Morning Reads

Good morning! Happy DNA Day, and a happy 74th to Al Pacino!

Government takeover –> Oregon’s Obamacare exchange has been a disaster, and Amy Goldstein reports for WaPo that the feds are now preparing to take it over.

Francis –> Pope Francis calls an unmarried Argentinian woman living with a divorced man and tells her it’s okay to take Communion after her parish priest turned her away. Bob Fredericks reports for the NY Post that Francis’ unique brand of papal dispensation is driving Vatican officials bonkers.

Unconstitutional –> A judge struck down Arkansas’ voter ID law, reports Andrew DeMillo for the AP (via: HuffPo).

Outreach –> Following Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s inflammatory remarks about “the negro,” The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky is beginning to see a pattern of racism on the right.

Americans are not the only ones who need a raise –> David Wilson calls for a global minimum wage at Truthout.

Tea party to the rescue? –> We mentioned earlier in the week that the Koch brothers, ALEC and a bunch of utilities are campaigning against solar power. Now Josh Voorhees reports for Slate that they’re running up against an unlikely foe: the tea party.

Rick Perry doesn’t need to fear his special prosecutor as much as other Republican presidential hopefuls” –> Slate’s John Dickerson on the Texas governor’s alleged abuse of power.

Wait, aren’t you the Speaker? –> John Boehner, who could bring an immigration bill up for a vote anytime he wants, “theatrically mocked his fellow Republican Congressmen for being afraid to reform immigration policy” at a Rotary Club event in Ohio. Sheila McLaughlin reports for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Frenchman has them panicked –> Paul Krugman marvels at the fact that conservatives have greeted Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century with plenty of name calling, but no substantive criticism.

Paradox –> At The American Prospect, Harold Meyerson says that a lot of Americans “intensely dislike” Obamacare, but “like what it actually does.”

Unity –> Kristin Moe offers a photo essay of the “Cowboys and Indians” Keystone XL protests for Yes! Magazine.

Good question –> Jon Stewart wonders what would happen if CNN covered climate change with as much obsessive focus as it does missing airplanes.

Farming the White House –> The Atlantic has an interesting #longread by Arlo Crawford, whose family has (secretly) cultivated Michelle Obama’s huge garden for six years.

You’re welcome –> Enjoy some baby gorillas doing cute things at the Bronx Zoo, courtesy of New York Mag.

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