Genesis: A Living Conversation

Genesis was a 10-part series produced to stimulate interfaith dialogue in a democratic spirit. Writers, artists, psychologists, composers, lawyers, college presidents, journalists, translators and Biblical scholars discuss, debate and discover the great stories of Genesis.

Genesis logoThe stories in the book of Genesis — creation, humanity’s fall, the flood, Abraham and Isaac, Joseph in Egypt, and more — have intrigued and inspired Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike for millennia.

Join journalist Bill Moyers as he leads some of the most passionate and thoughtful Bible discussions ever conducted. In these lively small-group conversations, dozens of accomplished people from all walks of life and many faith traditions bring their unique perspectives to 10 well-known biblical stories. They share personal insights, challenge ideas, and ultimately learn from each other. At the center of each discussion lies the Genesis story itself- by turns elusive, uplifting, shocking, tragic and poignant, but always endlessly fascinating. (1996)

  • January 1, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Bill Moyers examines Adam and Eve's tasting of the forbidden fruit and their subsequent expulsion from Eden.
  • October 16, 1996
    In this show, Bill Moyers explores the biblical tale of brother killing brother and the complex relationships among victim, perpetrator and judge.
  • October 22, 1996
    Bill Moyers leads a discussion with theologians and scholars on what it means to be created "in God’s image" and what the two creation accounts in Genesis suggest about the roles of the sexes.
  • November 3, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Bill Moyers speaks with biblical experts about Noah and the great flood.
  • November 10, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    When God chooses Abraham to found a dynasty, how does Abraham react? What does divine sanction mean, both for the chosen and the non-chosen?
  • November 17, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Seeking a descendant, Abraham takes Hagar as a wife, who conceives Ishmael — engendering jealousy, division and pain for everyone involved.
  • November 24, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    God's command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac raises profoundly disturbing questions. What kind of God would make such a demand? And what kind of parent would consider obeying it?
  • December 1, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    By engineering Isaac's blessing on Jacob, does Rebecca become the heroine of the story, or simply a schemer? And what of Esau, her passed-over son?
  • December 8, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Apparently headed for his final comeuppance, the fugitive Jacob meets God in a dream and ultimately finds himself.
  • December 15, 1996 | Genesis: A Living Conversation
    Gifted, talented, and handsome, Joseph survives slavery and exile by his wits. What does his story mean today?