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A Timeline: Everything We Know About the Comey Firing

We've pulled together the key events and their backstories in one timeline, and tell the story of James Comey's firing in a six-minute video.

A Timeline: Everything We Know About the Comey Firing

Of all the events in our Trump-Russia Timeline, perhaps none has been more controversial than the president’s dismissal of James Comey as director of the FBI, a move many believe is an obstruction of justice. Our timeline of the Comey firing collects the entries from our main Trump-Russia Timeline that bear most directly on the axing of Comey and its continuing aftershocks. Our video (above) captures the story of the Comey firing through the summer.

NOTE: The timeline below is no longer updated here as of April 2018. For the latest developments, go to our main Trump-Russia Timeline, which now appears at the Committee to Investigate Russia website and click on James Comey’s name.




Steven Harper

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