Stories From Washington’s Revolving Door

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111th U.S. Senate class photo

A portrait of the 111th U.S. Senate. (wikimedia commons)

More Reading on the Revolving Door

Washington’s Revolving Door Is Hazardous to Our Health,” Bill Moyers and Michael Winship,, Dec. 13, 2012

Congress’s revolving door,” Editorial Board, The Washington Post, Dec. 8, 2012

How Washington’s revolving door spins,” Robert Schmidt and Jesse Hamilton, The Washington Post, Sept. 8, 2012

The Washington-Wall Street Revolving Door Keeps Spinning,” Bill Moyers and Michael Winship,, Jan. 23, 2012

Ex-Lawmaker Still a Friend of Hospitals,” Eric Lipton, The New York Times, Aug. 2011

THE REVOLVING DOOR: 29 People Who Went From Wall Street To Washington To Wall Street,” Katya Wachtel, Business Insider, Jul. 2011

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