God and Politics

News accounts in the mass media usually tell only what has happened; why is seldom explained. Yet in many cases, the most important and interesting story concerns the motive of the people who made it happen.

In this powerful series, Bill Moyers takes on two subjects we are all told to avoid in polite company: politics and religion. Filmed during the Reagan era, Moyers and his producers explore the role of religion and moral values in the American political arena at that time. (1987)

  • December 9, 1987 | God and Politics
    Bill Moyers explores two different visions of Christianity and how each is finding a pulpit and battleground in Central America.
  • December 23, 1987 | God and Politics
    Bill Moyers speaks with the founders of the Christian Reconstructionism movement which holds that the Bible should be the basis for all government, laws and economic systems.