Foreign Policy Quiz: Are You Prepared for Tonight’s Debate?

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1. Identify Libya on this map:
smaller 2000px Arab world

Answer: C

2. Which country supplies the most oil to the U.S.?

Answer: Canada

Canada supplies 29 percent of America’s oil, followed by Saudi Arabia (14 percent), Venezuela (11 percent) and Nigeria (10 percent). [Source]

3. How many years has it been since Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu first declared that Iran would have nuclear weapons within 3 to 5 years?

Answer: 20

Netanyahu warned that Iran was at most five years from a nuclear bomb in 1992. [Source]

4. According to Pew Global Research, which country’s citizens like us the least?

Answer: Pakistan

Only 12 percent of citizens in both Pakistan and Jordan view the United States favorably. Italians view the United States most favorably. [Source]

5. Which country has sustained the most attacks from U.S. drones?

Answer: Pakistan

There have been over 330 drone attacks in Pakistan, most of which have occurred in the tribal areas of Waziristan. [Source]

6. Which country is not included on the State Department’s “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list?

Answer: North Korea

President Bush removed North Korea from the State Department’s list in 2008, but Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria are currently on it. Countries designated as sponsors of terrorism by the State Department are subject to varying sanctions and restrictions. [Source]

7. China holds more U.S. treasury securities — money borrowed by the U.S. federal government — than any other foreign country. How much U.S. government debt does China hold?

Answer: Approx. $1.1 trillion

In August, China held about $1.153 trillion in U.S. treasury securities. [Source]

8. Which country holds the second largest amount of U.S. treasury securities — nearly as much as China?

Answer: Japan

Japan held about $1.121 trillion in U.S. treasury securities in August.

9. Approximately how much have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost the American taxpayers?

Answer: $1.385 trillion

The National Priorities Project places the cost of both wars at $1.385 trillion. Other estimates from Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies place the cost as high as $4.4 trillion.

10. Approximately how many Afghan and Iraqi civilians have been killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Answer: 137,000

The Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University estimated in 2011 that at least 137,000 civilians have been killed since the start of both wars. There was an increase in civilian deaths in 2011 as compared with previous years. [Source]

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