The FCC, Net Neutrality and You

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Bill Moyers speaks with two observers of media and technology about how new Internet rules proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, and leaked to the press in April, could impact Americans. The proposed new rules would affect what is known as “Net neutrality,” the principle that everyone should have equal access to the web without preferential treatment.


“For most Americans, they have no choice for all the information, data, entertainment coming through their house, other than their local cable monopoly. And here, we have a situation where that monopoly potentially can pick and choose winners and losers, decide what you see,” Susan Crawford, a telecommunications policy analyst, tells Moyers.

David Carr, a columnist for The New York Times adds: “People have a close, intimate relationship with the web in a way they don’t other technologies… and I’m not sure if the FCC really knows what they’re getting into.”

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