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Bill Moyers has produced hundreds of hours of television in his forty-plus year career. Watch this space for new archived video and transcripts on an on-going basis. For a complete list of every Bill Moyers program, view our timeline of productions.
  • Bill Moyers discusses the power of money in politics with a group of political and economic experts including Kevin Phillips and William Greider. (1994) Continue reading

  • A piercing look at how global economic changes are destroying the lives and livelihoods of hardworking Americans. The documentary follows several individuals and their families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as they fight to make ends meet in the “new economy.” (1992) Continue reading

  • Filmed over a period of five years, this documentary updates the stories of two hardworking Milwaukee families struggling with low-paying jobs after previous employers downsized their operations.  (1995) Continue reading

  • A weekly series of filmed field reports and studio interviews examining the issues and ideas of the 1992 campaign — especially those questions and problems often ignored. (1992) Continue reading

  • The groundbreaking 1988 series explored how myths exert a powerful pull on our minds and in our lives. (1988) Continue reading

  • How does the supreme law of the land affect our everyday lives? In this series, Bill Moyers delves into the fascinating history and contemporary relevance of the US Constitution. (1987) Continue reading

  • In this series of conversations, Bill talks with prominent Jews about their people and their perception of their history. (1986)
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  • A five-part documentary exploring what researchers are discovering about how emotions affect health and alternative health care. Bill Moyers talks with physicians, scientists, therapists and patients –- people taking a new look at the meaning of sickness and health. (1993) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers investigates the facts and forces that led to the trial of Tom Metzger and his son, John Metzger, for their role in inciting neo-Nazi skinheads in Portland, Oregon, to murder the Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw. (1992)
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  • In this powerful series, Bill Moyers takes on two subjects we are all told to avoid in polite company: politics and religion. Filmed during the Reagan era, Moyers and his producers explore the role of religion in the American political arena at that time. (1987) Continue reading

  • Ten one-hour programs stimulate inter-faith dialogue in a democratic spirit. Writers, artists, psychologists, composers, lawyers, college presidents, journalists, translators and Biblical scholars discuss, debate and discover the great stories of Genesis. (1996) Continue reading

  • Bill Moyers and Frontline have been coproducing hard-hitting documentaries since 1990s. Investigative pieces delve into the Iran-Contra scandal, campaign finance, toxic environmental threats to our children and the struggling middle class. (1983-present) Continue reading