Today’s Must Reads – May 8, 2012

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In this new feature, we’ll share stories from around the Internet that we’re passing around here at Moyers HQ. Share your own “must reads” from today below in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you’d recommend!

Reuters: U.S. could make $15.1 billion on AIG bailout: GAO
Taxpayers could realize a profit of more than $15.1 billion from the massive government bailout of insurer American International Group, a congressional watchdog said.

Robert Reich: A Question of Timing: What America Can Learn from the Revolt in Europe
Who’s an economy for? Voters in France and Greece have made it clear it’s not for the bond traders.

LA Times: Congress Returns to Fight for the Presidency
Clashes over student loans, taxes and spending are shaping up as proxy battles in the campaign between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

The American Prospect: A Black Cloud Over the Ballot Box
Organizations large and small are doing extraordinary work to help mitigate the damage done by new state laws that restrict the right to vote.

United Republic: What Do UFO Sightings And Super PACs Have In Common?
Just as many Americans who have personally witnessed a UFO also think super PACs don’t corrupt democracy.

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  • Mary Ellen

    Eboo Patel’s “Acts of Faith”, and The Qu’ran.

  • Lauramaenoble

    I have 5. The first 4 have a lot in common, the last one was an amazing book for a young girl to read, and I think it still is. Shambhala: Sacred Path of The Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl; Luminous Emptiness, Francesca Freemantle; No Time To Lose, Pema Chodron; Anne of Green Gables, L.M.Montgomery.

  • Maureen Sutton

    John Fowles’ Wormholes.  Died 2005 but his works are clearly timely!

  • seventhseal
  • Bill Ellis

    Greece: New Elections Likely, Odds increase for Eurozone Exit

  • Cglenna1
    I hadn’t heard a word about the revolution in Iceland.  This is amazing!

  • WritingDetail

    An excellent short overview of what remains to be addressed regarding student loan borrowers whom have already “mortgaged their futures.” [Quoted from article’s author, Mr. Robert Applebaum, Esq. and Founder of]
    Debate on student loan debt doesn’t go far enough As Congress debates the extremely narrow issue of whether to extend the current 3. 4% interest rate on Federal Student Loans, or to let that rate expire and, thus, double …

  • John Hickman

    A superb analysis of finance capitalism vs. industrial capitalism:
    Economics: A Matter of Life or Death by Jonathan Larson

  • Donald Giles Miller

    I was dis pointed the Cal.State University President thought it was necessary to spend a half billion on catered dinners and wine while raising tuition on students. I am a graduate of CSUF  and received a great education with great profs.I went on to be a college prof. myself. 

  • Joanmarie

    Why are we not hearing about legislation that was proposed by Rep. Hansen Clarke, and the group, and Founder Robert Applebaum. They have been talking about the student loan crisis and the pending disaster for 3-l/2 years, and yet.. all we hear is general discussions, rhetoric, and no solutions.. when H.R. 4170 is an excellent solution to help students regain some footing with regards to these predatory loans, and initiates a 10/10 plan, forgive the remaining debt in 10 years, after 10 years of repayment on the loan. And, the legislation caps borrowing at approx. $55, 000, which discourages over borrowing, and incentivizes colleges to cut and cap tuition rates. The details of the legislation can befound on the internet, and I am discouraged that supposedly open journalism hasn’t informed the public of this option.

  • Neal Camp

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  • MN
  • K.F.

    Must Reads: How you can help & for more information on Bill H.R.

    Robert Applebaum’s Forgive
    Student Loan Debt webpage, the H.R. 4170 Bill Details: OR Clarke & Open Congress needs your support on H.R. 4170:
    950,000 needed signatures: 941,550 signatures currently! Please sign this petition: more info:

  • K.F.