Clips: Elizabeth Warren Takes on Hillary Clinton and Alan Greenspan

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Before becoming senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren joined Bill Moyers and David Brancaccio on NOW a decade ago to discuss the problems facing middle-class Americans, and how “beholden” legislators may not always have their best interests in mind. At the time, Warren was a professor at Harvard Law School. In the clips here, Warren takes on the politics and policies of then Senator Hillary Clinton and Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.

Elizabeth Warren on Hillary Clinton
In this 2004 clip, Warren recounts a meeting she had with first lady Hillary Clinton in the late 1990s, her positions on bankruptcy legislation at that time, and how everything changed after she became a New York senator.

Watch the full interview.

Elizabeth Warren on Alan Greenspan

Warren takes Greenspan to task for encouraging Americans short on cash to borrow against their homes. “That’s really scary financial advice for someone to be giving American families,” Warren said. “And what frightens me most is millions of American families have taken that advice.”

Watch the full interview in which Warren goes on to (basically) predict the 2008 financial crisis.

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