice in purchasing.  And, though I’m not surprised, Congress voted down a proposal to give GM foods identifying labels!  

  • Donna Phillips

    Anytime GMO products are used they should be labeled.  

  • GranthamT

    Yes they should be labeled . . . so I don’t eat them!

  • Huicos4

    Yes, GMO foods should be CLEARLY labeled! As we are aware of where our foods are imported from, their nutritional content and all the other labeling we should also know if  the food has been genetically modified/created.

  • Wynnemt

    All GMO foods should absolutely be labeled. People should be informed so that they can make their own choice about what they eat.

  • Amironchuk

    We are all GM thats what makes us unique…nevertheless I would choose not to eat GM foods if possible

  • Skirchner

    YES!! Labeling should be mandatory when using GMO ingredients !!

  • Paintsongs

    I absolutely believe that all products that are GMO must be labeled. 
     The top of our list right now is: Staying Healthy!  We must.  For ourselves, our children and for the ones we care for.  We must make it a “Patriotic Point: Staying Healthy for America and for our future”.
       GMO food – is monsterous!  It causes something like 40 illnesses, says Dr. Arpad Pusztai and Dr. Mae-Won Ho.  It causes Reproductive problems:  infertiliy, premature delivery and death of babies, bleeding stomachs, cancer of the intestines and liver….and neurological damage……..This was also said by Dr. David Schubert at the SALK Institute.
    Dr. Todd Gaines at the Colrado State University at Ft. Collins also backs these illnesses up – plus the use of AGENT ORANGE…one more product made by Monsanto.
      Thank you Mr Moyers for your show with Vandana Shiva.
    My heart goes out to India and to her.  Listening to the show just made me so very sad – then FURIOUS at the injustice! 
    We – everyone here who care – I beg of you to help teach and inspire people, in your life,  to make an issue of GMO foods. Only the voice of The People – raise it up to make a change.
    Anyone know of another Martin Luther King?  Another Gandhi?
         Stay healthy!  Preventing Illness – is Patriotic!  Taking a stand against anything that can harm our health – is Patriotic.

  • Shoshanna Mashiach

    Yes they should be labeled and no I wouldn’t eat them.

  • Geri B

    Absolutely!! And, no I would not buy them.

  • Aragorn

    There are too many unknowns about GM foods.  I choose not to put such things in my body, but I can only do that if they’re clearly labeled as such.  I wouldn’t buy food that I knew had GM ingredients…which is probably pretty common.  That’s why the GM food industry is fighting labeling.  

  • Jomabuss

    yes the food needs to be labeled and no I would not purchase it.

    I think a lot of folks would though look at cigarettes and their labels or medications and the warnings. People are desensitized now. So label them already for the rest of us.

  • Drut4

    I think that GM foods should be labeled.  If labeled as such I would not buy them.

  • Sparrow

    Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that all foods should be labeled.  Because genetically modified seed is often modified to be “Round-up Ready”, crops can be saturated with both insecticides and herbicides which are harmful to not only the insects and weeds that are being pois0ned but to the soil, waterways, people and all life.  I do not knowingly purchase or eat foods that have GMOs.  It’s time for people to begin growing their own food, as much as possible, or purchasing their food from local farmers and farmers’ markets so that we know what we’re eating.

  • Junkmail392

    Yes, labeling is absolutely a must!  I feel much safer eating in Europe because of the standards imposed vs. what happens here in the US.

  • Sandra

    Yes, I believe they should be labeled but I truly think that we’ve been eating this kind of food for quite some time now.  Monsanto, Pioneer Hybrid and all the big ag engineering groups are in it for the money.  Just look at the World Food Prize……Bourlage was way into it which is why Frank Codaro is planning on protesting it.  Check out Frank online.

  • Elainesinniger

    I absolutely think they should be labelled, if not outlawed outright. No, I would not buy them: I try to avoid them now.

  • Lizart9

    Of course GMO should be labeled, (preferably with a skull and crossbones….) but there would still be room for deception and error.  Grow your own organic produce,  support local, small farmers, buy at local markets.  Know where your food comes from, and who grew it.  Don’t buy processed, highly packaged foods. This is the surest way to avoid GMO food, and beat the corporate food machine.  Yes, these are big adjustments, but the alternative is already having disastrous consequences.  If the companies that sell these Frankenfoods aren’t going to label them, maybe we need a movement of millions to put our own stickers on anything that is suspect.  We can do the labeling ourselves!

  • Nina

    Yes. Label please!!!!! We deserve to know what we consume .

  • JonThomas

     This really isn’t going anywhere.

    I actually do appreciate the perspective that comes from OBJECTIVE science and scientists.

    As I said in a few different comments, products like “Roundup” have been scientifically proven to cause damage to the environment.

    Please do not try to obscure and deride the beliefs of many of us who just want to be informed of what is in our food, how it is grown, and if it has been genetically modified.

    To want labels informing us of GMO ingredients is not just a “philosophic position.”

    Again, the use of GMO products has been proven to cause damage. We have every right to make informed choices based upon Government mandated disclosure in labeling.

  • LennyA888

    My opinion is that Ms.Vandana Shiva is an erudite ludite. When one modifies the DNA of a seed to promote faster growth or build in  pest resistance one should be rewarded and not pilloried.
    When the Jojoba seed was modified the new plant bore fruit in 3 years compared to the normal 5-7 years.
    Monsanto is only one of the many companies involved in trying to improve a seed,
    something nature is also trying to do.

  • Lesismore

    The inroads into diversity of crops aside, I always want to know about the origin and quality of my food. I would not buy GM foods. It’s bad enough that you even have to be vigilant about sourcing your seed for a home garden.

  • Mom_levitt

    Of Course GM foods should be labeled as such. I’ve stopped eating corn because I don’t
    trust it. WE really need a government with principals if we are going to survive as people.

  • Mom_levitt


  • Anisnack


  • Bdsoper

    Yes, it should be labeled and NO I would not buy it if I could avoid it.

  • Judenisa

    Yes, GMO food should be labled, then…Choose organic!

  • Christine

    Yes GMO foods should be labeled.  I do not choose to eat them and want to know what is in the food I eat.   I find it frustrating that instead of using science to work with nature we instead work to replace it.  Too often it feels that big business uses science to create a false need in order to generate  profit.     

  • Anonymous

    Yes to labeling. Why are they fighting against truth in labeling if as they say, everything is safe?

  • Sharon Buehler

    They should be labeled and I would buy them.

  • Martyk

    GMOs should be labeled. I would not eat them. We have no idea what genetically modified organisms do to our bodies or what growing them does to the environment.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they should be labeled.  I was appalled that Congress failed to put GMO labeling in the farm bill, but I wasn’t surprised.  Those in government are much more likely to do what is in the interest of big corporations, big pharma, big agra, banks, and other big contributors instead of what’s right for the American people.  No, I wouldn’t buy them.  The FDA, led by a former and future Monsanto executive, deemed that no testing of GMO products was necessary, so the testing will be done over the next decades by those who eat this food.

  • Barbara Walton

    Yes! ABSOLUTELY….they should be labeled.  I would ABSOLUTELY NOT buy them.
    Consumers need to be given a choice. I choose NO to GMO. Wouldn’t you want the best to feed to your loved ones?

  • Patty Bowers

    ABSOLUTELY, as a warning to those who know about the consequences to our health and the planet.  It’s DISASTEROUS.  If u think cancer is high, just wait….  But I feel big corporate America Monsanto will be able to BUY votes to NOT label their foods.  Already 80+%  of all foods are GMO.  Grow your own or buy from your local organic growers if u want a chance to stay healthy.

  • Julie

    They ought to be labeled.  I always read labels.  If I don’t know what’s in it, I won’t eat it.  That’s it.

  • Pbowers7777

    Those who have nothing to hide, HIDE NOTHING!
    I do not want Roundup genes and pig genes in my foods!

  • Jeanniemaria Barbour

    yes the food should be labeled and I have the right to not buy foods I do not
    feel safe about eating.  I also want TASTE from my foods.  I want to teach my
    grandchildren to be able to Spit watermelon seeds.

  • Patty Bowers

    Their plan is to own and control ALL THE SEEDS in the world.  Can u imagione what a nightmare that will turn into?  Not to mention to our health and the planet….

  • Ranitameya Dendrobiteme

    Yes,  they should be required to bear a label.  Consumers have the right to be informed about their options.  No, I would not knowingly purchase ANY Monsanto product.  I hope that someday they are actually held accountable for all of the poison they have spread around in the name of profit.

  • Laura Klein

    I can’t even believe this is seriously questioned! Of course they should be labelled. We deserve the right to control our own diets at least to this degree. Allowing corporate interests like Monsanto to decide this as they are doing by threatening to sue anyone who challenges their authority is simply yielding to complete corporatism–also known as fascism. Wake up!

  • docksider

    The bigger question is why is it not being labeled. Our clothing is labeled, our shampoos, cosmetics, cleaners, etc. are all labeled. Why do we not have the right to know? If it is such a good deal for farmers, wouldn’t GM companies want to shout if from the rooftops so that consumers would get as excited about it as they are? If there is no problem, they have nothing to lose by labeling.

  • Wdoc

    They should be labelled, definitly and fully!

  • Karen

    Certainly GMO foods should be labeled.  And it is insulting that our representatives expect us to accept big ag’s argument that consumers should be protected from such basic information about the food we eat.  I would try to avoid it, and if I couldn’t, I would eat less of it.  I am already steering away from non-organic wheat, soy and corn products in an attempt to avoid GMOs, and only buy canola oil that is 3rd party verified not to contain GMOs.

  • Patty Bowers

    And u don’t want them growing up w/ cancer from eating GMO foods!

  • Patty Bowers


  • Ardnas1939

    Yes, without quibbling, all GMO foods should be labeled as such. My husband and I attempt to grow as much food as possible in our 300 square foot raised bed garden so that we can control what we are eating. No, we can’t grow it all, but what we eat is vastly superior to what we can purchase. Thankfully we have access to a fine organic food market and a few “greenwise” super-markets in our city. We can actually taste our tomatoes instead of eating those “fresh from Florida” gassed cotton balls that contribute only a bit of color to a plate. Try making your own bread as our family does, having been spoiled by eating in Europe for years. No nation that cannot produce delicious tomatoes and flavorful bread should be allowed to tell other nations what they should be doing. 

  • Patty Bowers

    People donn’t really understand the depth of this nightmare and what it means to our health and the planet and that Monsanto plans to OWN al the seeds in the world.  That means they will have the power to starve out people and they r already sueing small farmers and organic farmers, who can’t afford to fight them in court.  Read  HARVEST FOR HOPE by   JANE GOODALL.  We allneed to get smart so we can ACT against this corporate nightmare and greed.

  • Terri

    The more I read and learn about the state of our food supply in America, including GMOs, the more I get scared to hell.

  • Zebadger63

    Yes, they should be labeled, no I would not buy them!

  • LB

    If GMO’s are so great, you would think Monsanto would be more than happy to label products containing them. So what’s up, Monsanto? 

  • Diona

    All food should be completely labeled that includes all harmful chemicals and if it has GMO ingredients. I REFUSE to buy any product known to contain GMO’s. Monsanto should be shut down for ever.

  • Diona
    Read this

  • BJM

    The Senate is JOKE, and it would be funny except the joke is on us.
    If the GM foods are so frigging safe, then label them. 

  • Leon Morton

    Label GMO and Country of origin and producing company,And no,no GMO for me
    SOLE food..Sustainable,Organic,Local,Ethical !!

  • MAB

    I sent an email to Monsanto asking them to label their products, if enough people do it they may pay attention….

  • Kenknobler

    Yes, we should be aware and wary of any prepared foods. Try to shop on the perimeter of grocery stores where the real, unprepared foods are or better yet buy locally grown commodities at local markets.

  • jk

    GE/GMO’s should be BANNED. The cross contamination and death of neighborhing crops & then Monsanto threatening to sue the farmers of the contaminated crops is outrageous. Not to mention the health and environmental concerns. BAN Them. At the very LEAST: Label Them.
    And Thank  you  Mr.Moyers for giving us a voice. Most of us feel unheard and unrepresented.

  • Norton Kristen

    Yes, absolutely, they should be labeled. I would not buy them, and  seed should NOT be genetically modified or patented.

  • Bpek

    absolutely ,every product we use whether we eat it,drink it or build our homes w/it,etc we have a right to know what’s in it and where it came from…..If you need to hide what’s in your products you are up to no good….

  • Bpek

    and no I wouldn’t buy GMO’s…..

  • 2thumsup

    I would not buy any product that had any type of GMO.  I think that is why they are afraid to lable the products with GMO’s, people would not buy them

  • RexRay

    They should be labeled, and no, I would not buy them! Nor, do I suspect, would a majority of the population. Hopefully, they would then “wither on the vine” and die out, so to speak.

  • Bonnie Myers

    Yes *absolutely* all GMOs should be labeled. We buy “Non GMO Verified”  as much as possible. This includes a 200 round trip to a health food co-op that does it’s homework and buys only non-
    GMO foods. I hope people realize that corporate green washed chain stores such as Whole Foods carry GMO foods. The GMO infiltration is deep, wide, and I believe dangerous in our country.
    We need to draw attention to and support the California “Right to Know Label GMO”  initiative upcoming in the November election.  The Institute for Responsible Technology, The Non GMO Project, Millions Against Monsanto, Organic Consumers Association, and many more groups are working for the labeling of GMOs. Labeling is the first step.

  • Catherine Mason

    I have no problem with gmo foods as such.  The real problem seems to be what Monsanto is doing to the food industry because of them.  Genes should not be patentable.

  • EC94060

    very doubtful that they will, considering what they have done NOT to label or have any conclusive tests PUBLISHED regarding the health effects of GMO’S since their inception in the late 90’s. But you’re right, its worth a shot

  • Arsailman1

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with the food. The problem I have is Monsanto’s bullying of every farmer, everywhere, to use their seeds…

  • Anonymous

    I applaud your effort but there’s no way Monsanto will pay attention.

    I’d like to personally thank them for the one of the largest superfund sites. The one that led to my best friend’s death after an 8 year battle with leukemia.

  • EC94060

    I am hearing that you do not care for ms Shiva, and that you are thrilled that a multinational company wants to take over ALL control of our seed supply,  globally ridding us of diversified breeds and suppressing all collecting of heritage seed.  But, what you are really saying is that you don’t care what is in your food, and further don’t care if others DO want to know what is in their food? Correct? You also don’t care that no unbiased testing has been done,  and we are being used as human guinea pigs? Correct?

    Ask yourself this; if Genetically Engineered foods are so great and so “superior”, then why doesn’t Monsanto and the others want it clearly labeled?  

  • Pat

    It depends on the genetic modifications. If they are genetically modified to add, say Vitamin D, or other useful vitamins and were labeled as such, then I probably will.

  • Debbie

    Yes! GM foods should be labeled. We all need to know what is in our food and where it comes from. NO, I will not consume GM foods…I suppose that’s a problem and more reason for coverup.

  • EC94060

    I cannot understand why We the People have to demand this in the form of a ballot initiative because we cannot count on our government to act in the public’s best interest ON THEIR OWN. They are too busy counting the monies they have accepted in lieu of any/all morals they SHOULD have as elected officials. Thank God I live in a state that has the ballot initiative process however, as some states are not given that luxury. 

    yes, ABSOLUTELY, all genetically engineered food should be labeled. Period.  VOTE YES ON PROP 37 California Ballot Initiative to Label GMO foods on our Grocery Store Shelves. 

  • Sustainability

    Frankly, we should take down Monsanto. As Vandana Shiva has pointed out, at what point do we continue to let a corporation patent and effectively own our food source? The implications are frightening and yet this is what is happening. It is sheer madness that a corporation with an agenda to own Mother Nature is allowed to persist.

  • Houlihan

    It’s insane that Monsanto could patent a life form. I want GMO labeling so I can boycott all Monsanto products, not only because someday we may find GMO products harm us, but because of the economic harm Monsanto has done so many small farmers. Besides, crops should be grown as nature intended, not as Monsanto labs decide. 

  • Jkferris

    GMO foods need labelling. It drive me crazy that I wander into a health food store to by vitamin supplements and have to struggle mightily to find those supplements that are labeled GMO free. Soy lecithin is in everything and it is GMO! Corn starch is in so many supplements and you bet it is GMO. Even the “organic” chocolate has non-organic lecithin — but you have to carefully read the ingredients list to pick-up on that one. Most Vitamin C is manufactured by GMO bacteria used to speed-up production!

    GMO’s have NOT been proven safe for human consumption. Research on animals and humans, which is not industry funded, show disturbing evidence of impacts (dysregulation) of our immune system and fertility. Industry works hard to help defund these independent research projects and works hard to keep these reports out of the media. Would certainly hurt their shareholder’s profits!

  • Bruthmat

    Yes,  I want the labeling clearly on the package….  consumers should not have to go through what Jkferris described below.  I am a farmer’s daughter…  I shop and read labels carefully for health and environmental reasons. 

  • Oratrix6

    Absolutely, LABEL!

  • Mikebarnes60

    Bill, this is insane. We have been 
    genetically modifying our food for many centuries .

  • Bob Branstrom

    Of course they should be labeled. There are so many reasons we need to know whether we are eating this stuff. And, yes, this would help me reduce my consumption of them.

  • Dshembach

    I would love them to be labeled.
    No, I would not buy them.
    The impact on the body, long term, has not been tested.

  • Minerva-aries

    They should be labeled and in order to consider buying them they will have to explain exactly what was done to them.

  • Roots In Quicksand

    Despite the insistence by Monsanto and others that genetically modified organisms are safe, the data from independent scientists has long shown serious problems with the technology. 
    These pieces were written in 1999.

  • Bvbklyn

    gmf must be labeled.  I never eat processed foods of any kind.

  • Kendra Banks


  • Cndwynia

    Yes, they should be labeled and no, I would not buy them. I also don’t want animal products that have been treated with hormones or antibiotics, or that come from caged animals.

  • Smilestandard

    How can there be a free market without freedom of information?   Requiring GMO’s to be labelled would at least give consumers an opportunity to choose what foods they are eating.  Add it to the top of the nutrition label, how  hard can it be?  Let’s make sure this includes labeling meat and dairy products if the animals were fed GMO grains’

  • Mia

    ABSOLUTELY they should be labeled.  Genetically Modified Foods in todays US food supply are not hybrid/cross pollination or grafted plants.  They are lab created organisms that this world has not seen before.  DNA from one species, spliced with sections of DNA from another unrelated species (sometimes viruses or animals), and programmed to multiply into each cell of the new seed.   In some cases corn that produces its own pesticide. In nature the pesticide is sprayed topically onto the plant and then is washed off during watering or food preparation.  In GMO corn, every cell of that plant produces pesticide that cannot be washed off.  

    ABSOLUTELY they should be labeled.  It will give the people a choice to buy them, as genetically modified foods have been grandfathered into our food supply without long term safety testing.  When testing IS done, it is paid for by the people who profit (an FDA norm to have the production companies test their own products), so naturally it will be called safe.  Independant studies and incidents around the World have proven otherwise.   I avoid buying them now whenever I can, such as anything with ground corn, canola oil, and soy.

  • Mia

    I said “in nature” pesticides are sprayed topically.  What I meant is that in traditional farming practices. 

  • Tiajuanatilly

    Of course they should be labeled . And Monsanto to needs to be stopped once and for all . Too many senators and congressmen receive donations from them and vote accordingly regardless of new studies showing the inherent dangers to health and soil. Eating organic is our only way to protect ourselves’ and even the definition organic is being polluted. Please help support California’s GMO Labeling Act on the ballot in November; as goes California so goes the nation. He who controls the seeds controls the world.

  • Nmoore9017

    This should not even be a question that we have to ask in this country.  Of course they should be labeled.  The majority of the people have no idea what genetically modified foods are and that they are consuming them unknowingly.  I always choose NOT to eat genetically modified anything and buy as much organic food as possible.  Of course with Monsanto’s money and power in our political system, they have already created damage that will be almost impossible to correct and change in our existing food system.  BRING MONSANTO DOWN!!!

  • Anonymous

    @Cheryl, That’s the beauty of the system!  There will always be replacements for the 99%.  Polluted air, toxic water, impure foods and drugs tend to weed out the bottom of the 99%.  This, as they say, raises all boats!  It simply makes for a richer environment for the 1% to exploit.  Works for everybody!

  • LJH

    My sentiments exactly. Because of cross contamination we can’t protect ourselves from GMO’s or Monsanto lawsuits, but labeling is a good first step. This is such a hugely important issue, affecting our health, environment, and the future of our food, yet most people are not even aware of it, or don’t understand the difference between hybridizing and genetically-modifying. Now, we have the collapse of honey bee colonies, poisoning of cows with GM grass, contamination of all American corn, increasing health and learning problem linked to pesticides and GMO’s…I’d like to see President Obama fire Secretary Vilsak and appoint someone who will protect our food integrity. I’m thinking of Will Allen of Growing Power. What do you think?

  • Pamela Dunlap

    I agree with the Europeans, all GM foods should be labeled. As with all the foods, I should have a say in what I consume.

  • Nancymanyhats

    All food should be labeled. We should know about seeds, fertilizer, anything and everything that is natural and unnatural. GMO is frightening. Listening to your program yesterday and heaing how involved the US government is involved in protecting Monsanto is terrifying. The future looks bleak. Monsanto is determined to destroy this planet and the inhabitants on it as we know it. I want to select what I am consuming, breathing, wearing, hearing, etc. If we can’t, we are no longer free.

  • Bill Miller

    So, maybe we should lable the spontaneous mutations that occur constantly in our food sources?We would then hve to have standards for foods unmodified by man OR nature.

    I would not object to a lable, but I certaintly support better crops to feed the burgeoning world population and reducing the possbility of crop failure. I’d try to eat what is best for me.

  • Nancymanyhats

    This stuff spreads and comingles with organic accidentally.  In France, they don’t allow GMO farming; and yet, some GMO seeds fell off a truck and spread their damage in farmers’ fields. Things happen.

  • JonThomas

    Earlier there were comments about letter writing. Of all the people and groups to write to… Monsanto, legislators, the FDA…it seems to me that one of the most reactive might be the product makers themselves.

    Until there are labels, products which contain any soy or corn are fairly good places to start.

    Ask if they do use GMO ingredients and if they do, ask them to stop.

    Remember, until the swing goes back to non-GMO plants, you/we may have to pay a bit more for natural products.

  • El

    Bad News–You’ve been reading Big Biotech’s Big Lies. Monsanto and
    other chemical companies promised us FEWER chemicals with their genetically
    tinkered crops. Instead, research from an alliance of
    environmental groups has found that the
    switch to GM crops has led to an
    extra 318 million pounds of pesticides
    being used by farmers to fight off the superweeds and superpests engendered by
    this reckless, infant science.  The herbicide glyphosate ties up minerals in
    the soil, making them unavailable to crops; encourages the growth of the fungus
    fusarium which kills healthy soil microorganisms; and robs our foods of their
    full nutrition.  Who hasn’t read that
    foods today are less nutritious?
     As to the article in Nature, please
    don’t be so quick to believe everything in science periodicals. Big Biotech now
    funds much of the research at our universities, controlling whether its
    patented seeds can be studied and if study results will be published.  How could anything but glowing reports come
    out of such a system?  News of new GMOs is never good news. I think it
    likely you are a shill for Monsanto, but here’s some good advice for you anyway:  If you want healthy oils, forget another GM
    crop dripping in toxins. Instead buy some salmon or walnuts…but do so before Big
    Biotech genetically corrupts them too. YES on PROP 37.


  • LJH

    Mike, for thousands of years farmers have selectively bred and hybridized crops for taste and vigor. That is what is being lost and is very different than genetic modification and patent of organisms. When a crop is bred for a certain environment, it yields with less fertilizer and pests, because it is well adapted. Selective breeding creates diversity which helps prevent disease and collapse, such as what happened with the Irish potato famine. GM seed creates monoculture, which leads to increased harvest in the short term, but lower yields and increased pests soon thereafter. Superweeds and increased pesticide use are the consequence. GM seed also cross pollinates with other crops, Monsanto traces that gene and sues anyone who saves that seed. They even sued a farmer who merely owned seed saving equipment. But you are free to save any seed from a selectively bred fruit, and plant it yourself. Read more by googling, Vanity Fair’s article, “Harvest of Fear,” and watch PBS Wide Angle’s “The Dying Field.”

  • Georgia_squires

    Yes, food should be labeled.  I would not buy GMO labeled foods.

  • Bherrick77

    I don’t believe we should have to chose between unadulterated food and gmo food.  If people really think about the cost of food, they may choose the good stuff.  As for expensive, that is correct.  I take care of that by eliminating 1 movie each month.

  • Judygranny

     Spontaneous mutations don’t involve wildly separate species like bacteria and grasses or fish and tomatoes.  The GMOs have not been shown to outproduce heirloom varieties over time, and are destructive to our soils and our health.

  • ItsJustMe

    Wrong….people have NEVER used gene guns and electric shocks to damage the DNA of two separate species to force them together in a way that CANNOT occur in nature. 

  • ItsJustMe

    You know that’s TOTAL BS. There is a huge difference between a natural mutation and a person in a lab using a gene gun to force two separate species together, and furthermore, there are no patents on natural mutations that threaten to take away our food sovereignty through aggressive, abusive, IP laws. 

    And the only thing GMOs have brought more of is superbugs, superweeds and tons more pesticides. 

    Union of Concerned Scientists put out this report a few years ago, proving that GMOs don’t produce more food:

    Also over 400 scientists at the UN advised agro-ecological was the best way to ensure food security. 

    And beyond that, also from the UN, there’s enough food on the planet to make every man, woman and child chubby.

    The biggest problem is distribution and the fact that the very ones who claim they want to “feed the world” (A chemical corporation wants to feed the world ? Yeah, right) are participating in 3rd World land grabs and kicking off the people who feed themselves just fine from their land.

    The only problem biotechs saw were the ability to save seeds and feed one’s self and family for little to no cost.  

  • ItsJustMe

    Exactly!!! As much as the health implications scare me, this scares me more. Imagine total corporate control of the food supply at the hands of just one or two companies…there will be no “falling off the grid” because Monsanto will own it. There needs to be more attention paid to this particular facet. 

  • sheila

    YES, ALL GMO foods must always be labelled – NO, I would never  to my knowledge purchase them!

    I am a Holistic Practitioner specializing in Nutrition :>)

  • Bojettt

    GM Food must be labeled and consumers given the choice.   We are what we eat, and it has been long proven that corporations do not look out for our health, but for their own bottom line.   Remember, “smoking is good for you”…

  • Piratelanford

    The owners of GMO seeds are the Gestapo of farming.

  • Gattrell

    All GM food should be labeled. It is only fair to allow people to choose what they want to eat and what they prefer to spend their money on. I already don’t buy GM foods. I buy organics, and it is expensive, but without labels, I have no choice if I want to avoid GMO’s. I don’t trust GMO foods from an environmental, health or ethical point of view. I would do nothing to support Monsanto if given a choice.

  • Southern Oregonian

    Yes, they should be labeled.  No, I would not buy them.  I do not willingly offer myself and my family as a test case for the food industry to discover whether or not there are health ramifications for eating GM foods, which I suspect there are.  I condemn the FDA for not requiring testing before marketing, and for not heeding millions of requests from citizens to make sure we have labeling.

    My fellow countrymen have, for the most part, been bamboozled by marketing into believing that their health interests are taken care of by food producers and government agencies.  It makes those of us who use good old fashioned common sense, and who heed follow-up scientific data, look like kooks when we adamantly oppose dangerous food additives like aspartame, or denatured foods that are chemically ‘enriched’ with support from our government in collaboration with Big Business.

    Even if I can’t always purchase organic products, when I go to the dairy section, I always select Tillamook products as opposed to other commercial brands.  Tillamook states on their label “our dairy products are made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. (Please note that the FDA has stated that no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated and non-rBST treated cows.)”  The fact that they are required by law to include this FDA statement is a scandal.  The FDA should be educating us about the dangers of eating such foods, not helping us pretend they are not a problem.

  • Julia_coriaty

    Food Labels definitely should be labeled whether GMO or not, land no, I would not buy the product if it was GMO.
    I lhave so many allergies to food, soaps and this would just be another relevant issue to avoid.  As it stands now, I am prohibited from eating so many foods due to allergies that this would just about rule out food for me since animals eatiing GMO grain, would have the DNA attached to their meat, milk, cheese, etc.
    This is a very important issue and has many impacts on health issues foreverk.  Once you have this GMO processed seeds, how will we tell what we are eating is free of it?  Wind, insects and humans would propagate the seeds where they do not belong.   

  • MaryB

    As a start – GMO foods need to be labeled. And I would not buy them. But the real issue is how do we get rid of Monsanto and the other corporate raiders who are trying to control the food supply?

  • Lindadaleh

    Yes, if there were labeling and widespread scientific information regarding GMO foods, the masses would not eat it.   This is exactly why greedy Monsanto is so against freedom of information and they institute  strategies to hijack seeds from nature away from farmers.   This monopoly of our world food system is an outrage.  Every human on this planet needs to know what’s going on and hold our political leaders accountable and fast.  It’s mind blowing that the people we elected to have the majority’s best interest at the forefront, have issue after issue given way to self promotion and greed!!!!     The good news is that each of us, one by one by one, can be the energy of change, that leads to collective change.  Get involved.  Educate others using your best skill sets.  Let your governments know how you feel about loosing freedom over your food choices and your health.  Don’t vote for politicans that support GMO practices. Vote at the supermarket and don’t buy nonorganic and processed foods.  Buy from local organic farmers and co ops, if you can.  Consider a private or community garden.    All of us have good ideas for change and can help each other stay motivated for change……Healthy food is a fundamental right we can not afford to loose.   

  • Carmen Kotting

    GMO Foods should be labeled, and, no I wouldn’t buy any, but Iwant the assurance that what I am buying is free of genetic manipulation.

  • Erika

    GMO’s should be banned, but in lieu of that GMO’s should absolutely be labeled.  People have a right to know what they are putting in their bodies and a right to know what kind of environmental and social impact is involved in the production and politics of food.

  • Philip Gower

    What are they hiding?? I may or may not choose to use GMOs but these actions make me very suspicious !!  Also my relatives tell me the seed maker (Monsano ) has dealt with small farmers in very cruel ways over “infringing” on their patents.  Philip Gower, MSN

  • El

    Oops…organic, not natural, JonThomas! This was all over the net a while back:  Kashi’s “All Natural” GoLean cereal was tested by the Cornucopia Institute and its soy found to be 100% GM soy. Incredibly, Kellogg’s Kashi tried to act the innocent victim and blame in on pollen drift. Really, 100% GM from pollen drift?!! No one bought it. Our supermarkets are brimming with GE crops masquerading as “natural.” JonThomas, if you are on Facebook, please join GMO Free USA. We’re going to write all those product makers and let them know what we think of their selling food with manipulated DNA as “natural.” Corporations have corrupted the word “natural” as surely as they have corrupted our good food. We must have reliable labeling. Californians, YES on PROP 37!  

  • Feelingood56

    Absolutley they should be banned and at least labled…if labled folks would not buy them..Look at the increase in cancer especially brain cancer…and the young of animals who are sterile after a generation to two of eating the poison called GMO foods. Over 50 per cent of us would not buy the junk foods. Watch the labels..corn syrup is in almost everything and its GMO for the most part.
    Folks need to rally and do something

  • El

    Same problem here. I thought I was eating an all non-GMO and organic until I discovered GMOs lurking in my supplements from the health food store, of all places. Now, I read GM coffee in in the works. The devil never sleeps! We must have reliable labeling so that we can vote non-GMO with our pocketbooks. Californians, YES on PROP 37!

  • JonThomas

     Thank you El.It never ceases to amaze me how language is co-opted. I suppose however, that proper denotation is important. Thank you for the invitation, but I don’t use Facebook, nor do I use twitter. I find both to be annoying.  Perhaps some day I will change my mind, they are a great way to organize.  I wrote Boca this morning. I tried to write Morningstar farms, but their contact page seems “broken.” The “submit” button didn’t work . I went through a link to Kelloggs and that didn’t work either…I found that interesting.Keep up the good work El.

  • El

    Not only persist, but be actively SUPPORTED by our government. Obama’s Whitehouse pressured the USDA to speed up deregulation of the GE alfalfa whose inevitable spread threatens all organic meats and dairy products. And GE alfalfa isn’t even necessary. Alfalfa naturally suppresses weeds without being drenched in chemicals which ruin the health of our soils, spur the spread of superweeds and superpests, and damage our health and environment.  All so Big Biotech can make a buck off Mother Nature.
    Sheer madness indeed!

  • El

    Folks, I meant to say Buy organic OR NON-GMO…and avoid deceptive “naturals.”     JonThomas, I thought I might have been the last holdout on earth against joining Facebook! Just wait till your out-of-state relatives insist on your joining so that they can send you pictures of the kids’ graduations without printing them up! (I entered very little info on my page. I like my privacy.) But until you succomb to the inevitable and join, I think it is VERY VALUABLE that you are contacting these companies on your own. I do so myself all the time. Back in the days of snail mail, I read that companies consider each unsolicited letter they receive indicative of what 100 other customers also are thinking. Thanks a hundred times, JonThomas! 

  • El

    Biotech is always promising fantastic crops such as a Vitamin A-producing rice that was suppose to cure blindness in poor countries, but a person would have to eat so much of it to get enough Vitamin A, it was useless. But biotech got a lot of “GMOs will Save the Earth” PR out of this ineffective rice.
    The biotech industry has treated the DNA of organisms as if they were snap-together toys.
    Just snap the DNA apart at some point and insert a wonderous foreign gene from a different organism, usually a bacterium. But DNA in reality has proven to be incredibly complex! Change one section by inserting a foreign gene, and it may create unexpected changes throughout the DNA, creating too few or too many proteins than it otherwise would.  Brand new toxins and allergens that could lead to cancers also may be created. There have been troubling cases of lab animals fed GMOs becoming sterile by the third or fourth generation and of hogs delivering bags of water instead of piglets. And there have NEVER been long-term HUMAN trials of the GMOs already in our food supply; and new GMOs are being rushed to market all the time. Without human trials, who’s to say that this or that cancer wasn’t caused or exacerbated by genetically modified foods? We are completely in the dark.
    This is why so many of us want GMOs labeled. You may choose to continue consuming GMOs, but many of us don’t want to be guinea pigs in the biggest food experiment in human history. YES on PROP 37!

  • Rachael Ludwick

    Sure, let’s go ahead and label, but let’s be honest when we do so.

    The California initiative is being driven by people who depend on consumer ignorance (my own post on the subject). It’s obviously meant to be fear-mongering since it requires labels on the front of the package, rather than more sensibly listed in the ingredients list.

    In general, people are demanding labels not because they have a reasonable sense of the risks and benefits of GMOs, but because they just don’t know what they mean. The issues of safety for human beings is a complete non-issue despite so much hyping about them. The overwhelming majority of studies show no issues for consumption and the few that show problems are usually poorly done studies that weren’t repeated. That there are few to no issues with GM foods specifically is completely unsurprising since in most cases we are modifying or adding the expression of one or maybe two proteins which don’t even affect humans.

    Some claim they don’t like the kind of farming that “goes with” GM crops, but many of those problems happen with non-GM agriciulture. For example, excess application of herbicides happens in conventional agriculture anyway: one reason glyphosate tolerance took off was because it allowed a relatively low-harm herbicide to be used instead of the much more dangerous (to humans and wildlife) herbicides, many of which were become ineffective in some areas due to overuse. There are even some conventionally bred herbicide-tolerance plants now which doesn’t fit with GM being the problem. The first case of resistance to Bt toxin was actually in organic vegetable farming (back in the 90s!), not GM corn or any of the crops grown with Bt trait now. The “problems” with GM agriculture are nothing new and happen regardless of whether we have GM crops or we tediously breed them in a non-transgenic fashion.

    If your concerns with GM are how the crops are grown, then you should be demanding labels for pesticide and herbicide applications, how fertilizers are used, how farm workers are treated, or the estimated carbon emissions of a particular farm. GM is a very poor proxy for these concerns. So, yes, let’s label GMOs, but let’s also try to figure out a way to express to consumers the real impact of their food choices, not just one currently misunderstood technological method.

  • Rachael Ludwick

    Dr. Shiva may have briefly touched on issues related to obesity or diabetes but they couldn’t possibly have anything to do with GM foods. There is no credible scientific evidence that a GM variety of, for example corn, is any more likely to cause health problems than the similar variety it was made from. The most common GM corn on the market (and it’s mostly fed to livestock, not humans anyway), merely expresses a protein that was isolated in a bacteria (bacillus thuringiensis). That protein reacts to another chemical in the gut of some insects and ultimately kills that insect. It has been widely applied to conventional and organic crops for literally decades (it was discovered in the 1920s).  There’s no mechanism by which such a GM crop that expresses that protein could cause obesity or diabetes.

    Claiming that GM crops in general could cause health problems is absurd: every GM crop has a different extra trait. It would be like claiming all food causes health problems. No one would class a papaya the same as corn syrup but that’s exactly what someone claiming all GM crops harm humans are saying.

  • Rachael Ludwick

     Cross-pollination is not nearly so much an issue as you think. Farmers have had to manage it for a very long time: if your neighbor is growing a different breed of the same plant, then you obviously have to manage whether or not it will be a problem to have some cross-pollination and how close your crops can be grown or by choosing a variety by when it flowers. GMO fields planted next to non-GMO fields can be managed similarly.

  • Keysenior

    Absolutely GM products should be labeled.   But I ain’t buying!

  • Rachael Ludwick

     A very similar experiment has already been done! In the 90s someone found a useful gene in a brazil nut and thought it might be useful to put into soy beans. The researchers tried it and found that the resulting crop was allergenic for nuts and decided not to pursue the technology. They got published even, but it never went to market and wouldn’t because they tested for it.

  • Rachael Ludwick

    Modern agriculture (organic included) requires the use of pesticides to obtain high yields. You’re buying crops that were grown with them whether or not it’s labeled and whether or not they are GM. Ask your local farmers what pesticides they apply and I’ll bet you’ll find out a lot.

  • mem_somerville

     Doesn’t this mean we should ban peanuts, and all other allergenic foods? Case closed.

  • Patblove

    Absolutely and absolutely.  What we take into our bodies affects every aspect of our living. No one has the right to genetically alter the food we ingest, and that altering alters even those organisms that are inherently natural. This is not a case of maintaining the improvements that occur with species survival. This alters absolutely and the planting disrupts the natural cycle of other species. How can we not protest! And how can we not see that money, not health, is at the root of this evil? 

  • Radha Vignola

    Yes for labelling, and NO for eating GMOs.  I am so sad for the future of our food supply, and for the future of our planet. 

  • Ojailily

    I demand they be labelled and no I won’t buy them and I have the right to choose.

  • Kate

    Yes, I want the food in my country’s food system to be labeled when it contains GMO.  No, I will not buy it.  Further, I resent that this is about money– risking our population’s health, our food supply and putting our environment in danger.

  • El

    YES, GMOs should be labeled; and NO, I wouldn’t buy them if they were. I already eat only foods labeled non-GMO or organic, so labeling might even add a few more choices for me if the foods were non-GMO.
    Bill Moyer’s interview of Vandana
    Shiva was inspiring. But why has the mainstream media (if I may include PBS) largely ignored the issue of GMOs? Europeans have had GMO labeling for the last decade and a half because their media reported on GMOs from the very beginning while Americans were left to eat in the dark and wonder if this cancer or that might be connected to our diet. Without a single long-term clinical trial of these novel, genetically-tinkered foods, we’re still wondering.Why does our media almost never interview people opposed to GMOs living right here in the United States, such as the Center for Food Safety’s Andrew Kimbrell , Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute, or Pamm Larry of LabelGMOs, to name a few? Where is a close examination of an infant biotech science which transgresses species barriers that evolved over millennia to insert foreign genetic material into the DNA of our food, causing unpredictable changes in DNA expression…all so that seeds can be patented? Where are the hard-hitting documentaries about Biotech’s outsized influence in the FDA, USDA, and EPA? Or the lack of independent university research into its patent-protected seeds.  Why don’t we hear from the few brave scientists who are speaking out about their concerns over GMO’s effects on our health and environment; such as Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, or genetic engineers Michael Antoniou and John Fagan, authors of GMO Myths and Truths. Finally, why isn’t our media looking at the many farm issues related to GMOs: from Monsanto’s predatory lawsuits against farmers; to the emergence of superweeds and superpests that are resulting in the use of more and deadlier chemicals on our foods; to fertility problems in mice and hogs fed GMOs which may signal potential problems in human fertility?While such serious issues about the genetic engineering of OUR FOOD go largely unexamined by our media, Charlie Rose recently interviewed Biotech Promoter Bill Gates and failed to ask a single question about Gates’ financial interest in or controversial support of GMOs. Rose was so deferential to Gates I thought at any moment Rose might fall to his knees and kiss the hem of Gates’ slacks.

    Why does our media almost never interview people opposed to GMOs living right here in the United States, such as the Center for Food Safety’s Andrew Kimbrell , Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute, or Pamm Larry of LabelGMOs, to name a few? Where is a close examination of an infant biotech science which transgresses species barriers that evolved over millennia to insert foreign genetic material into the DNA of our food, causing unpredictable changes in DNA expression…all so that seeds can be patented? Where are the hard-hitting documentaries about Biotech’s outsized influence in the FDA, USDA, and EPA? Or the lack of independent university research into its patent-protected seeds.  Why don’t we hear from the few brave scientists who are speaking out about their concerns over GMO’s effects on our health and environment; such as Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, or genetic engineers Michael Antoniou and John Fagan, authors of GMO Myths and Truths. Finally, why isn’t our media looking at the many farm issues related to GMOs: from Monsanto’s predatory lawsuits against farmers; to the emergence of superweeds and superpests that are resulting in the use of more and deadlier chemicals on our foods; to fertility problems in mice and hogs fed GMOs which may signal potential problems in human fertility?

    While such serious issues about the genetic engineering of OUR FOOD go largely unexamined by our media, Charlie Rose recently interviewed Biotech Promoter Bill Gates and failed to ask a single question about Gates’ financial interest in or controversial support of GMOs. Rose was so deferential to Gates I thought at any moment Rose might fall to his knees and kiss the hem of Gates’ slacks.

  • No’eau

    In Hawaii, the “Label GMO” issue was brought up about 12 times last year and never passed in the State Legislature.   The neighbor island councils outside of Oahu (Maui, Kauai and Big Island) voted “for labeling” — but on Oahu, only one out of 9 council members were “clearly for” Labeling.  The question is. . . why is it so difficult to pass something that seems so obvious.  Why are there not more food producers that make stickers that say “Non-GMO” as a movement?  Why are there so many restaurants that do not make “Non-GMO” menus?  Why is there no label with the list of chemicals that were sprayed on the food (as a disclosure)?  Why does China label and the US does not?  Why is “52% of agriculture” in Hawaii GMO seeds?  Why is there no Frontline investigative report on this?  Why is Dioxin (Agent Orange) being used and the surrounding residents not informed?

  • Cleegnat

    Please people of the world unite against Monsanto and Walmart and big corporations that want a one world seed corporate domination along with a one world bank and a one world government.  This takeover of the people of the world and their freedom of choice is too serious to ignore.  This is about greed, money and power.  George Bush Sr. should be ashamed of himself in the World According to Monsanto video when he says “call us, maybe we can help, we’re in the de-reg (deregulation) business”.  This is a deliberate takeover orchestrated by the Power Elite (Rockerfellers, Rothchilds, ect ) of the world who meet once a year at the Bilderberg Group to set the world’s agenda, and politicians are merely the power elite’s puppets to push big business and big banks and corporations to world domination type power.    People of the world should WAKE UP – the banks and the power elite and the corporations want you as their serfs and guinea pigs (this is also about the culling of the herd and the de-population of the world) – fight back – stop Monsanto – make the real “evil doers” (George W’s phrase) be forced to label EVERY FOOD SOURCE that has anything in it that is Genetically Modified – if it was labeled – no one in their right mind would buy it or put it on their dinner table – and Monsanto would go belly up – contact your Congressman in the US before it’s too late and make them be aware that you MUST know what is in all the food that you buy and labeling is the only way in which to accomplish this transparency. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I think GMO foods should be labled, I truly have a suspicion that GMO foods could be
    part of type 2 diabetes rise, young children getting type 2 diabetes also is something new that is occurring  and child hood obesity along with high blood pressure at a young age.
    I am sure there are other causes  added to GMO foods that play a part, but I believe the
    Corporation’s and the FDA along with Congress… urged by the lobbyists play a big roll in covering up information!!

  • EL

    If you are trying to eat what’s best for you (as you claim), please do some research before you eat another genetically tinkered organism saturated in RR glyphosate herbicide. Glyphosate, designed to be used with GMOs because GMOs are genetically manipulated to withstand this poison, ties up mineral nutrients in the soil, making them unavailable to crops; encourages the growth of the fungus fusarium, which kills off healthy soil microorganisms; and robs our crops of their full nutrition. Surely you’ve heard that foods today aren’t as nutritious as they’ve used to be. Is it any wonder! 
    Also research the human health consequences of downing so much herbicide. Expect to read about fertility problems.

    And before to you parrot Biotech’s absurd claims to feed a growing population (they need SOME reason to get people to eat their genetically contaminated, PATENTED foods), please do as ItsJustMe suggests and read Failure to Yield, a 2009 report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. “Despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialization, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase U.S. crop yields.”
    Here are two articles that address feeding the world:

    Bill, it takes some time and some reading to understand the problems presented by this food created by scientists in labs so that their biotech employers can patent it and make a buck. But its critical to your good health and the health of your children and grandchildren that you do.

  • Sjmcm3

    I’d like to be informed and to have full discosure on safety testing, what the potential hazards are, and what company developed the modification.

  • Scrappe

    One of the key elemants to the”Free Market” is equal access to information. As consumers the public is entitled to know what is in our food. 

  • Tmarie

    We need to label ALL hidden ingredients!  Men’s Health magazine reports in their article   “5 Worst Foods”  that there is titanium dioxide added to our ranch dressing to make it more white!   Titanium dioxide is the same stuff we use to paint our ceilings, containing arsenic, mercury, and lead.  Why don’t we have our cleaning chemicals labeled so we know what’s going down our drains?  Because we wouldn’t buy these products, that are killing our people and destroying the environment.
    When they develop a genetically modified crop that is pest resistant, it means pests won’t eat it because it no longer sustains life.  Hello!

  • EL


    Sorry, I don’t know of any other way to reach you, Webmaster:

    When I know I have more to say than just a quick sentence, I’ll first write my comment in Word where I can spellcheck and find that “perfect” adjective in the thesaurus. I did that in an earlier post on this site, but it came in all jumbled up when I posted it. Perhaps it was just some glitch, but if this is something your site is causing to discourage copying and pasting…

    1. Please let commenters paste their comments without removing from or adding to the spacing between words and paragraphs.

    To prevent my post above from also getting jumbled up as did my earlier post, I tried
    to paste some parts of it and type other parts and apparently screwed it up…What a mess! It comes to the end (Rose interviewing Gates) and then starts repeating stuff.  I realized the goof the moment I posted it, but there was no way to delete it or edit it. So…

    2. Please offer commenters a window of time, however short, in which to edit or delete posts that have problems.

    Finally, am the only one who has difficulty with these spam preventers which smash distorted letters together? Is it an “r” or an “n”? Is it a “ti” or an “h”? On and on… I can’t tell! I keep clicking next, next, next until I finally find one to try and often still get my answer “wrong.” AGH!  The excellent spam preventer at one site I visit lets us add simple numbers togehter: Question: 1 + 4 =   The answer is to type “5” in the box. So much easier!!

    3. Please provide a spam preventer that doesn’t smash distorted letters together until they’re unrecognizable.

    Thank you.

    To keep this comment at least partially on topic:
    YES to labels!  No to GMOS!  YES on PROP 37!

  • moderator

    Hi EL,

    I will pass your concerns on. You can also leave a message at

    Thank You
    Sean @ Moyers

  • JonThomas

    When a link is included in a comment I think they use the CAPTCHA that is translating the poor text of old books which computerized methods can’t read.

    I saw a show about it a few months ago. I often have a problem reading it also, but I think it’s a smart idea. Perhaps they are getting to the point where humans can’t decipher the illegible type either lol.

  • Mountainjo

    So glad that your addressing this issue.  Yes, I think that GM ingredients should be labeled, and I would not buy them.  I also know many people who feel the same way that I do.

  • Guest

    Absolutely GM foods should be labeled. 

  • 92 year old activist

    Yes – I want the opportunity to use my dollars to buy non-GM foods!  Once again, Europe is doing it and we’re not?!?

  • pamelawy

    Absolutely YES. There has now been enough scientific information about the harm GMO foods do to our health to label them as such. 

  • Bevm

    Of course, GMO foods should be labeled!   Otherwise, we have no choice.   I personally would choose non-GMO.  

  • Norma de la Cerna

    Yes, yes!  Please label GMO foods giving me my right to choose.  If GMO foods cannot be banned, at least label the food which would eliminate some of the secrecy that is being developed. 

  • Laurie Lee

    Hell yes, I think GMO foods should be labeled as such! I agree with many people that have voiced their opinions, if they cannot  be banned then they most definitely should be labeled. Give all of us a choice to decide for ourselves with all the facts.

  • Simon

    Yes GMO food as well as clothing should be labeled so that people can choose.  I try to avoid buying processed food and non local produce in order to avoid them.

  • Linda

    I believe that the consumer requires information in order to make informed choices.  For me personally, I will not purchase food that is genetically modified.  To support this decision I purchase the majority of my food unprocessed and organic whenever possible.  I am fortunate to be part of the generation that remembers when most food was prepared from scratch, and I continue in that tradition.

  • Anonymous

    A label must reflect what is inside the package or what is the point of having the label at all? Consumers need to know everything contained in what they buy, most especially in the food they eat and if GM produce is “perfectly healthy” then why should big corporations like Monsanto object to the label stating the facts? Alas, it seems our government now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of America’s largest companies, so I am not optimistic that the sensible suggestions made by that extraordinary woman will ever be enacted. Not much different from World War I when the US Army handed out cigarettes to our troops “to help keep them calm.” We all know how well THAT turned out.

    Personally, I READ labels, as many others do not, and if I were to see that a product included GM ingredients, I would not buy it. Don’t want to sound too sentimental, but Mother Nature seems to have fed mankind pretty well for more than a million years, I think Monsanto and the other corporations should keep their money-grubbing fingers out of it.

    Thanks Bill for another great show where the ratio of thought-provoking material is just enough greater than the amount of stuff that makes me see RED to keep me tuning in for more. You never fear to ask hard questions; it makes such a contrast from what laughingly passes for “network news” or “journalism” these days. Keep at it please!

  • Lucia Weinroth

    Labeled?  Yessssssss!

  • h joyce thompson

    They should be labeled and I would not eat them. Take the first sentence of Vandana Shiva’s remarks and apply it to everything happening in our country. 

  • Anonymous

    This election, a litany of concerns from American citizens– government services only wealthy corporate interests, pollution gets a wink and nod,  bankers rob depositors in broad daylight, and a criminal culture of gangsters infests corporate management and government regulators at all levels. Even polling place voting machines may be rigged.

    The problem of genetically modified seeds links many of these crises in a single package– Monsanto and other corporate influence on Washington is not merely undeniable, it is uncontrollable.  Officials at the FDA refuse to consider GMO crops could become a vector for widespread disease in the human population FDA is charged to protect. Asked about GMO-induced epidemics, the FDA response is “the agency is unaware of studies…” Clearly, the agency has not dared to look.

    Applause to Moyers & Company for staying with the GMO issue, and finding one of the more articulate spokespersons for the idea GMO seeds are toxic to healthy agriculture in any country. 

    A second round of applause for having the editorial integrity to criticize GMO and its politics, despite the fact Obama is already invested more than knee-deep on the GMO side.

  • Treebie

    Exposed to “FDA approved as safe” chemicals in food for years in my job, exposed to even more in the food system…I’m convinced that the FDA and the food mfrs in this country have been conducting a huge experiment on the American public for decades.  Of course it’s not called that, it’s called “improvements in the food chain” and “better living” or “healthier living” but this is false.  No one knows what the side effects will be from consuming food that is synthetic, or GMO.  NO ONE.  We will only find out after consuming these things for many years when epidemics like diabetes and obesity begin to appear.  Oh wait…that’s already happening!  Guess what, the experiment failed and no one is taking responsbility.  Europe has banned GMO, Canola oil and eschews fake sweeteners.  They also preserve the diversity of food and have fewer corporate farms.  And when I go there?  I no longer have allergic reactions.  I can eat bread again.  I can eat at restaurants without fear that I’ll be subjected to a constant barrage of Canola and Soy oils that contain many allergens.  No I won’t be eating GMO, Canola (which is oil from GMO seeds despite the labels that say “non GMO Canola”) and I won’t be eating much more that fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef when I eat meat.  This country has truly screwed up the food system.  An FDA that supports corporations has allowed poisonous additives and turned us all into guinea pigs.  Again, no I won’t be eating any of this and if you want to stay healthy you won’t either.

  • jerusha

    There should be labeling of GM ingredients and products just as there should be labeling of chemical additives. I would not choose to purchase or eat GM products nor would I want to feed them to anyone; I would not choose to plant GM seeds. We deserve the right to know what we put into our bodies and the bodies of our children. If we eat at restaurants we should be able to ask whether they use BGH milk products or GM foods. We should have “organic” and “natural” labeling that is meaningful. Collectively (via schools, workplaces etc) and individually, we ought to divest from Monsanto and other corporations that have demonstrated how socially and ecologically irresponsible they are.

  • Alyssa

    Genetically modified products need labelling… We have been the test generation and what have we been rewarded with? Well, let’s just ask ourselves how many of our neighbours have allergies or sensitivities to wheat(/gluten), corn or soy. That number is growing, and that’s just the health of it! The environmental battle is a whole other issue!

  • Seth Larson

    As I understand things, GMO seed can often find its way into other fields and crops. How would you know what’s an acceptable amount and what would get labeled. Additionally, what exactly is GMO? There are methods for modifying the genetics of plants that go back thousands of years (i.e. apples), then there are the Frankenstein lab concoctions. Are they weighed equally? How do you differentiate? The truly terrifying part of this story is the explicit corroboration of Monsanto business practices by the top ranking officials in our government. Simply another demonstration of how corrupt the US has become.

  • seth larson

    Your opinion is exactly why Monsanto must maintain its control over political power in the US, because anything less would destroy them.

  • H Joyce Thompson

    Oh! But we won’t need water if Monsanto makes the seed! Somebody send Sec. Vilsak a new brain.

  • Amanda

    yes I believe foods that are modified should be labeled. We are told we live in a democratic society and therefore we should decide whether or not we want to eat real foods or not. Many believe that this alters a person’s health and do not want to eat GM foods. I question the safety because if someone is allergic to seafood and eats a strawberry that has a fish gene added to make it more frost tolerant could they not get very ill. Also what about people that choose certain foods because of religious rites?

  • Karentoday

    “This is such a hugely important issue, affecting our health, environment, and the future of our food”…

    … not to mention the horrible impact it is having on our nation’s and the world’s economy.

    It’s enough to make me believe in conspiracies. Imagine the power of a corporation that controls most of our food.

  • Karentoday

    If that is true, I can assure you that Obama’s White House is not the only guilty one. It’s been ALL of the White Houses on both political sides, for decades and decades. And it’s been the same for the House and Senate–on both sides of the isle. Now it’s getting progressively worse due to the legal nondisclosure of political donations to super pacs and the many new “non-profit” organizations being formed to support candidates on both sides of the political spectrum with unlimited blind donations.

  • Karentoday

    Why? Here are a few possibilities to consider, although I’m sure many people have better ones than these.
    1. It’s difficult to pass something so obviously needed because so many of our “elected” officials believe we are oblivious to the fact that they have been bought by Monsanto and other huge corporations (or they don’t care if we know). They have good reason to think either way, since we seem to fall for the propaganda paid for by corporations and keep voting the same complicit officials into office.
    2. If you produce food that is not qualified to be labeled organic, it may be because you are dependent on Monsanto or one of the other huge, corporate GMO food growers for your seeds or packaged food ingredients. Or maybe you’re just too busy scrambling to keep your businesses running. Or maybe Monsanto is too big and scary, since our state and federal governments are not standing up for non-GMO food producers.
    3. It may be that restaurants would find that non-GMO foods are not consistently available or are too expensive to make a profit with in the price range necessary for their market.
    4. No chemical spray disclosures: Congress has been bought, and not by us.
    5. China’s labels: They’re showing off their power. LOL sarcastically. (Sorry. I didn’t know that China has non-GMO or chemical labels (which one?) on their food.)
    6. Hawaii’s GMO seeds:That’s just how powerful Monsanto and others like them are by now. They’ve been at this a long, long time–since the 1950’s, at least. I remember being taught in elementary school (1960’s) that scientists were genetically modifying foods and seeds and that it was very good for us, our country, and the world. Producing more to feed the hungry, blah, blah, blah. Same false excuses they use today. (The Frontline report I reference in #7 uses 1996 as the year in which “genetically
    modified crops like corn and soybeans have been in the food supply” in the U.S., but I don’t believe that for a second. Look at how long corn syrup has been replacing cane sugar in our processed foods and drinks, and you’ll know how long those crops have been in our food supply. I don’t have the proof, so call me ignorant if you want. I don’t care. Based on my memory and observations, that’s what I think.
    7. Frontline investigative report? I don’t know how pro- or anti-GMO food production they are, but it does appear that some Frontline reports do exist on the topic. My question is why doesn’t PBS have any videos of those shows posted online.
    8. Dioxin: Depends on who produces it and the deals they’ve made with our government officials and leaders. Remember, Congress has been bought, and not by us.

  • Karentoday

    Absolutely, foods with GM ingredients should be labeled. And I would not buy them. I have refused to eat corn most of the time for several years. I have also refused to eat soy unless it is from an Asian country besides China. Not only because they are GM foods, but just as much because they are produced by Monsanto and other huge, greedy food-modifying corporations like them. I wish I had a larger food budget so that I could eat only organic. But alas, my retirement income hasn’t been stretching quite that far yet.

  • Victoria F.

    Absolutely not!

  • pallist

    My question is Why don’t GMO Manufacturers want you to know that you’re eating their engineered products? I’m sure they’ll say something like they’ve been given a bad name by shrill, hysteria producing eco-nuts and crazy Europeans or some other such baloney. Another question: Are GMOs such a massive pervasive problem because we in the U.S. don’t know or because we don’t care? If our own ignorance and apathy aren’t the problem, and it’s simply due to corrupted government, from Congress to the federal regulating agencies to the courts, when will we get up off our outraged and educated butts and get them out of Washington?
    To me that’s what it boils down to: we need to turn the outrage into action. We give far too many passes to likable “leaders” who have an answer for every policy they support which is dangerous to the public, the rule of law, our children’s economic and physical well-being but supports their real donors. We need to stop accepting the excuses.
    Like parents of misbehaving children we should let them know that the line has been crossed and they get no more time-outs. Children who get away with bad behavior are called spoiled brats or worse and their parents condemned as overindulgent or negligent. We could use the same analogy on ourselves collectively and realize that we too, have run out of excuses not to act.

  • Akhessa

    FIRST AND FOREMOST GM crops and foods should NOT exist.
    However, while they are (still) around, products containing GM anything should state it.
    Let us bring the likes of monsanto (lower case intended) down by buying from local organic farmers as much as possible and by staying away from the big suppliers/stores. Let us eat food that is in season – we don’t need to have strawberries in February, nor tomatoes, nor anything else that needs to be imported to grace our tables in the middle of winter or at any other time.

  • Renee52

    Yes, indeed, GMO/GE foods and foods derived from the same should absolutely be labeled. I would further require that all GMO/GE foods be labeled with a biological hazard warning on the label. We have the right to be knowledgeable about what is in the food we buy to consume in our own bodies and the hazards that accompany consuming products not healthy for our bodies, as much as we have a right to know the hazards of being exposed to toxic chemicals and biologicals, and we have a right to determine if we do not want to be exposed to them. The government has determined many chemical and biological agent be labeled as toxic as well as requiring an accompanying MSDA sheet with each. Why not require the same for each GMO/GE food or any substance containing them? Why must our children have these GMO/GE shoved down their throats in the school books as being the salvation of mankind when it isn’t true? I find this total indoctrination. Yes, California, pass this labeling law, and this nation needs to follow suit and pass the same law. We cannot let ourselves be bullied by the likes Monsanto, or any other organization forcing us to consume or be exposed to that which we feel is unsafe for our bodies.throats.

  • Rebecca

    It is impossible to follow the source of your food if it is genetically altered. How can the many people in the world with allergies and food sensitivities eat a safe diet when they are not allowed to do this. This can be a life and death situation as their systems shut down to the insults. In addition more and more people suffer from this sort of thing, most likely as a result of their bodies not recognizing this thing they ate as a authentic life form. When their rights to know the origins of their food is taken away with seeds becoming more and more a combination of foods spliced together (as opposed to a single plant), people will suffer unnecessarily. The only real advantage of GMO is to grease the pockets of those who would benefit monetarily from this process of unnatural selection. Certain countries (Africa for one) have refused to accept GMO grain because the animals would not eat it. We need to heed these warnings or perish!

  • Anjlea

    I want food that’s labeled if it is GMO seeds and with country of origin!

  • fruitwriter

    GMO labeling would do very little. If it were required, food manufacturers would merely label almost everything, “may contain GMOs,” because most manufactured foods do. Almost all soybean oil is GMO, as is canola oil and corn oil. Almost all popular soda pop contains high fructose corn system, and almost all corn is GMO. Sugarbeets will soon be mostly GMO. Monsanto is very easy to hate because it is aggressive and pushes its weight around, but that doesn’t make Round Up herbicide less wonderful or GMO crops undesirable. As a farm boy growing up and fighting weeds, I know from experience why farmers like these things. And there is little reason to think that genetic modification by engineering is any more or less dangerous than plant breeding. There is no alien DNA out there to worry about. There are issues, of course, but some “issues” are plain foolish. If you don’t want to use herbicides, as per the organics folks, than who cares if weeds become immune to a herbicide? They don’t become immune to organic farmers’ cultivators and hoes.

  • h joyce thompson

    every word of that statement was untrue.

  • Charyn Gallagher

    Yes it should be labeled! We should have the choice of what we are buying!

  • linda

    YES! UNEQUIVOCALLY, YES! and NO I would not buy them. I already don’t buy them but we have the right to know because too many people still are not aware of gmo’s and the multiple ways they are damaging the world, not just our health.